Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6) photographed alongside the LG G3


Motorola Shamu leak Nexus 6 X

It was only yesterday we saw a few noteworthy specs from the upcoming Motorola-made Nexus 6 (Nexus X) outlined in a new report. To help illustrate what we could be looking at when the device is officially unveiled later this year (nothing has been confirmed, of course) a quick mockup was made showcasing a really stretched out Moto X.  Having seen a Motorola phablet ourselves, we confirmed that the mockup was, for the most part, accurate.

Today, the rumored Motorola Shamu — aka Nexus 6, Nexus X — seems to have made a physical appearance next to an LG G3 in a quick size comparison. The photo, posted on XDA, lines up with what we’ve seen of the device (only the one we peeped was all silver) and with a rumored 5.92-inch display, will look like an extremely tall version of the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen).

We told you more leaks would begin coming out of the woodwork as we approach the anniversary of the Nexus 5. Expect more to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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  1. i’m sold. i can’t wait to caress that rear! TAKE MY BENJAMINS!

  2. It’s *PROBABLY* not going to be a bad phone, but Shamu is VERY appropriate, given its size. :-P

  3. How strong is this rumour vs the other one pitching the screen size at 5.2″ ? Because if it turns out to be 5.9″ then I might as well forget about buying it right now.

  4. Most importantly, WILL IT BEND !?!

    1. ?*


      1. Iphone 6+

        1. “Will it bend” is a question not a statement

          1. Fixed.

      1. No he means bend. It’s an iPhone 6+ joke.

        1. And his was a blend joke.

        2. You just be new to the internet. Let be help with that…


          1. Your link doesn’t work there hotshot…

            Edit: There you go

  5. EEk. No thanks. Just to much phone for me. I have a tablet already.

  6. Should’ve stuck with the shark names and called it Bruce. Especially for the size.

    1. “Fish are friends, not food”

  7. Well — GODDAMN.

    I’m still happy with the Nexus 5, but that picture puts a harpoon in the back of this whale.

    EDIT: And, even WORSE, the 5.9″ size almost guarantees it’ll be called the Nexus 6, continuing the “coincidence” that makes it appear the number is based on generation. Oh the humanity!

    1. The “coincidence” is the other way around. The Nexus 4 wasn’t 4 inches and the Nexus One wasn’t 1 inch.

      1. See what I mean?

  8. Don’t care how much more powerful the Shamu is compared to the new MotoX. I’d choose the X merely due to it’s size. 6″ device is just too much. Wish Google stuck with the 5″ form factor for their Nexus phone line. :(

  9. Well this definitely has my interest. Not interested in the “updated” Note 4 or anything out or in the pipeline. Look forward to more concrete info in this.

  10. If it’s one plus one size I’d think about it. It’s close but obviously taller.


  11. Now don’t get me wrong I like large phone I have the note 3 and the lg g3 as wekk as the nexus 5 , but that looks HUUUUUUUUGE , unless I’m just that tired from work , I mean dam how much smaller is my nexus 7 compared to the Shamu..? KInda Bummed I dunno gues i’ll have to see it in person, but if it pimp’s out the spec’s an mean like better then the Note 4 , I’m all Over it , yeah Buddy come to Papap………..lol peace….TGIF almost hear …

    1. Doubt it will be better specs than the note 4. Nexus devices have never been the spec leader (well recently anyway, that’s what they used to be though)

      1. I think you have your observation off. Recently Nexus has stepped it up and maintained a powerful device that is able to compete with the other flagships, having the most recent processor available. I expect the new Nexus to have equal or better specs to what released this year thus far.

  12. i sayd
    never 5,9 inch and so on
    but this nexus is very Compact.
    This size has the Oneplus One too
    maybe the same size like the Iphone 6 plus
    but dont forget, Iphone6+ has 5,5
    This 5,9

  13. Please release it to the sea, never to return.

    1. Lol!

  14. Oh gosh. Why! I really hope they have a Baby Shamu. I love the Moto X design language. I love the rumored Nexus 6 specs. But that screen is just wayyy to big. I thought the G3 was too big. Now look at this!

