Motorola’s Shamu, the first Nexus phone I do not want [Opinion]



When you own a Nexus device, you get a few perks for being backed by El Goog. Nexus means your device will be developer friendly with an unlockable bootloader, have supported AOSP code, precompiled binaries for certain pieces of hardware, and of course factory images in case you happen to tinker a bit too hard. You’ll also be privy to the latest and greatest versions of Android, with timely updates. Last and certainly not least, Nexus devices also set a standard for the entire Android ecosystem in not only software, but hardware too.

The Information apparently has three difference sources confirming the existence of Motorola “Shamu,” which is rumored to be the Nexus 6. Why Shamu? Well, besides aligning with Google’s fishy device codenames, it’s apparently a whale of a phone, literally. 5.9 inches to be exact.

That’s just insane. I might be a self proclaimed Android fanboy, but holy hell. I do not want something that big. I might live and breathe Nexus and Android, however I’m saddened to say that this might be the first Nexus phone that I won’t salivate over or end up buying. It’s just too damn big to comfortably use.

For example, the Oppo Find 7 and OnePlus One are just great phones when it comes to hardware specs and software like CyanogenMod. But, no matter how great the hardware and software combinations are for these phones, the sheer size of these devices with their 5.5 inch displays are one of their downfalls. Having to move the phone up and down in your hand like some one handed kung-fu move just to reach the top and bottom of the phone is something I just do not want to experience day in and day out.

Sure, you can argue that Nexus isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that Google should further alienate the brand. While large screened phones also known as phablets (I hate that word) are becoming more and more prevalent, that does’t mean the reference device for Android should embrace their size as a standard, setting the stage for devices to continually grow larger and larger.

Who knows? Maybe Android Silver isn’t dead and this is Google’s way to ween people away from the Nexus program by launching a less than desirable device? Maybe Android L will launch with even more hands-free actions allowing smartphone users to accomplish more without even having to touch their massive screened device. At this point until we hear the good word from Google, anything is possible.

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

Google could be scrapping Android Silver in favor of a Motorola-made Nexus phablet [RUMOR]

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  1. I’m with you. My next phone will be 4.5. To bad the specs won’t be top of the line, but what can ya do?

    1. I’m gunning for the Moto X+1 at this point. I’m fine with a 5.2 inch screen. Anything larger is just too damn big for my liking.

      1. If I don’t go nexus 6 if the shamu rumors are true…I’ll probably follow you. The opo is nice.but I really like the display on it I tried to go back to nexus 5 .. It looked terrible in comparison and so tiny.

    2. You can stop being so old lol

    3. Z2 Compact is what you need.

  2. I’ve passed on a few Nexus devices (all tablets essentially) and will lump this device in with those as well.

    Still holding out hope that Google will simply release an update to the Nexus 5 with a Nexus 5 2014 (possibly from a different vendor), otherwise, the Nexus 5 is still a damn good enough phone to go another year with.

    There’s a lot of people who REALLY enjoy phablets, and I think it’s about time they had themselves an affordable — stock Android — option. Thanks, Google!

    1. I’d be down with a Nexus 5 refresh along with Shamu. That way they cover the growing trend, but still are letting everyone know that it’s okay to go a bit smaller.

    2. I’m one of that crowd,love the large display & IMHO,trumps any supposed pocketability advantages of a 5″ or less device category.

      Also,I’d take the 1+1 all day long vs a NEXUS w/similar hardware specs.
      IMHO,the NEXUS line is a yawner,I’d take SENSE/CM/LG’s U/I every time.

      Totally dig the 1+1 & have cleaned house of my LG OPTIMUS G PRO/G-FLEX/G3/G-PAD 8.3,all nice devices,but just too many to enjoy them all & the decision to part with them was surprisingly easy.

      Loooking forward to another in the phablet category,the OPPO FIND 7.
      Will be interesting to use the COLOR O/S & compare the display to the G3’s which I was thoroughly disappointed with,which was too bad on an otherwise excellent phone.

      1. I personally love my note and have no issue pocketing

  3. You’re basing your assumption on the fact that you think it will be a huge and bulky phone. I’ve heard people say that the LG G3, a phone with a 5.5 inch screen, fits extremely comfortable in the hand and feels much like a 5 inch phone. So if they manage to keep the footprint of the phone manageable small, I’ll probably look into buying it. I would look into more than the screen size before jumping off the boat. I thought jumping from a 3.7 inch to a 4.5 inch would be huge, yet it didn’t make much of a difference in the long run.

    1. I’ve played with an LG G3 and it was hard to touch all 4 corners with one hand without moving the phone in my hand to do so. You can get used to it, I’m sure, but it’s not something that’s desirable to me.

      1. Really? typing this on the g3 with a bulky case right now not much effort regardless. Who on Earth touches All 4 corners of their phone? I can touch 3 just not The top left with ease with The case on of which adds quarter of an inch to The overall dimensions. You are missing out. Get with the times old man.

