Samsung’s Power Sharing Cable lets you share battery life between two devices


Samsung Power Sharing

Sharing is caring, folks, and that’s why Samsung has created something that’ll help you share your phone or tablet’s battery life. The company has introduced the power sharing cable, a two-way micro-USB cable that can use power from select Galaxy smartphones and tablets to charge any other device with a microSD charging port. Samsung’s obvious primary use case is charging your Gear S smart watch using your Galaxy S5’s battery, but it should be able to work with any device.

The accessory pairs with an app that will allow you to dictate how much juice is being sent over, so if you only want 25% of your power to be dedicated to charging another device you can make that change quite easily.

The accessory costs a cool $20. That’s a bit much for what’s essentially a male-to-male microUSB cable, but finding a cable with the exact current flow needed for something like this can be hard and the appp is a bonus — some might find that price tag just as fair as any. You can head to Samsung’s site right now to order the cable in white if you’re interested.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Seems like a neat idea, and I agree it would probably be perfect for those with smart watches. But, couldn’t you do something similar by using a similar cable and having the charging device go into USB mode (Media Sync on the LG G2 I have) and the other phone mount it as OTG storage? I would think that would work.

    1. Someone needs to try that and get back over here with the results…

    2. Can’t wait to hear the outcome. Chris Chavez, ought to have the resources.

  2. $20 is a lot.

    1. No worries, the knock off from China will be on eBay soon after for about $2.50.

  3. A tiny back.up battery is much cheaper

  4. Who has all this extra battery capacity In their phone? If you forget to charge your smart watch I’d think you’d just do without for the day rather than risk having a dead phone and a not so smart anymore watch. Not to mention its not like cell phone batteries need any help using up their charge cycles

  5. Also I think you meant micro us b charging port bit micro sd

  6. ORRRR, you can spend that $20 on a battery backup that’s guaranteed to charge anything.

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