This is supposedly what the Nexus 6 looks like, and here are some of its early specs [Leak]


nexus 6 shamu render leak

We’re expecting Google to launch the next Nexus handset later this year, but to this point we haven’t been able to get a good look at the device. A leak last week showed us a purported image of the device sitting next to an LG G3, though with its back plate looking quite similar to the new Moto X we had no choice but to approach it with a degree of caution.

Today, Android Police leaks a render of what they believe the Nexus 6 could look like. The render above was created based on what they’ve reportedly seen, though you should note that it’s considered a faithful recreation and not an official press render.

The Motorola-made device apparently shares a lot of the same design characteristics as the new Moto X, though it obviously comes in a bigger package of 5.9 inches. According to the report, the device features dual front-facing speakers, a metal frame, and a camera ring flash ala the Moto X.

Some early specs include its QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, a 13 megapixel rear shooter, a 2 megapixel front shooter and a 3,200mAh battery. The device is also said to feature Motorola’s new Turbo Charge feature which promises to deliver 8 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging. Software is said to be Android L, something not at all farfetched considering Google typically uses the latest Nexus phones to launch the latest versions of Android.

There wasn’t much else to be had at this point, though we did also get word that there may not be a smaller Nexus handset in the works. That doesn’t sound too appealing for those who aren’t into the phablet thing, but there’s still a slight chance that a smaller handset could be introduced at some point. Would you pick this bad boy up if it turns out to be the Nexus 6?

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  1. I could have created this “leak.” I hope it’s true though.


  3. i’m just hoping for a smaller screen 5.2 maybe 5.5 at the most. with a 6in screen it’ll be the same size as the htc one max or the lg g flex and those are too big

  4. I’m holding out hope for a smaller model.

  5. Getting it on launch day. I’ll probably buy two just to thank Google for answering my prayers.

    1. This is what I’ve been waiting for!

    2. I’m right there with you. Pretty soon 5.9 will be the norm like 5″ is now. Beast of a phone and a screen to match. Perfect device.

  6. NO way, Shamu is too big for a small pool or a phone. .. I have the Nexus 5 now, had the Note 2, 5.5 is max, even for us big handed folks. I like the 5 – 5.2″ inch range. Maybe a Nexus 6 Mini at 5.2? That would be ok

    1. Speak for yourself. I’ve been feeling like I could use some more real-estate on my Note 3 which I can single-paw quite easily.

      Mind you I can palm a basketball with ease.

      1. Good job. Big hands. Have a cookie.

      2. I traded my note 3 for the nexus 5 with the jump program on T-Mobile. Got it practically for free considering how much I had already paid into the note. I have had no regrets but one, and that is the screen. I work with some ladies barely 5’5″ and they all have the note 2 or note 3. So being to big for some is just a personal preference. I’m already seeing that the overall size is to be the same footprint as a 5.5″ iPhone+. I just can’t go back to manufacturers skins on devices any more, not matter how lite it is. I’m all in on the pure google experience and if it rakes getting the nexus line of phones so be it. I’m sold.

  7. I just can’t decide if I want it. I really like the idea of a 5.9 screen…but on the other hand I don’t want a 5.9 screen…

  8. Small bezels, but somehow I feel it’s going to feel cheap. If it doesn’t than 5.9″ is manageable with small bezel.

    1. They say it’s got the same aluminum casing as the moto x so it should feel nice according to all the reviews of the moto x. I’m wondering if there will be a moto maker of some sort for this device. I remember awhile back they were hinting towards customizing cases on the google play store. I wonder if perhaps by some chance they might implement that to customizing phones on the play store with this device.

  9. I will sadly take it if it’s 5.9 but I hope the Phone God’s answer my prayers with a 5.2 or 5.5

    1. Nexus 6 with a mini version? =P

      1. No to a mini version. All the mini versions of phones always compromise on something. Either storage, ram, display… something won’t be on par with the flagship device.

    2. Yeah, looks like another phablet :( pretty much counts me out

  10. So the screen will be bigger than the galaxy note 4? Interesting!!

  11. I’m still hesitant to believe this is even a Nexus device but if it is I’ll probably get it assuming there isn’t also a more normally sized but equally good N5 successor

  12. 5.9″ is just too big for me. If this is really the Nexus 6, then I’m hoping for a Nexus 5 (2014).

  13. I just hope something get leak everyday until the 15-16 or 31th ,

  14. why not just add a tenth of an inch and have a nexus 6 with a 6 in display? at least then the display size can be, although not really, justified.