        1. Get off my lawn.

          1. Mr Ross ;) when asked what he thinks about the shamu

      2. So how large are your hands then?


        Mine are slightly above average, and my 5.5″ Note3 is easy to use one-handed. I’d love a 5.9″ Nexus6 as long as they can minimize the bezels as on the LG G3.

        1. 8.25 inches tall and 4 inches wide, so above average.

        2. 7″ tall, 3.5″ wide, so in the neighborhood of average.

          HTC M7 is just barely too big for comfortable one-handed operation. Not played with the G2/G3, though.

      3. No. You can’t get used to that. I’ve already tried that for a few days with the OnePlus One.

      4. I have fairly large hands…okay actually according to that site 7.5x 3.5 so pretty average slightly big side…but I still want a small energy efficient screen. Plus the only measurement that matters if you are one handing a phone is the length of your thumb + thumb flexibility/curvature. I will say when I tried a lg g3 it was shockingly compact for the hugeness of that screen 5.5, compared to the htc m8 which was shockingly big for 5.0. still the moto x’s 4.7 and solid build still feels the best in hand. so I’d say a g3 w/ a 5 inch screen would be just about perfect in every way. The lack of bezels on the g3 was way more impressive than 560ppi, which was honestly completely imperceptible sitting right next to a m8(440) and s5(432) at the store.

        edit- I just realized the inherent tech-male sexism I had, and I’m guessing a lot of others did. Completely discounting female’s and their 50% of the cellphone market…putting the average HUMAN hand size somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.1 x 3.1 not the male only 7.44×3.3, which is a significant difference.

        plus once again…i’d rather a smaller 4.5-5.0 screen and slightly thicker (to accommodate fitting almost as many mah’s into a smaller body), and still end up with way more battery life.

      5. Can have the mini screen thing a lot of large devices have and then you have NO EXCUSES to create bullshit pretend problems, yet you no doubt still will

      6. Got the g3 in my huge hands now.. I’d say it’s my absolute max. It’s great, but I’ll never go bigger

        1. Same here. I still find my LG G3 a little big for my hands (had Galaxy S4 before). I truly love this phone, but I won’t go bigger.

    2. Even with no bezel, a 5.9″ screen with a 16×9 direct ratio would be 5.15″ tall and 2.89″ wide – to big for many people.

  4. if they can make the size of the phone like note 3 size I would be all over it. I have a note 3 now and I think it is the perfect size for me. I think it could be done because nexus phones don’t use a physical home button like samsung note 3 so that space could be use for screen

    1. The Note line is also meant to be used with two hands because it has a stylus. Sure you can use it with one hand, but the stylus is there when you can’t or don’t want to.

      1. Honestly the stylus is only used when you’re doing artsy-fartsy stuff. For text input its just not very efficient.

  5. I own a nexus 5 and a Note 3, I switch between them every other week……. Yes admitted phone junkie and serial Flashaholic, I’ve been fighting the urge to buy the lg g3 everyday , literally……….but I really do hope that the nexus stays within the size that it is , there are too many other options if you want a near 6 inch screen, I personally have no problem using the Note 3 with one hand , but I’m really dying for a new phone was hoping that would be the N6. Guess we’ll have to see how this shakes out…..

    1. Don’t fight :) The G3 is awesome

      1. if you don’t mind me asking ,what phone where you coming from >?
        From all the reviews and videos a watched and I mean like 25 they say the good , not great ,in just about all aspects , camera, battery, fluidity , screen, I mean to each his own but if I’m dropping another 600 it better be the shit..lol plus I fear in three mnths theres gonna be an LG G3 with the 805 and the 420 soc ……………JUst a thought ,thanks for your input , have a great day..

        1. I was a Samsung fan before, love the Galaxy line for the battery replacement and the SD card slot. I had the S2, S3 then S4. Then I found the S5 was not so much of an improvement, and I started to hear about the G3. The G2 was a great phone (used a friend’s one for a couple of days) so when I heard the G3 had SD slot and replaceable battery I was sold. And that screen is just gorgeous :)

          Only problem for now is that have to live with LG software (I put AOSP roms in all my phones previously) but honestly, it’s kind of nice. Not laggy at all as I hear here or there (apart from the launcher, but I use Nova anyway).

          A bit big for my hands though, but I’m getting used to it :)

  6. I own a OnePlus One, and I have determined that it is the largest phone I will ever own. If you can fit more screen in the shell of that size of a phone, great, but a 5.5 in screen is about all I want to handle. I would love another 5 inch Nexus, a 5.2 would be great. But dont make our only Nexus option a gigantic 5.9 inch phablet.

  7. I want a Shamu. I have big hands….

  8. I’m selling my OnePlus One because I can’t work with poor ATT and Tmobile coverage in my area. Anyone interested?

    1. That’s not the reason you are selling it..lol…You took the bait and now you’re stuck…at least you got excited about the invite system. Good luck

      1. The second part of that truth is I just needed it long enough to review for my own blog. http://www.androidanthem.com
        Had no intentions of keeping it.

