Watch the Galaxy Note 4 get crushed by Samsung’s 220lb robot butt [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test ad

Always keeping an eye out for any opportunity to stick it Apple whenever they can, Samsung is now attempting to capitalize on the #bendgate fiasco with a new video highlighting their upcoming phablet’s durable construction.

In a rare behind (get it?) the scenes look at their quality control department, Samsung shows us the strenuous tests their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 must undergo to ensure durability — by sitting on the phone repeatedly with a 220 pound robotic butt. Mom-jeans and all.

Samsung Tomorrow Galaxy Note 4

Samsung just wants the world to know that no matter where you stick the Galaxy Note 4, the phone wont be in much danger. Not like a certain other new phablet on the market. The Korean manufacturer attributes this to the Galaxy Note 4’s magnesium bracket and tough aluminum frame, a frame that’s no stranger to controversy itself.

Some users were in uproar after discovering a gap between the glass and new aluminum frame that surrounds the phone. Despite attempts at making “#gapgate” a thing, Samsung assured users the empty space was normal, even going as far as calling it a feature. Yes, they went there.

You can check out Samsung Tomorrow’s new video below, and be sure to let us know what you think. Did Samsung do a good enough job of driving the point across?

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  1. Just want to be the first to say……. Dat ass. O_o

    1. If that’s what you’re into… lol

  2. I reckon they should be testing with a 100 kg man actually throwing himself on it, like when you land on a sofa. That would be a better test…

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