Rumor: new HTC One Max coming with 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805, 3GB of RAM and more


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Looks like HTC could be hard at work on their next phablet. The company’s first attempt at one — the HTC One Max of yesteryear — was pretty decent, and now they’re could be ready to up the ante with a sequel. According to MyDrivers, HTC is currently on a 5.5-inch follow-up that will don 2560 x 1440 resolution, a Snapdragon 805 chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 3,000mAh battery and an 18 megapixel camera that has optical image stabilization.

On the side of software, the device is said to be loaded with Android L and will run an updated version of HTC Sense on top (Sense 6.5, to be exact). We’re not sure what the latest version of Sense will introduce once it’s made available, but HTC doesn’t often go with a major version change without bringing major features.

It was once thought that HTC would look to abandon the phablet space and work on their main flagship HTC One M8 after a lukewarm response to last year’s model. The HTC One Max came to the table with uninspiring specs and features. Aside from a fingerprint scanner awkwardly placed on the rear of the device it was little more than just a big HTC One. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that recently stiffened competition in the category (read: Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6+) might have inspired them to reboot their efforts. Let’s hope they have something truly remarkable in the works.

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This is supposedly what the Nexus 6 looks like, and here are some of its early specs [Leak]

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  1. L with Sense on top… yuck

    1. Do the yuck crap at your dinner table, I don’t understand the stupidity of ppl hating skins. Go to ur second class iphone dubbed as Nexus. Y do u even read these stories if you have no interest in them

      1. i hope he meant YUCK in (UGH, thats sick), because that is so sick its killa, the best oem skin on top of the latest version of android with 3gigs of ram…. truely butterly smooth…i cant wait

        1. I didn’t say yuck first

      2. Pretty easy to hate skins… You have the moto g with near stock OS… and it has less frame rate stuttering than the new galaxy s5 and Note, which both have WAY better hardware. Its a damn shame when a skin is written so poorly that nearly computer level specs can’t make it run smooth.

        What precisely does your skin do that’s so essential? I’ve never found myself lacking with stock.

      3. I don’t see why skins need to be put on at the mfg level of things. Skin it up all you want with 3rd party (personally for me that’s Nova Launcher and Holo Locker), but I hate that my phone (HTC M7) has the bloat of sense and furthermore that it makes for slower for updates to rollout because they have to be so customized. I have 0 interest in Iphones…. or bloatware; including the candy coating of some skin that I think stinks and I will never use.

  2. Come to Papa !

  3. I would definitely get this device over the Rumored Nexus 6, add some REAL features like multi-screen and I’m sold…

  4. Iphone users have it so easy with just having two options. This fall is gonna be insane for android users with so many bad ass options to chose from. This, the note 4, note edge, and the moto shamu is gonna make my decisions pretty difficult. If there is note like multi-tasking then this may be number 1 on my list though.

    1. All of those options are gigantic phablets, making my choices 0. I’ll keep sitting on this N4 until a decent phone comes out.

  5. Have a One Max as my main phone, One M8 as my work phone – I prefer the One Max. The screen size and HTC sense were a big factor, but recently I’ve been considering the Note 4 as my next phone, given rumours that HTC wouldn’t produce a further phone of this ilk.
    The above specs seem enough to at least give it serious consideration. Hmm.

  6. Sounds awesome.

  7. 3gb ram on my note 3 was not that good, hope this will be less bloated Just to enjoy the speed of getting things done

    1. 3geebees for any non-touchwiz phone is PUHlenty.

      Its not the lack of geebees thats the problem. Its the overabundance of bloat.

    2. You hope its less bloated? LOL, everything is less bloated than your typical touchwiz device.

    3. Its HTC, its they have best fully skinned OS out there. Extremely light and almost as fluid as stock Android.

      1. I know that but they don’t have good customer service here in UK

  8. Hey look at us, we’re going to throw more megapixels into our cameras instead of actually making a truly decent sensor (that’s not ultrapixel). How about put in a 8, 10 or 13-megapixel camera that has a sensor that’s larger and takes better pictures, faster, instead of a crappy camera that has more pixels. MP’s won’t help me take a better picture, it may be larger, but I won’t be printing and hanging a larger image, if it looks like crap. Why is Apple the only company (aside from some of the Sony smartphones) that truly understand cameras in smartphones.

    1. Larger sensor also mean larger pixel. Guess what ultra pixels are?

    2. I agree, but this article doesn’t state any specifics about the camera other than MP and OIS… Hopefully there’s other improvements. It can’t be as bad as what they put in the M8 and M7.

  9. if it has boom speakers to go with those specs i got tough decisions ahead for my big phone

  10. I’m tired of all these “max” phones stretching the display. When will other manufacturers join Sony by creating a high spec phone with smaller dimensions (e.g. Xperia Z3 Compact).

    Edit: Added Z3 Compact as an example.

    1. That’s interesting that you use Sony as an example because the LG G2 has the same size (5.2) screen, but was smaller overall than both the Z2 and Z3. The LG G3 is practically the same height as the z2 and z3, with the width only being marginally wider/thicker (but sports a 5.5 screen). So, I wouldn’t necessarily say Sony is necessarily creating smaller dimensions than other OEM’s.