    1. G3 is big! But the way it’s designed it feels great to use. Imo. I thought it was massive when I first got it though

      1. I thought it was big until I used it for 10 minutes. Then it felt slightly larger than average, then after 2 days it felt normal… even with a case.

  15. Nope…

  16. Looking at it more and I think it’s as tall as the iPhone 6 plus. I told myself this phone is too big but darn it, if it’s got moto features baked in, I might have to give it a whirl. I can always swap to my moto x 2013 for days I need compactness.

    1. I think you are right: assuming scale on last photo wasn’t messed up, using 5.92″ diagonal to scale the photo, the Shamu is 6.23″ tall; iPhone 6+ is 6.22″.
      #TooTallPhones (not a Cowboys fan though)

      1. I’m hoping that Google has finally decided to prank us all and decided to leak all these fake specs and photos. Crazy great specs, 5.9, shamu, what a WHALE of a story. Then the real phone is is just the 5.2 based off the moto x hehe.

        1. 5.2 is definitely a better size than a nearly 6 incher.

  17. Unless there is a smaller nexus there is no way in hell I am getting one. That thing is huge!

    1. That’s not what she said… =p

    2. Agreed. 5.92 inches is too large, everyone doesn’t have colossal sized hands. Majority of the people I know with a N5 got if because it’s big enough without being too small either.

  18. what are the odds this is just a Motorola phablet and not a Nexus at all.

    1. Yea that’s what I’m going with, probably just their phablet

      1. I like this. I agree.

    2. That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t see why it would have the Motorola logo on the back if it’s a Nexus device

      1. The Nexus 4 and 5 both had the LG logo on them.

        1. Oh yeah, you’re right! I guess it just never stood out to me as much.

  19. This is the Moto S not Nexus X.

    1. *crosses fingers*

    2. That’s certainly what I think. I really don’t think that the Nexus X (or whatever they end up calling it) is going to follow the current Moto design language so closely. It’ll be similar, but not exactly the same.

      But hey, watch us all get punked and find out that the Nexus X is made by Sony and looks completely different, lol.

  20. Quite frankly…I could use a 32GB N5 for a year…until a better Nexus comes out as far as design….

  21. I hope this is a mistake, it’s way to big. The G3 is barely bigger than the Nexus 5 which is just fine. A G3 like Nexus X with Qi charging instead of the crap that the G3 uses would have been perfect. If the Nexus X is really that big I’ll stick with my Nexus 5 for another year.

    1. Agreed. I think, ideally, I would like a Nexus 5 upgrade, with a 3100mah battery, Snapdragon 805 (or 810, either one), and 64gb storage. Have everything else stay the same.

      1. Plus better camera, ir blaster, water proof and biometric reader for faster payment and log in

        1. Out of all of that, the only thing that I’d like is for it to be water-proof. Everything else is gimmicky to me or unnecessary.

          1. Ir blaster is useful as hell tho,

          2. For what? Changing the channel on your TV? I have actual remotes for that.

          3. Yes most definitely, I lose the remotes or its just sometimes out of reach. My phone is always on me

          4. IR Blaster is pretty damn awesome. When I go to sleep I never forget to put my phone next to me because its my alarm clock. But I didnt have my TV remote so I just used my LG G2 to turn off the TV. and of course its great when I lose the damn TV remote. And on top of that Im saving money of batteries lol.

        2. Keep dreaming cuz that sounds like Samsung features.

          1. Agreed, Nexus phones usually don’t have gimmicks like that. We’re lucky that we even get wireless charging with the Nexus.

            They’re meant to be baseline phones, not full of add-on features.

            It’s probably the main reason I love the Nexus phones. No BS, just pure Android on good hardware.

  22. Damn. Too Big. Max for phone should be 5.5. We gotta remember that its a phone !!! not everyone has basketball hands

  23. OK I see it now:

    If u want a 5.2 inch “Nexus” u opt for the Moto X 2014.
    If you want a 6″ inch Nexus, u opt for the Nexus X

    Keeps sales balanced a bit for Moto..

    1. Except I won’t buy a Moto X with that weak sauce battery – it’s the same size as the one in my N5. If that behemoth is the only new Nexus then I’ll just keep my current phone, thanks.

