Samsung lets the puns fly in this insanely long 4 minute Galaxy Note ad [VIDEO]


Samsung’s latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might not be the most effective way to sell someone on why they should buy a smartphone, but here it is — they’ve decided to pun it on up in a 4 minute splash of cheesy lines and dudebro humor. It consists of two guys playing a silly game where they have to force the word “note” into as many words or phrases as possible.

I have to admit — much of it is pretty cringeworthy. I’m not even sure a ton of it is funny. But Samsung often likes to have fun and this is their way of doing it. We don’t imagine the entirety of this thing will be chopped into 30 second spots and put on major television campaigns, but it’s sitting above for you to enjoy if you have 4 minutes to spare today. Let us know what you thought of it down below.

note the puns

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Considering buying one but note because of this ad.

  2. low ball comedy was definote well played.

  3. Note cool.

  4. I laughed really hard in the bathroom stall at work.

    1. Hopefully you didn’t note your pants

  5. Calling it a “note” is kind of false advertising. You should be able to fold a note. iPhone should be called the note.

    1. How is it note a note? A note doesn’t have to fold to be a note. You should note compare the note to the iPhone brnote.

      1. There is note comparison in specs. I just note Apple sues for far less noteworthy features.

        1. Don’t we note it for sure. Apple just loves to knote down the competition with unnotely features

  6. TBH, it’s note as bad as I imagined it would be

  7. Boring and desperate to win

    1. You mean blnotes.

  8. That was note bad!

  9. these will be cut into 30 sec TV spots as usual. that’s the ad they gonna run for the note 4 next couple weeks.

  10. It was ok but there were two really funny parts. When the lady in the bar said the same phrase as the wife and got a totally different response, and at the end when the wife made the joke.

  11. Different strokes. I thought it was hilarious and far from being “cringe-worthy.”

  12. this is great.

  13. You should have said, “Let us NOTE what you think”.

    1. Down below

  14. Lol you guys are posting (and watching) a 4 minute advertisement for free?!?!?! this is bizarro world.

  15. Lol I loved it. Reminds me of ‘New Girl’ humor which I love.

  16. Hilarious. You should have heard the noteversation my cousin and I had after watching this video… Laughing note loud

  17. Funny. Loved the chic who thought it wasn’t funny…until she thought it was funny. I’m note worthy!

  18. on the plus side…

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