    1. Maybe it’s like that psychological tactic used in pricing things at 1.99 it’s effectively $2 but your brain sees the first number. Which in this case is 5.9, it may sell to someone gullible who thinks 6″ display is too big :)

      1. I’m sure that’s exactly what it is.

        -Typed from my glorious OnePlus One

    2. The Nexus 5 was only 4.95″. Posers..

  15. Are there any top-of-the-line phones with like a 4.8″ screen anymore? My Galaxy S3 is the absolute limit of what can fit in my pockets. I’m getting itchy to upgrade, but every new announcement I see is for a phone so large I’d have to keep it in the purse I don’t even carry most of the time.

    1. Well you can maybe consider the Galaxy Alpha? Not sure what carrier you’re on though.

      1. Anyone who wants to buy a Nexus phone is not considering a device with touchwiz on it.

    2. Time to upgrade from those skinny jeans then lol

      1. I’m a woman. It takes a concerted effort to ensure my pants HAVE real pockets.

    3. Or the Sony Compact phones.

    4. Try the Nexus 5. The bezel is small and the screen is 4.9 inches.

      -Typed from my glorious OnePlus One

      1. I loved this answer so much I actually have a line with T-Mo and my unlimited data for VZW. VZW has what, conservatively, 25% of the US cell phone demographic, therefore the Nexus is not always the simple answer for everyone.

    5. Nope, everyone seems to like the giant unwieldy beasts that require 2 hands and barely fit into a normal pare of jeans. I’ve been sitting on the N4 for a long time now (Which was on the upper end of what i’d prefer) and i’m starting to lose hope of anything decent coming out.

    6. The Z3 Compact is supposed to come to the US hopefully. It’s 4.6″ and newest specs, amazing camera and battery, and waterproof.

  16. I’m just glad we’re finally getting a Moto-made Nexus

  17. 5.9 is just way too big for a phone and this thing really won’t be pocketable, that’s disappointing. LG G3 got the size right for a 5.5″ screen – with a phone the size of a Galaxy S5. That’s the max size I’d be interested in a phone. Too bad they didn’t go to something more that size for the next Nexus…

  18. ” Turbo Charge feature which promises to deliver 8 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging.”

    8 hours doing what exactly?

    1. Most likely just standby time with everything turned off.

      1. that’s what i suspect.

    2. Have you missed the last couple months in processor/battery tech? There’s a few devices already doing this.

  19. I’d prefer a 5.2-inch, but will check it out

  20. Screen size is definitely intriguing me, but there are somethings I need. We need an IR blaster for Pure google finally with a good TV app, HTC does this flawlessly with their app. Also give us a little something extra to make use of the big screen size… hovering windows at the very least and I’ll be sold pretty much.

  21. To those that are excited about this screen size, do you carry your phone in your front pants pocket?
    I’m hoping this comes in two sizes. If not, then I may be jumping on a Nexus 5 especially if the price is lowered when the 6 is launched.

    1. Only women put their phones in their pant pocket “jmo”

      1. Wrong. Only women buy the iPhone.
        Nothing says D nozzle more than walking around with your phone constantly in your hand.

      2. I don’t know where else you would carry it, if not in your pocket. Are you suggesting bringing back the holsters? Or a man purse? If i cant front pocket it, i won’t be buying it.

    2. I fit my Oneplus One in my front pocket issue free. It’s a tight fight with smaller jean pockets but it’s manageable. I had more issues with my N5 due to the case I had.
      Even tho it’s a big screen, it’s a slim device. I threw a bumper on it to not increase the thickness with a full case.

  22. I carry my Sony Z Ultra which is 6’4 in my pants pocket…because it’s slim. Other iterations have been for people who complain about larger screened phones; let this one be for those who would rather have a larger screen. Geez.

    1. I would need to pull a pair of my old raver JNCOs out of 1995 to have pockets big enough to put this phone in.

      The Nexus line, I thought was designed for developers to play with, in order to improve the Android ecosystem and develop apps. Not sure that a 5.9″ display is really the device to use, when 5.9″ phones are the exception, not the norm.

  23. Why 5.9

  24. Wow it gets bigger every year 2015=6.1 norm 2016=6.5 to 6.7 norm 2017 will = 7.0 cell phones not phablets…..great trend we have …..

    1. Well it is true that less and less people use their devices as phones.
      So it makes sense that the form would follow the function.

      The “bigger phone” trend won’t stop until we figure out a way to decouple the size of the screen with the size of the phone.

