Oct 1st, 2014


AT&T opened some eyes the other day when they announced they’d be offering double data for family plans until the end of October, and now one carrier wants to match that deal. Sprint is offering double data for their Family Share Pack plans starting at the 32GB level and business customers starting at 40GB.

Sprint’s move is directly in response to AT&T’s, and they made it clear by mentioning their plans now double AT&T’s plans AFTER the original doubling… for the same price. So here’s how it breaks down in case you’re confused:

Family Share Pack:

  • 32GB becomes 60GB for $130
  • 40GB becomes 80GB for $150
  • 60GB becomes 120GB for $225

Business Share:

  • 40GB becomes 80GB for $135
  • 60GB becomes 120GB for $200
  • 80GB becomes 160GB for $270
  • 100GB becomes 200GB for $330

Like AT&T’s offering, the double data promotion will be available until the end of October, and customers will be entitled to the increased pool of bits and bytes until they opt to cancel service or change plans. Sprint’s unique bit is that they’ll be waiving the monthly access charge of $10 per month, per line through 2015 so you’re saving even more money. Not a bad way to get people to try out the new wheels of your network while it’s still getting flogged via social media and word of mouth.

[via Sprint]

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