Humble Mobile Bundle 8 gives second shot of pay-what-you-want gaming for Android devices



No, you’re not experiencing déjà vu. Following the launch of the Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 just yesterday comes Humble Mobile Bundle 8, an Android-exclusive collection of seven games for smartphones and tablets. Four of the games are yours for whatever price you want to pay. An additional two can be unlocked by paying more than the average purchase amount ($3.39 at time of writing), while a third bonus game is earned when paying at least $5.

So what do the folks at humble have for us this time? Tentacle Wars, Doodle God, Doodle Devil, and Wave Wave comprise the base set. We are particularly fond of Wave Wave here at Phandroid, but have wasted quite a few hours on Doodle God as well. Little Big Adventure, Tower Madness 2, and EPOCH.2 round out the bonus games. What’s more, Humble gives you soundtrack downloads to go along with all of your new games.

Sure, you probably haven’t finished getting through the 11 games included in the PC and Android bundle, but it’s hard to pass up another name-your-own-price offer. Humble sure knows how to keep an Android gamer busy (and happy).



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