  25. Why not a new 5 and 6 and start calling them 2014 Nexus 5 etc.

  26. At this point, I think it’s real. I can only hope it fails spectacularly and makes Google roll out the 5.2″ version.

    Behind the scene rumors were LG was supposed to do Nexus 6 back earlier in the year, but that got canceled in favor of the silly “Silver” program. This humongous device was supposed to be the first. Then wiser heads prevailed, Nexus was brought back, Silver was canned or put on the way back burner (the executive in charge left), and the Silver device was re-purposed as Nexus.

    This is NOT the kind of NEXUS phone Google would normally release.

    I know Google realizes that also, and thus the 5.2″ benchmark tests we have also seen. But they have spent too much development money to just trash this idiotic 5.9″ phone. So, they are pulling a Microsoft move and will force it down our throats. Like Windows 8.

    Hopefully 5.2″ Nexus smartphone (like Windows 9) comes soon after…

    1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope it fails too. The device is too big.

      1. It is reasonable to think it will do the same as the note series and 6+

  27. Apple just released two different sizes, now Google needs to do the same so that Apple can sue them.
    I love my Nexus 5 and am eager for the 6–but I am really turned off by the rumored size and just the appearance in general. N5 looked sleek and subtle to me, but this looks round and…dorky? I know it’s all subjective, but at this point I am not thrilled with the rumored design choices.

    1. Yeah. They need to square it off a little.

  28. The Moto X (2014) is your Nexus 5 (2014).
    Think about it.

    -Typed from my glorious OnePlus One

    1. This is what I’ve been saying all along. The “Pure” edition should see an update around the same time as Nexus devices. Only problem is the Moto X Pure Edition isn’t much of an upgrade from the Nexus 5. Only in build quality.

      1. One of the biggest reasons to get a Nexus (besides Pure Android) is the fact that they are $350. The Moto X is $500 base. I will probably end up getting a new X but man that’s a significant difference.

  29. I would probably be ok with a 5.9 ” phone. Don’t understand all the whining.

    1. You would “probably” be ok with it, but the reason for all the whining is because not everyone likes/wants a phablet (although I understand Google’s move in releasing one).

  30. As a sequel to my excited post about the Nexus 5 last year, I give you….disappointed/disgusted Jonah Hill:


  31. WTaF is the Nexus 7 (2015) going to look like if we are on this god awful trend line of matching the screen size to the Nexus model number?

    1. It’s gonna look like a Nexus 7?

      1. I would love to know what developers, you know the folks that the Nexus line is made for, think about the increase in these screen sizes? Who cares about us average folk, we will bicker no matter what.

  32. I guess they’re really going with those geometry shaped soft keys?

    1. Oh yeah, that’s been a given for a while now.

  33. I wonder if verizon will rear it’s ugly stupid head again?

  34. I believe my thoughts on all of this were covered here: http://phandroid.com/2014/07/28/motorola-shamu-nexus-6-do-not-want/. The fanboy in me is struggling with this one. I want it because Nexus, but I don’t want it because massive freaking phone.

  35. OK, a 5.9″ “mobile phone” is MASSIVE! I looked at the iP6+ and it’s gigantic.

    I didn’t like the N5 because I thought it was cheaply built (to my liking), but I have been drooling over the Moto X 2014. However, all the ‘sperts are saying this is not a whole lot more of an upgrade over the N5, yet, it runs $150 more! That’s a lot for just some small improvements.

    So, here’s my “final” take: If Google does what it never seems to want to do, i.e., reducing their gigantic top and bottom bezels keeping the phone a respectable size (S5-ish size?), well then, I might be inclined to buy. However, that’s not likely… Unless… I get a BT device for telcons!

  36. Comparison,

    1. Really hope they make two models if one is going to be this big.

    2. Glad someone pointed this out.

    3. I’ve owned the Note 2, Note 3, and 6 Plus. There’s a point in between the Note phones and the iPhone where it just becomes too tall and uncomfortable both in pocket and during limited one-handed use. I’ll be curious how I’ll manage the Nexus 6.

  37. Im excited! I love the size of my friends Note 3 and now I can have a Nexus the same size!

  38. I am so glad that I got the OPO and have my N5 to my wife. I’m not dependent on the “Nexus” anymore and that great given this design. The OPO was tough enough getting used to. The new Nexus is MASSIVE.

  39. Intriguing, but 5.9in screen is just too big for me. That turbo charge tech is definitely awesome though!

  40. I’m due an upgrade and want something a little bigger than my note 2, this looks perfect. Was going to wait for the G3 stylus until read it would be not as specked up as the G3

    1. Same situation here. But I have an extra requirement that it must support an SD card. Mobile internet is still prohibitively expensive where I live so I like store media contents in my phone.

  41. was really hoping for tegra k1 64 bit : (

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