        1. Bookmarked. ;-)

          1. Nice! I appreciate the support.

    2. I sold mine last week because it was too damn big.

      1. It is a big phone. it feels even bigger if you disable the onscreen buttons and use the capacitive ones, doesn’t it!?

        1. Yes. I’ve been using the capacitive buttons the whole time. Good thing I still made a profit off it after using it for a few days. The stupid 10% eBay + 3% Paypal fees almost killed it though.

          1. I went with swappa.com. it’s a flat $10 fee. and paid by the buyer, not the seller.

    3. How much are you letting it go for

    4. I’ll bite let me know what you want for it , ifit’s cheaper then I can get myself with an invite I just may take you up on that …..Regards [email protected] send some pics if you still have it….

      1. No, i’m not going cheaper. Average sale price on swappa is $422 as of this morning, which has dropped dramatically in the past month. Either people don’t care about this phone anymore because it is so elusive or the bad PR has damaged the name of the company. either way, it is a great phone IF you are happy with ATT or Tmobile coverage in your area.

  9. Lets hope for some newer GPE devices like maybe a S5 or G3.

  10. Your reasoning here is off. Google is not trying ween people off of anything. It’s a reference device so developers can test apps using it. Google hasn’t made a phablet yet. This will obviously serve as a reference for that.

  11. It’s been said before, but having average or above average hand-size (and normal-sized pants) is necessary to comfortably use a phablet one-handed. You can also stick cheap little grips (plastic & elastic) to the back of your case to make even easier to use, if small-handed.

    Measure yourself (no, not that): http://www.theaveragebody.com/average_hand_size.php

  12. Totally agree. I have a find 7a. Aside from the flaky, dated OS build is just to damn big. I’m back on my Nexus 5. I’d love a Nexus 5 Mk2 with more storage and a killer camera.

    1. And a bigger battery. That is the main reason I’m lookin at the OPO over the Nexus 5.

      1. The battery is absolutely amazing…I run the opo from the nexus 5? Its the greatest battery of all time and will blow your mind.

  13. Dude, not everybody is 5’6″…=-O!

    1. I’m 5’11” A/S/L?

      1. I’m 5’6 : /

    2. I’m 6’6″ and 5.5″ phone is my limit. But at that size it’s gotta have slim bezels. Oneplus is a good size, but even that could shave off a few mm.

  14. Personally, im keen as all hell for a 6″ phone :) I can definitely understand why some would shun this behemoth, but I am fortunate enough to have large hands and it would certainly be welcome in this household!

  15. I appreciate the author’s personal preference for phone size. I have my own size preferences. I own a Note 3, I have a Tab Pro 12.2, I drive a civilianized military vehicle that weights more than 7500lbs for a daily driver. If I could get the wife to move to Texas, I’d do it tomorrow. I like big things.

    I’ve skipped out on all the previous nexus devices for one reason or another – one of them being screen size. After I went Note I couldn’t go back. Here’s hoping Shamu has everything that I personally prefer since up until now, I’ve been left without a device that I desire in the Nexus line.

    1. As @Gamercore:disqus said below, a lot of people like big ass phones and I do agree with him that it’s awesome that those people will be able to have a Nexus device for the first time. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have this and only this seeing as non “phablet” devices are more popular than “phablet” ones. Why can’t we have both?

      1. Derek… Allow the shamu … 5.9 inches beast of a phone… It’ll be bigger than the opo and the note 3. Wooooo!!!!

      2. Because we live in a world of limited resources. This year is a phablet, next year something else perhaps.

    2. Ahh, overcompensation at its finest.

      1. Overcompensating for what?

        1. I will translate this for you:

          He thinks your penis is tiny.

          1. Haha!

  16. Maybe this isn’t the only nexus phone Google is planning to lunch? Surely there will be a smaller version… Maybe

    1. Mmmm, lunch.

    2. Nah

  17. I recognize, despite thinking the M7 is a superior device to the M8, that I tend to be in the minority when it comes to large phones. Less ppi and two handed use just aren’t things that bother most people.

    Now, as a tech consumer addict, I also realize that my Nexus 7 and my phone serve 2 different purposes for me and some people just use one device. That’s the real issue here…

    Google has been trying to shove the purist needs into a phone for the masses, but the purist almost always prefer a superior device because they root and flash themselves.

    Now, ask any android user who’s made the jump from Apple in the last year why, and at least 70% for the time, you will hear about how big the screen is. LeBron James wants a big screen, but so does your 5’1 petite girl because she watches Netflix in bed.

    As American carriers try and wean the masses off of subsidies, a moderately priced top end device might be exactly what the Nexus line needs to break the heroin that is contract subsidies.

    If only Google offered a smaller option so consumers feel like they are making a choice AND found a way to do interest free financing with little risk, they could finally make Nexus a household brand name.