      1. I was actually referring to Sony’s Z2 Compact and Z3 Compact. It has a 720p screen and a much smaller dimension phone, but otherwise it’s a high spec phone. No other manufacturer does this as they generally associate smaller screen to budget specs for everything else. (BTW 720p on a smaller screen is more than adequate for me and actually makes battery life go that much more).

        1. I see. Those phones wouldn’t necessarily be placed in the same category, due to size, but I get what you’re saying now. You’re basically wanting a smaller phone, smaller screen, with higher end specs. 720p wouldn’t necessarily be “high” spec’d in 2014, but just going back 2 years, 720p was the highest resolution on all the high end phones, so I do agree that 720p actually does function more than adequately, even on the bigger screens (my Note 2 was only 720p). I don’t agree, however, on the take of the 720p helping battery life. I’d say the screen size has more to do with it than the resolution, IMO.

          1. For me, the fact the Z3 Compact doesn’t fall into the same category is exactly why it is so desirable. Unfortunately, it stands in that category all by itself. There’s nothing wrong with 720p on this smaller screen, the stat you should really compare is the PPI. It still gives around 320ppi which is as high a pixel density as you can discern unless you’re actively, pressing your nose against the screen (and who practically use their phone like that). Other manufacturer’s push for higher PPI is just a marketing con and most people get suckered into it. It has negligible quality difference but has a massive impact on battery life. If you can only tell the difference between a 320PPI screen and a 400+PPI screen is by having them side by side then does that really warrant the higher PPI screen? I’d say no! I’d take the 320PPI option with the extra battery life every time.

            Also, battery life is affected by resolution because the more pixels there are the harder the CPU has to work to render the image. which then has a direct correlation to battery life. A 1080p display has over 2 times the number of pixels than a 720p display. And the insane 2560×1440 has 4 times the number of pixels. So resolution has a massive impact on battery compared to the size of the display. If all else was the same except for the size of the display (i.e. same resolution but bigger screen) then I suppose there would be some additional impact to the battery because bigger pixels could mean extra power to use those pixels.

            You only have to read the reviews of battery life for the Z3 Compact to see how exceptionally good it is: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/mobile-phones/1401457/sony-xperia-z3-compact-review

          2. Just from real world experience, I had the HTC EVO, which was a 720p phone and had far less the resolution. While, I agree that additional pixels push for the cpu to work harder, there are a lot of other components that come into play, aside from the resolution. And, like I said, I agree that there’s nothing wrong with 720p on a smaller or bigger screen…especially when we’re talking about phones. There are 32 inch LCD TV’s that still look good with a 720p resolution. I use one as a monitor at home and it still serves the purpose and looks perfectly fine.

  11. hmm… I really liked my HTC One M8 but it was too small and the camera was terrible… this could really change things…

  12. I hate when manufacturers confuse the lack of adoption of one product for people not wanting anything like it. No one wanted the Max, because it brought nothing new (hardly) to the table. For example: every manufacturer is convinced NO ONE would ever want a physical keyboard on their phone, but I can tell you is no one wants a SHI*** phone with lack-luster hardware and support that has a keyboard. It’s not the keyboard that’s the problem. We’ve all gotten “used” to not having one but I hate giving up screen real estate to a keyboard and a tiny box to see what I typed, that autocorrect has butchered. I settle for it, because I at least need a phone that performs decently and has support. Hopefully HTC gets this one right. I love my M7 and when I’m ready to upgrade, I plan on doing it to a phone that is pushing specs/capabilities far beyond what my current phone has.

    1. Still waiting for someone like Moto to introduce a “modern” Droid with a slider keyboard. Take the Photon Q and improve upon it with a Maxx-size battery, a 4.5″ 720p screen, microSD slot and otherwise near stock Moto X specs and software. properly marketed, it would be a solid hit amongst business users.

  13. hTC, known for its boomsound and bezels, will probably release a giant phone like the iPhone 6+, or even bigger…

    1. LoL!! They should just make tablets. The HTC One Max M7 is just ridiculously large. They have great tablet design, but it doesn’t seem like they can make phablets just yet.

  14. YES! Samsung crushed my Note 4 dreams by idiotically moving the speaker from a bad position on my Note 3 (bottom) to a worse position on the back. As much as I dislike onscreen buttons, my desire to have a good experience with navigation, speakerphone calls and media viewing on my phone outweigh it. Yesterday I was pouting, today brings 2 possible upgrades in this and the Nexus 6.

    1. HTC’s onscreen button and huge bezels will mean you have effectively 5.3″ of available screen space in the form factor of a Note 4 with 5.7″ of screen always available. A share, as I really prefer Sense over TW. I wonder if HTC’s awesome battery cover from last year’s Max will make a return appearance.

  15. 64bit?

  16. Oh hell yes. I’ll trade my M8 for this.

  17. Geez! Enough of this stupid bigger and bigger and bigger bandwagon!

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