Sep 24th, 2014 publishUpdated   Sep 26th, 2014, 2:24 pm

Often times than not, the debate between plastic and metal phones comes down to two issues. The first issue is style — some feel metal just looks nicer. And if a phone is built well enough, that is often the case. The second issue is durability, which has long been thought to belong to the metal-donning studs of the industry.

But a recent bend test could change that thinking. Unbox Therapy decided to put an iPhone 6+ through a rudimentary bend test. The test mechanics were simple: apply as much force in trying to bend the device with your hands as possible. How’d it do? Not well. Not only did it bend relatively easily, the screen cracked when trying to reverse the damage.

iphone 6 plus bend test

The same test being applied to the Galaxy Note 3? It basically came out like a champ. The tester claimed he applied as much force to the Note 3 as he did to the iPhone 6+ — if not more — and didn’t get much more than a slight warp in the plastic’s shape. And by “slight” we mean it was almost unnoticeable. He did note that the device made the type of sound that would make you cringe, but in the end it stood up quite firmly.

We typically wouldn’t worry too much about a bend test that puts much more pressure onto a phone than most everyday situations would, but with how big these devices are and the advent of puke-worthy skinny jeans, we’d say it has its place. Whether this issue will show up to haunt Apple in widespread fashion remains to be seen, but all we can see is be careful not to sit on that thing, or any other phone for that matter. Be sure to watch the two bend tests above and below.

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