  18. This may be the most “Apple” in logic that you’ll ever see me but… It’s a Nexus, so I’m probably going to buy it. Bonus that it’s a Motorola. If it ends up being functionally large, then I could learn to live with it, if it’s a total bust, my Nexus 5 isn’t going anywhere anyway anytime soon.

  19. They seem like…big…strong…hands…

    1. Atreyu!!!!!!!!

      1. Artex!!!!

  20. I have a nexus 5 and a g3 an OPO on the way and I would not buy 6 inch either

    1. Agreed! The g3 is my absolute max and I have huge hands, still can’t reach the status bar without some gymnastics. Thank you Nova launcher for gestures!

  21. This is the first Nexus phone I’m not excited about.

  22. This entire rumor sounds fishy, the fact that this phone is named after a whale while every single previous nexus PHONE was named after a shark makes me wonder about the alternative possibilities.

    1. Nexus One – Passion
      Nexus S – Crespo
      Galaxy Nexus – Maguro
      Nexus 4 – Mako
      Nexus 5 – Hammerhead

      So only 2 sharks – not “every single previous nexus PHONE”

  23. My Nexus 4 is already bigger than I want it to be. I’m left handed, so reaching the menu icon that’s always in the top right is a PITA. The Nexus 5 is larger but at least it’s only bigger vertically. (It’s essentially the same width as the Nexus 4.) If the Nexus 6 is going this big, count me out.

    What’s the best non-frickin-huge GPE phone these days? I have a feeling I’m going to be in the market sooner than I’d like…

    1. Unfortunately, I think 5.5 is the new normal, if you want a REAL flagship. Pretty soon, we’ll all just be walking around with tablets in our back pockets.

  24. The screen size of the Nexus 5 is about my limit. I only buy a new Nexus every two years though. Since the N5 is my current phone, I hope the 7th generation Nexus phone is back down to 5 inches.

    1. Me too, when my N4 died I was in a quandary wether to move to the N5 or LG G3 there were many reasons to go for the LG but I went for the Nexus for several reasons but a big one of those was screen size as the N5 is as big as I want to go.

  25. I may just go ahead and buy a Nexus 5 then…

    1. What do you have now?

  26. So you’d buy a seven inch Nexus device but not a six inch one because it’s too big??? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

    1. 2 different device formats for 2 different use cases : one is a phone that shouldn’t hide your head when you’re talking on it, the other is for media consumption while still being portable. The phone must be usable with one hand, the other is considered a 2 hand device.

      1. Says who? I totally disagree. They are both flat slabs of glass that are connected to the internet and run apps. I think people who complain about one handed use should throw away their tablets. I used a Nexus 7 LTE for six months as my daily driver phone and loved it.

        1. Unless there’s a 7in Nexus phone I don’t know about I fail to see how comparing a small tablet to a large phone makes any sense. By your definition we should be trying to cram our smart TVs into our everyday use. I mean it is just a flat slab of glass that is connected to the Internet and runs apps. Let’s not be concerned with it being 55ins because we’ll get use to it since we have no other choice.

          1. Haha!

        2. You need some seriously baggy pants to carry that around!

      2. How many people regularly use the “phone” aspect of their phone though? Maybe it looks odd, but I can put up with it for the minimal amount of time I use it for calls. 99% of my phone usage is for browsing, media and apps which all work best on a larger screen. I’m pretty sure I’m not in the minority on this.

        1. And that’s why you can have more then one device; without some 400% percent improvement in battery capacity i’m not gonna rely on my phone for media consumption. Expect for when i’m wearing something formal i take my n7.2 with me and it looks much less geeky as having a 6 inch device next to my ear. As most mobile devices have enough power to cover most computing needs, why not add some style ? Until foldable devices are a think for me 2 devices add much more usability then one phablet

      3. Who says a phone must be used with one hand?

    2. There’s no 7in nexus phone so, not relevant.

    3. A tablet and a phone are two different devices. Sure, I walk around with my Nexus 7 in my pocket at home, but I don’t want to do that for 16 hours a day.

  27. Millions of people always say that phones are getting toooo big and they can’t see buying one of this size. Then they go out and buy one. I understand you’re point and you may be one of the few that hold true to what you say, if so I can respect that but that’s the way smartphones are going these days. Large is the standard for all flagships. Hell even crapple is scrambling to catch up. I for one will go ahead and embrace it. So with that said, Google, bring on that big ass phone, I’ll try it!

  28. Bullshit, you will buy it you consumer dog! Esp if it’s one of the first x64 snapdragon phones

  29. The g3 is sticking out at the top of my pockets of my super tight European jeans! If I get the upcoming Nexus I’ll have to change my entire wardrobe.. No thanks!

