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What is the best streaming music app to listen to your favorite guilt pleasure songs on an Android phone fool-proofed for use by even your luddite parents? If you check out some of the best threads from Android Forums this week you just might have an answer. Let’s do this.

After bent iPhone debacle, who wants a metal phone?

bent iphone conan o'brien

He who laughs last laughs the loudest, or at least that’s what they say. It might just be true given the latest iPhone launch dilemma to strike Apple. Reports of bent iPhones have Samsung fans cherishing their plastic devices. Have the masses calling for metal Samsung phones been wrong all along? Did Samsung realize big metal phones are prone to bending long ago? Even given current circumstances the debate rages on.

Google Play Music or Slacker Radio?

Google Play Music 5.6 DSC06068

It’s an age-old question for smartphone users: which streaming music service is worth my money? A current Slacker user has been tempted by a free trial for Google Play Music. At a similar monthly cost, which is the better buy? Some might even say another streaming service is the better option altogether. Weigh in with your own thoughts.

Parent-proofing an Android phone


We’ve all heard of child-proofing a house. To some extent we’ve also heard of child-proofing our smartphones and tablets. But what about parent-proofing? How do you make an Android phone as approachable as possible for the older (and sometimes tech illiterate) folks in our lives? Tips for outfitting and Android device for AARP cardholders are welcomed.

Your guilty pleasure songs


What’s the one song you absolutely love but would be mortified if someone caught you in public humming along? The song you can’t help but like. For miseryguts the tune happens to be “I’ll Find My Way Home” by Jon and Vangelis. For us it’s probably anything by Katy Perry. What about you?

And more…

And that about wraps this puppy up. Enjoy your weekend, but if you have some downtime be sure to visit Android Forums. Sign up for an account, post away, and perhaps you will find your thread among those featured in next week’s From the Forums.

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  1. Plus the IPhone it’s a classic phone too it has two years old software. Plus the strongest body…

  2. Milk Music for Galaxy owners…or if not root and Xposed and a module called Chocolate Milk

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