Samsung lays out Galaxy Note 4 launch plans with handy release map


note 4 release map

Samsung is getting ready to release the Galaxy Note 4 in 140 countries by the end of this month, and the company has decided to give us a good idea of their launch plans for each region. The map above was posted to Samsung’s Facebook page, and if you know your geography then you should be able to figure out when your country or region of choice is slated to get it.

South Korea has gotten the device already, of course, as Samsung pushed its release date up to September 26th in that part of the world (mainly to battle the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6+ on their home turf). The map shows it’ll be available around North America starting October 17th which lines up with some of the dates we’ve heard in recent weeks. Mexico won’t be seeing a good bulk of their launches until very late October and early November, while South America will be getting a crack on October 18th.

Heading to the European region, we see that most countries in that area are expecting to see the device on either October 17th of October 24th, with just a smattering of launches slated for October 28th-30th. The full map sits above, and note (note pun intended) that exact date of availability might depend on carrier and retailer launch schedules — these dates are just the earlier Samsung expects them to be available for store shelves in each region.

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  1. I’m for sure getting this for the Wifey!! Coming from a S4, this will be awesome!! The stylus is so accurate..

  2. Still not sure, why there is a dot for 10th October in central Europe

    1. Uk, Germany and India are getting it on the 10th of October.

      1. No, that’s the point. Samsung just announced it for 17th in Germany. So the graphic appears to be wrong.

          1. No, its same map. Samsung Germany posted this today: https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobileDeutschland/photos/a.301384876614664.72611.273058856113933/692231757529972/?type=1

            Also thought, it’s the 10th of Octoper yesterday due to the map. But I think, official facebook post is more trustworthy. :/

          2. Hah pretty funny how divisions of the same company cannot agree on a launch date. Apparently the map cannot be trusted as only the regional divisions are considered official and the only ones who know anything.

          3. Yes, its pretty funny. However Germany would be the only market where it makes sense to launch it before others. Switzerland, netherlands or similar doesnt make any sense imo.

          4. The date has apparently been pushed back due to high demand (launches in the UK on the 17th as well now).

  3. Played around with the edge in best buy today not bad.

    1. A Best Buy in South Korea? Or are there demo units elsewhere in the world? I want to play with one!

      1. Here in the us

    2. They have a demo of the edge at best buy?

  4. I am not a big phone guy, but i played with this beast at best buy yesterday and i think i am getting it , even my girlfriend who is a big iPhone fan returned her iPhone 6 and ordered the note 4 from tmobile telesales.

    1. You and your girlfriend – 1, Apple – 0.

      1. Well his girlfriend got one, and he’s going to get one… So 2-0.

        Go Android Nation!

        1. Android nation?! Android universe!!

  5. Going to Best Buy right now during lunch. My office is across the street from one.

  6. Just came back from best buy. GN4 gap is not even that noticeable.. Conclusion:

    GapGate < BendGate

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