  30. OMG STFU you whiny bitch.

  31. Being a proud owner of a OnePlus One I can gladly say that the transition from my HOX was an incredibly smooth one, and I have very very quickly acclimatised to the screen size and am in love with the phone. A 5.5 inch screen is no way near the drawback I thought it would be and I now can say I prefer it. Anything smaller feels like a toy.

    Just so you all know Itend not to wear super tight jeans so pockets haven’t been an issue

  32. I’ve been using an LG Optimus G Pro for the past year and have found the form factor wonderful. I have no issues operating it with one hand (I’m 5’9″ so no, I don’t have huge hands) and really love having 5.5″ of screen real estate. However, I’m over manufacturer/carrier customization/delayed updates and wanted my next phone to be a Nexus, so if the 5.9″ screen of the Moto Nexus holds true then I’m extremely interested. Add to that Moto’s history of durable hardware and loud speaker(phone) and it ticks all the boxes for me to make a purchase.

    Of course, it all depends on the bezel to screen ratio. LG nailed it with the G3 and despite that phone having the same screen size as my Pro it feels significantly smaller in the hand. If the thing has huge bezels like, say, the HTC One or Nokias then it’s a no buy.

    EDIT: Oh, and Moto knows the importance/benefit of a large battery. Another box (possibly) ticked for me.

    This has the potential to be THE phone for me, but I understand the position of those who are intimidated by the prospect of moving to a “phablet.” C’mon, Moto!

  33. These are all opinions. My opinion is that huge phones rule and I would love one with a stock nexus experience. Heck, my wife has tiny child hands and she still wants a big phone for reading on the go. Talk to the people with big phones and most will say they would never go back to a small one. Therefore, if google wants to capture that customer they have to make a big phone to compete. It’s going to be sick nasty and it will sell extremely well whether you buy one or not.

  34. I’d like to start by saying that the idea that Google/Motorola want to make a phone that customers don’t want to buy is idiotic. I think this is Google responding to customer complaints while I’m aware the nexus 5 was very popular it didn’t out sell other devices. Personally I don’t know anyone who uses a nexus 5. My friends (also self confessed Android fanboys) say they won’t buy a nexus device because they’re too small. I’m sure they aren’t the only people to think that. I’m a big phone (z ultra) guy myself and there are many reasons why I prefer a big phone. I use my device for entertainment and Web browsing mostly. The only downside I can find to a big phone is that you can’t use it with one hand it still fits fine in all my pockets . It doesn’t take long to adjust to using a phone with two hands. For some people this may be a problem but I have no desire to text with one hand and I’m sure there are others like me. People like me are finding that using a big screen with two hands means they can do more with their device. In the end it comes down to preference. The way I see the nexus 6 is that

    it’s the first nexus phone that I may consider buying and I’m sure I’m not alone

    To anyone who hates big phones I suggest giving one a try for a month and of you’re a nexus fan maybe this is the perfect opportunity

  35. It’s about time. I wish this would have been released before I purchased my one plus. Now I may have a tough decision to make at the end of the year.

  36. I would just like to point out with all this talk of Google using fish names for their devices, that a whale is actually a mammal, not a fish….
    Now, on a more serious note, are we really trashing or praising a phone that we know absolutely nothing about? While the idea of a nearly 6-in. device does sound big to me, I’m going to pass judgment until we actually know something about it, for example its form factor.

    1. Honestly, this post could be written without the mention of Motorola or Shamu. I don’t want a Nexus phone that’s larger than 5.2 or 5.3 inches. That my opinion and I stand by it.

      1. Bezel size aside?

  37. shamu is not even a type of fish, or whale. it’s the name of a specific killer whale in the employ of sea world. this is definitely out of character.

    1. LG G Watch (basically the Nexus watch that we heard rumored for the longest time) is code named Dory, which just so happens to be the name of a cartoon movie fish.

      1. Actually, you are wrong. After reading your Sarcasm being thrown at everyone, like you’re a chimp inside a cage. I can understand why you responded without research. Anywho, Samagon is correct. A “Dory” is a class of fish. A true “Dory” is called “John-Dory”. They belong to a sub class called “Zeioidei”. Yes, There is a cartoon character called “Dory” but the character is a “Dory”. As for Shamu? Like Samagon stated it’s just whales named “Shamu” it isn’t a Class of the animal kingdom. That’s like Google calling a software update “Dippin dots”.

        1. The device is not called John-Dory though. It’s just called Dory. Speaking of chimps, what if they called the device Caesar? Would they be referring to Ceasar from Planet of the Apes? Julius Caesar? Caesar Augustus? Sadly, neither of us will ever know for certain who is right without proper confirmation from Google or LG.

          1. I guess reading comprehension isn’t a skill needed to work with Phandroid.

  38. I would think an opinion post, such as this, belongs in the forum rather than in the news feed.

    1. Opinion posts, news posts, reviews, guides, how-tos, and even from the forums posts all wind up in the catch all front page. This post is cleared marked though.

      1. It is clearly under the Android News tab of the front page.

        Just saying.