    2. Would make sense if the Moto X was a worthy upgrade from the Nexus 5, but I don’t think it cuts it. At least make a Nexus edition with Snapdragon 805 in there so Nexus loyalists can develop for the latest hardware.

  24. it looks to be about as tall as the iPhone 6+. I’ve seen comparisons on YouTube, with the 6+ looking just as tall with the bezels and all. look at it like this, with the included virtual tool bar at the bottom it’ll be about 5’7 inches.

  25. if this thing comes in at the same or smaller footprint than the 6+ then moto/Googs has hit it out of the park.

  26. I know it’s supposed to be the Nexus 6, but they outta line for trying to literally make it 6 inches. I had to use a G3 today at work to help a teacher set up their email. The G3 didn’t feel extra large or anything. My friend has the Nexus 5. I think this phone just looks like it’s gaining too much height. I don’t agree with this leak.

    I was pro-Nexus earlier today, but I’m not too sure anymore. It’s starting to look more like a tablet. I’m sorry, Google, I really am.

  27. Flash?

    1. The dual LED flash is the same as the Moto X and located around the camera lens.

  28. i’ll pass, if that’s the next nexus phone……maybe they’ll come in 2 sizes or something.

  29. My N5 is working good. I hope it continues to because I’ll pass on 6″.

  30. It’s a whale alright.

  31. Just got a G3..glad I did. A 5.9″ phone is beyond where I’m willing to go.

    1. Good thing its only 6 inches

      1. Or 5.9″

        1. Just noticed the typo lol.

    2. I love my g3 !!(:

  32. I don’t think Google would leave that huge ‘M’ on the back, this is probably a new Verizon phablet with a huge battery to go along with it.

    1. They let Samsung leave their ugly logo on the the gnexus

      1. Well in that case they let LG do it, as well as HTC. It’s just that Moto’s is so big, especially on a phablet. The others were more subtle.

        If this holds true I can already see a discussion with someone explaining I don’t have a Moto, but a Nexus.

        1. At least LG didn’t call it the G Nexus or the Nexus G. Samsung had to throw Galaxy and S in there. And the HTC and LG logos were small and barely noticeable.

          1. It was just the galaxy nexus no s. My wife still uses mine

          2. They also made a nexus S

          3. The context was the galaxy nexus and HTC did have the nexus one.

      2. SILENCE! We do not speak of that abomination on this site. We have banished that Verizon phone monstrosity back to the Hellish pits from whence it came!

  33. No way…. I’m calling it. There is no way the Google nexus phone would so closely resemble its brother from another mother. The N5 looked nothing like the G2. The last phone I remember looking like its makers flagship was the nexus s. This looks like it could pass as a fraternal twin. No way

    1. I was thinking the same thing but who knows. Google can flip the script whenever they’d like.

      1. It could also be taller and not wider. We don’t know…

      2. But would Motorola really wanna take notariety from its own device or vice versa ? For example if I walk into T-Mobile and I have to choose from the moto x 2014 and shamu and ask the clerk what’s the difference besides size he the answer would be not much. In the past the nexus device was easily distinguishable from its “brother” device hardware and software wise. In this case they’d be nearly identical on both fronts. Makes no sense to me. I’m calling this as a moto phablet not a nexus

        1. Right. This was the case with the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. However, keep in mind this is now Motorola..they may chose to do the opposite and release an exact design to build brand awareness. Then again..I find it hard to believe that this is a Nexus device tho…

          1. this device gives nexus devices screen sizes at every level! granted some of those nexuses are out of production and cant be bought but they will now have a variety of screen sizes. this adds to the nexus portfolio to me.

          2. Man idk. I just think at this point companies should settle at 5.5 being the largest screen for right now and focus on make the 5.5 phones look and feel smaller. Less bezel and whatnot. Idk what else they could do to accomplish this but they need to look into instead of introducing 6 inch phones. I mean its ridiculous

          3. LG G3 might be the phone for you, 5.5 works pretty great for me, you don’t want a completely bezeless phone, battery last me a full day and I’m a fairly heavy user, I believe company’s should focus on battery life more, I would love to have a phone that last me 3 days or so.

