Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 brings 11 games for $11


If your Android gaming catalog is struggling you might be happy to know that another opportunity to add good games for cheap has come along. Humble Bundle has introduced the 11th edition of their PC and Android blowout. This round of charitable acts will net you up to 10 games depending on what you pay. Here’s the breakdown:

Pay what you want:

  • Thomas was Alone
  • Bridge Constructor Playground
  • Cubemen
  • Cubemen 2

Pay more than the average ($6.13)

  • Small World 2
  • Blackwell 1: Legacy
  • Blackwell 2: Unbound
  • Blackwell 3: Convergence
  • More unannounced games

Pay $11 or more:

  • Surgeon Simulator
  • Anomaly Defenders

Considering the individual costs of Surgeon Simulator and Anomaly Defenders combine to make nearly $11, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Note that you’ll need to pay at least $1 if you also want the Steam keys for redeeming these games on PC, but that’s a small price to pay if you want these on two different platforms.

humble bundle pc and android 11

Be sure to head to the Humble Bundle site if you’re interested, and don’t forget there are even more games to be had for cheap this week. Just check out our weekly deals and steals post for all the details.

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  1. I paid $5.75 for all but the last two (I always buy in early). I don’t want to be a simulated surgeon and I’m not a big fan of defense games. I just wanted Thomas Was Alone and Small World 2. Well worth it. And the others sound decent enough to be icing on the cake.

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