        1. That’s a good point. That tab really means “everything”. I shall pass that on to developy people.

  39. Lot of hate opinion article based on speculation. Is this a M$ site where failed 2% market share windows is bubbled. Does author know why Samsung note2/3 sell so well. ..is he living under a rock

    1. Well, largest is Note has never been 5.9″ yet.

  40. You want a tissue cry baby? Notes aren’t that big and neither is the galaxy mega you must have small hands because my galaxy tab 3 fits in my pocket. If it fits it isn’t too big. I’ll be buying it no matter what size it is.

    1. You know what they say about big pockets…big pants.

  41. Why would Google create a product to ween people away from the porduct. They just wouldnt make it. Now for a 5.9″ screen hopefully they follow LG design with minimal to no bezels at all. But I think this will be a killer phone as I remember Google stating they will definitely make an “AWESOME” Motorola phone when they owned them, so this makes perfect sense that they sold the company off once they got the IP from Motorola and now they can design a Motorola Nexus phone exactly how they wanted to all along. I will hold off judgement/opinion until I actually see the device. Most of the time >70% of what Google make is an amazing alot of times a revolutionary product.

    1. “Why would Google create a product to ween people away from the porduct.” I was using a bit of sarcasm there. I’m sorry if you didn’t realize.

  42. IMO, NEXUS 5 is the perfect ideal size of a smartphone… 5.9″ is just too dang big…. unless there are absolutely no bezel at all

  43. I think it would be cool to have one for personal nostalgic reasons. I uh got kissed by the original Shamu when I was a litte boy of 4 or 5 at Sea World in San Diego. I love it if you excuse my trip down memory lane. :)

  44. The Nexus 4 was the 1st Nexus phone I did not want. The Nexus 5 was the 2nd.

    1. And yet you call yourself Nexus man. Tisk tisk.

      1. The name came BEFORE so-so Nexus devices. Not that the Nexus 5 is so so, but there were better options out there.

  45. I’m currently sporting an LG G Pro 2, and though I was worried about the screen size when I ordered(5.9) it has never been an issue. I’ll be getting this, as size plus the pure Android experience is a winner for me.
    Yes, I am 6’4″, so this works well in my huge hands. :-)

    1. G Pro 2 is awesome. Perfect size for me and I don’t have huge hands, but you can’t beat all that real estate.

  46. Nah not to big being my everyday is a z ultra lol tho I am 6’3 260

  47. To be honest isn’t this about personal preference? If I could get a well made 7″ phone I would – haven’t been sold by any existing just yet. My 5.9″ G Pro 2 doesn’t quite replace my tablet, but it’s close.

  48. Please phone manufacturers….please stop making phones bigger. I’m still rocking a Galaxy Nexus because I don’t want a phablet. In my opinion anything bigger than 4.7″ is too big since you can’t use the phone one handed for a lot of things unless you have monster hands. I would love if they would give you choices when buying the latest line of phone. For example you could have the Nexus 6 in a 4″, 4.7″, and a (stupid) 5.9″ screen size option. All same internals, just different screen size/battery.

    1. Maybe you should try an apple iPhone. From what I hear they also hate progression, innovation and the idea that one size doesn’t fit all. Why say there should be a number of choices then label one of the choices as “stupid”?

    2. Please general public, stop buying these bigger phones. You’re just encouraging the manufacturers.

      1. That is true…..if people didn’t buy them the manufacturers wouldn’t build them. I’d just really like to have options for the people that don’t want a gargantuphone.

        1. But doesn’t poeple buying them means there is a demand for them? Just wondering.

    3. Sorry, I love the bigger phones. Phablets forever! I do agree they should start offering 3 sizes with all 3 having the same horse power.

  49. I don’t see why the existence of Shamu precludes the existence of a Nexus 5 2014. With “phablets” becoming more common, it makes sense that Google would want to show how they envision a “phablet” should work. They’ve released two different-sized tablets in a year before in order to demonstrate Android in all form factors, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same with a phone to adjust to the new-found popularity of large screens.

    1. I thought they would do this with the nexus 5 when it came out. Nexus 4 be the 4+ inch model and 5 be the 5+ model. I think it’s a challenge to get all the manufacturers to play this game and for them to be able to keep the price low.

  50. Battery technology prevents a small thin phone with a fast processor, but I’m fine with a phone being thicker, and a 5.9″ screen is too big for a phone and too small for a tablet.

  51. I have to agree w/ the author.

  52. My only real issue with a 6″ phone is carrying it while walking around. The extra screen real estate is welcome while it is at work or in my car.

  53. Unfortunately some will be unhappy no matter what size the phone is. For me anything below 5″ is too small and would never be considered. There has never been a large Nexus, so now it’s our time. The best 2 phones I ever owned for useability were the G-Flex and the G Pro 2. To me the size was perfect. However, unlike many, I don’t use a phone with one hand no matter what the size, so one handed use is not an issue for me. I’ve never been a Nexus fan mostly due to the mid level specs, but would definitely consider a 6 inch Nexus. T be honest, I’d even consider a 6 inch iPhone if that rumor is true.