          4. Nah HTC one is my current phone and favorite because of the ability to have pure Google Android. The G3 is beautiful but I hate skins/UIs and I don’t root anymore. So for now the HTC one is the only phone I want

  34. Dear Google,

    Sony Xperia Z3 is always an option.

    -Concerned Nexus Fan.

  35. Somewhere, perhaps even on this site, there was a rumor that it would be offered in a size down. If that’s true, I’m a day 1 buyer. If not, I’m a buyer in 3 months after I’ve seen it on the street. I think the N5 is my personal sweet spot for phone size, maybe a hare bigger, not near 6″.

    1. This will probably only make sense to anyone from NYC.

  36. Ugly! Goodbye Nexus.

  37. It would be nice if we were looking at the Moto X+. And the reference device for the Nexus 5(2014). Because LG lied before about not making it so why deny it at all if you werent gonna.

  38. I’m buying this phone no matter what. Nexus is the only way to go for me. No Carrier bloatware, No Manufacture overlay, just pure stock Google. Also with the rumored 3200MAH battery buying on the first day.

  39. cool, how much?

  40. This feels fake to me.

  41. I’d be very disappointed if this is real.. As a developer phone it has to push boundaries and set the standard..

    Not to knock Motorola but their recent devices have all been sub par compared to the competition too..

    Ffs give it back to HTC..

    1. Nexus is not a developer phone…

      1. Then what is it?

        1. According to the website, and my own experience with it (not even close to being a developer), just a regular, affordable smartphone anyone can enjoy.


          1. Actually, it was originally developed as a developer phone and actually still is because they have play editions of various phones for developers. ex M7, M8 – play edition.

          2. Probably the first two generations were developer phones but the Nexus brand has evolved into a consumer product. Nowhere in the website says it is a developer phone. Yes it is developer friendly because of its nature but it can please any consumer.

            As for the Google Play editions of other phones, I think they are just like the Nexus but for a niche market. Also developer friendly, but not necessarily a developer product.

  42. i had the HTC One Max for like 2 weeks as a phone i kept home just for a second line and figured it’ll be a good little tablet for watching movies in bed with it would have been good for if the phone didn’t suck and this is the same size phone and the same size and the g Flex. i couldn’t use this as my daily driver. I got a G3 tweaked out and waiting for a stable aosp rom. But if this the Nexus they’re releasing i’ll buy the nexus 5 again. I never should have sold it. I miss stock Android.

  43. Whatever it is, I don’t want it.

  44. Dis is ze photoshopping

  45. Day 1 purchase. I have pretty big hands so the size is not a problem. I really liked the Moto X design but the weak battery deterred me from getting it. But not on this beast.

  46. Idiot? Rice paddies? Dude you’re kinda out of order there.. Of course everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but there’s no need to be racist n pop jibes in that manner

    1. Agreed! that was disrespectful! but this phone is not sub par.

      1. Thanks for the back up bro – I said their recent devices not this one (as it hasn’t been released yet lol)

        I was hoping that the Moto X would’ve been the Nexus Motorola produced when Google bought them and as much as it was pushed consumers didn’t bite.. Most peeps I spoke to who opted to not get it instead went for the N5 and other flagships from HTC / Samsung..

        If Google teams back with HTC and makes a new HTC One (Nexus) I’m sure most of the Android community would be stoked.. If they really want to get into phablet territory – GIVE US A NEXUS NOTE ALREADY!!

  47. Welp good thing I brought a LG G2. Same thing as the new Moto X without the metal frame and the higher price tag. The only thing that could disappoint would be a revised version of the Nexus 5. I definitely don’t want a larger phone.

  48. You idiot! How disrespectful! Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, it doesn’t mean you have to treat them like crap!

  49. awe… I don’t want a phablet. I may have to leave the Nexus line and take up a MotoX (2nd ed) then. booo.

  50. I think it is difficult to handle if this is the actual size and width of Nexus 6. I would prefer to buy LG G3 that has 5.5 inch QHD screen, 32GB internal storage that is expandable up to 128GB, 3GB RAM and 3000mAh battery that once fully charged on qi wireless charger for LG G3, runs all day long with normal use.

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