  54. as a guy who buys last years phones and keeps them for a year because new phones are not that much better, i will buy 2 of these if they come to verizon.

    been using motorola cell phones since since 1992 except for a couple of nokia years and 1 G-1 year.

    they’re rugged, they work, they’re great signal grabbers. the GPS is rock solid. cameras are great, bluetooth and WIFI work great as well.

    i have big clumsy hands, thats how come my typing is all lower case. i also need glasses to read,

    i bought a note 2 on ebay and took it for a test drive, ok but no cigar (lousy ringer), gave it to a good friend who had the hots for it.

    just make mine 32GB with chromecast support and a loud ringer, oh yeah kind of deaf too.

    if it doesn’t happen, the LENOVO VIBE Z2 will do nicely as well as i own 4 LENOVO laptops and they’re rugged and MIKEEEEE proof too.

    1. downranked just because you said ‘ill get it if it comes to verizon’
      everyone knows google got shit on by big red. they are horrible and evil as a carrier and screw over their customers every chance they get. if you have to stick with them due to coverage then fine, but don’t keep beating the dead horse. NO MORE NEXUS PHONES FOR VERIZON. It will NEVER EVER happen again.

      not to mention doing a proper nexus on any CDMA is impossible as CDMA has closed non open source code that cant be posted online, like google does for all the GSM nexus hardware, software, binaries, etc. It also causes delays in writing the operating system, much less trying to get Verizon to approve the update.

  55. This thing better not have any bezels! But I’m pretty sure Motorola and Google has found same way to make this size work. I personally want a Note sized Nexus device. I would never buy a Samsung phone but I really like my friends Note 3 and the size isn’t that bad to me. I’m 6 ft tall and have “average” sized hands. With a beautiful 2k display, stylus support and a great camera, this behemoth could be awesome. The LG G3 with it’s 5.5 in display feel comfortable in my hands. Plus I like to consume a lot of media on my phone (netflix, youtube videos, hulu plus) so a larger screen would be nice. The size of my Nexus 5 feel average now. Everyone is different though!

  56. I have been getting the Nexus line of phones and tablets for a couple years now. I was kinda getting excited to see what the direction Android Silver and the Google Play Edition. Only because like the article says, the Nexus line is kinda limited. I have the Nexus 5 and it does seem a little close to being too big for me. But there is really not a choice there. I liked the direction that the Google Play Edition phones were taking but they were only the top of the line cell phones and costing twice as much as any of the Nexus phones. Only because I have been buying my phones off contract which is what you have to do with the Google Play Edition phones anyway. So I was kinda hoping that with Android Silver that the Google Play Edition line would expand to accommodate more types of phones that just run a stock Android experience and could be purchased at a variety of price points and configurations. I looked at the Moto X as a good alternative and I thought that is the direction that Android Silver might take only because they were making a relatively stock android phone and adding in new features that were not skinning the android device but creating something unique. A larger Nexus device than the Nexus 5 would probably be skipped by me. I appreciate Android Wear and the direction without having to take the phone out of the pocket being a Pebble Watch wearer right now. But the big phone is problematic for that because it is cumbersome in my pocket. I often find myself taking my Nexus 5 out of my pocket to place it down on a table or desk just because I am more comfortable without it in my pocket and getting notifications on my wrist. That is not something that I had with my previous Galaxy Nexus.

  57. For many people their phone is all they use day in and day out and find themselves having to think of reasons to use their tablet. I think the larger smart phone is about to see it’s day. I only want 1 device and for that device to be a bit larger since I’m eliminating a tablet is perfect.

    1. Exactly! It’s all about convergence.

  58. A lot of people here sound like Steve Jobs! Bottom line is we want choice. Some like phablets some don’t. Google needs to get it together and offer every size of device from 4″ to 10″. 7″ and greater being tablets. This would be amazing and probably very expensive and not very profitable. Luckily Android does have all these options just not through the Nexus line.

    1. Well said. Some folks sound like crying babies.

  59. Finally a Nexus that has decent screen estate. Unfortunately, coming from Moto, we must fear that it becomes available in Europe … one year later, and only in a special version which is not listening.

  60. Nexus to me, means cutting edge. Motorola to me, means solid device but NOT cutting edge. I have had several Motorola phones and they were all OK. I will be very disappointed if the next Nexus is mediocre. I think that will damage Android and Google. Its like saying Google is out of cool cutting edge ideas. So.. my only hope is this phablet has a cutting edge screen and CPU specs and really makes an impact if not I think it will damage the brand that Google has worked to hard to create.

  61. I was awaiting the Nexus6 announcement before deciding what will replace my current Nexus4. I guess I’ll grab a Nexus5 while I can. At least that will allow me to enjoy HDVoice call to my wife, who also carries a Nexus5 on T-Mobile.

  62. LG really did the phablet screen right with the G3.. About the size of a galaxy S5 but has the screen size of the Note 2.. Amazing

    1. Ummm no. The G3 is closer in size to the Note 3, than the S5. The G3 is barely smaller than the Note 3. See pic below

  63. Rumor has it that Shamu’s usable resolution/screen size changes based on how you hold the phone. Holding it one-handed in portrait orientation gives you a smaller active screen area slightly off-center based on left-handed use vs. right-handed use, and only when you hold it/stand it in landscape or use apps in Immersive Mode will you get the full 5.9 inch 1440p resolution. It’s an evolution of Motorola’s Active Display technology that makes larger phones easier to use one-handed.

    1. Maybe this is also going to be on the X+1 so it’ll deff be my next purchase.

    2. Wait a second, that sounds awesome!

  64. I may have to bite the bullet and go for Shamu. All due to my Nexus addiction. If it goes badly I’ll play musical phones with the phones in my household and get my N5 back.

    Regardless Ara is my future.

  65. i’m excited about Shamu…eh, heh. I have the Sony Xperia Z Ultra now..so 5’9 is small.

  66. I went from a Note1 to a Huawei Ascend Mate2, and that is 6.1 inches. It’s not that big, but if you are use to doing everything one handed, it might be.

  67. Motorola keeps things thin and light. This could work very well.

  68. how could you want or not want a phone that isnt officially announced and nothing is in stone about it? its like not wanting an imaginary thing

    1. Yeah, what if it was a 6 incher that was basically all screen? Little to no top/bottom bez. That could totally happen, and then BAM you’d want it ;)

      1. It would still be too big, and unusable if it were all screen.

        1. Software can be used to turn off parts of the capacitive screen. Problem solved Timbo.

        2. I like your sense of entitlement, haha. What you mean, is… unusable for you. You have to be careful about what you say on the net, not everyone is like you. I personally have not used a 6 inch screen, but I have used a 5.5inch for the last 2 years. Oh how I was ridiculed..Your big Phone they would say. Hummm, seems like 5 to 5.5 inch is now the norm. So who knows….I can also say that for ME, note the for ME, a screen under 5 inch is not enjoyable to use. It would be like watching TV on a 14 inch TV.

    2. that’s pretty much an argument for not wanting it though – that is to say, “want” is a verb that needs a subject, and without a proper subject you simply can’t “want” anything…

      this is pretty much the reason most atheists “don’t believe in god” – as far as they can tell there is nothing there to believe in, so they aren’t actively avoiding god(s), rather they just lack any subject matter in which to actively believe.

      i get your point though, i really do, the author is suggesting that IF the upcoming phone has a 6″ screen THEN he won’t want it. but that predicated lack of desire is based on an attribute the phone might have… at this point it’s kinda like saying, “if i’m a big jerk then you won’t want to talk to me”. it’s predicated – maybe i won’t be a jerk… but if i am (i probably am) then you really won’t want to talk to me…

      1. Very well said.

  69. too big, would not bang.

  70. Amen brother!!!

  71. To say 5.9″ is less desirable is a total misconception. Less disirable for you personally maybe. I did crack a big smile and IF it will really happen, will be happily on board. Not everyone has tiny tiny hands. Plus i think Google may be rolling with 3 device strategy for the Nexus line. Nexu 5, 6 and 9 for Tablet. This would make more sense than two tablet sizes IMHO.

  72. This is one situation in which I wish Google (and Motorola this time around) would emulate Apple. Have a “phablet” sized phone for those who want it (not me), and a smaller sized phone for those who want it (yes please). Of course that’s only true if the rumors about there being two sizes of iPhone 6 are true.

    1. They do, it’s called the Moto X lol.

  73. 5.9 inch display is pretty big for a phone..
    But I’d rather buy it if it has awesome specs and affordable price tag..
    I swear most of you are gonna end up buying this phone too..:)

    (Note: By Affordable I mean ‘value for money’)

  74. For someone like me, one handed operations were never possible even with smaller phones, so having a phone with a big screen is a must. I am actually seeing my personal limit to be 6.5 inches. I have been on on 5.5 inches for the last two years, and it is too small for my liking.For quick tasks that don’t need a phone to be whipped out, I guess the smart-watch is going to fill that role nicely. The Moto 360 does intrigue me…

    I do think that smaller phones should exist, because there is definitely a big big market share clamouring for a return to smaller sizes, but I seriously wonder about the relevancy of these small screens as media consumption devices….The number of people I see in a bus looking at their iPhones with the screen inches from their faces, experiencing gorilla arms…People with small phones do look a bit ridiculous (in my eyes)….and small phones don’t look serious, it’s like toys…

    Still some people like to have small machines, and some like big machines. I think the best way to go about this is not to alienate any market share and to have phones in 3 sizes….

  75. Wow ! 5.9″

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