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JUNE games June is officially over, which means it’s time to take a look back at what goodies it brought. The summer months are usually a hot time for new games. June was no exception. We saw a bunch of awesome new games launch last month. If you were busy swimming and grilling you probably missed a few. We have a list of the best 20 games to launch in June. Download a few of these to pass time while you’re traveling on vacation or when the AC goes out. Previous months: MarchApril, May

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic screenshot Rovio’s latest game starring the enraged fowl is a fantasy RPG. In Angry Birds Epic players take a team of birds into battle against the pigs. Each member of the team gets a turn to attack. Characters can level up with armor and weapons as they progress. If you’ve ever played a turn-based game you will feel right at home.


Blek-Screen-03 Blek is a puzzle game, but unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Players will have to draw lines through colored dots, while avoiding black dots. Lines drawn will be replayed, and repeated, to solve puzzles. Although seemingly easy at first, things really start heating up just as you’re getting into the swing of things.

Boom Beach

boom beach Boom Beach is a tower defense/attack strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. You command troops to storm the beach of a fictional archipelago. The real fun, however, is in the online multiplayer. In this mode you build your own base and attack other players from around the world.

Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion Android 2 This game may star Disney’s famous mouse, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s for kids. Castle of Illusion first arrived as a great platformer in the 16-bit era. This month it made the leap to Android. When the evil witch Mizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to Mickey to brave the dangers of the Castle of Illusions to rescue Minnie. The game costs $10, but you won’t ever be bugged with that “freemium” nonsense.


cybergon CYBERGON is a simple game with awesome graphics. You control a floating blue triangle on a Tron-like Grid map. The goal is to run your blue triangle into shapes of the same color. If you hit a different color you explode and the game is over. It’s a little like Snake, but you don’t grow, and the walls aren’t the only thing that kills you.

Dragon Finga

dragon finga Dragon Finga is an awesome combination of marionette puppets and kung-fu fighting. You control multiple points of the character by frantically tapping all over the screen. For the more seasoned fighter there are combos and power-ups that can make your attacks even more effective. We love the look and feel of this game, but the typical “freemium” patterns hold it back.

Fluid SE

fluid se The best way to describe Fluid SE is Pac-Man crossed with a racing game. Your job is to zip around a track and collect dots while avoiding ghosts. Plan your path perfectly so you hit speed boosts and prevent wasted time while backtracking. The graphics are really cool, and we love the unique take on a racing game. Pac-Man would be proud.

Great Little War Game 2

war game Great Little War Game was a hit on Android, so naturally the developers created a sequel. This is another turn-based combat game with a few new features. There is now splash damage from attacks, and the game can be played on portrait mode. The graphics also got fine tuned, but for the most part this is the same great little war game you enjoyed in the past.

Hitman Go

hitman go “Hitman” may be in the title, but this game is nothing like the Hitman you’re expecting. Hitman Go is a board game-style puzzle game. Your job is to sneak around mansions, gardens, and more without alerting the guards or getting caught. Like most puzzle games there are optional objectives along the way. If you like stealth and puzzles this is the perfect game.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

monster cake Monsters really love cake. In this game your goal is to retrieve Niko’s birthday cake. To do this you have to find your way through top-down puzzles. Along the way you will gain powers from friendly monsters to help you on your journey through Gogapoe Island. It’s cute, fun, and involves monsters and cake. What’s not to love?


chariots Most racing games these days feature motorized vehicles. Those games are great, but what if we went back in time to before cars? Qvadriga is a unique racing game that uses the dangerous chariots of old. This was when you could actually be killed in a race. Qvadriga is great because there is a ton of strategy involved. It’s not just about who goes the fastest.

Spy vs Spy

spy spy Spy vs Spy is an old game from the Atari starring characters from MAD Magazine. Since then it has been remade for countless modern consoles, and now Android. You play as either Spy or Spy (don’t worry it makes sense) and search an embassy for five specific items. The twist is that the other Spy is also searching for the same items. You can either find them all first, or kill the other Spy. Oh, and he is trying to kill you, too.

Super Gravitron

gravitron Super Gravitron was originally a mini game at the end of VVVVVV. The goal is to simply avoid flying blocks for as long as you can. That’s it. The game is so fun that the developer released it as its own game.

Superstar Soccer

super soccer Cartoon Network has pumped out some great Android games. Superstar Soccer is their newest addition to the lineup. In this game you can soccer as characters from many Cartoon Network shows, such as Finn, Gumball, Ben 10, and many more. It’s a simple soccer game with power-ups and multiplayer fun.

The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You Android 1 The World Ends With You debuted on the Nintendo DS back in 2008. Since then, the game has gotten a facelift courtesy of flashy new HD befitting of our modern mobile devices. It’s a classic RPG with an awesome retro anime art style. The game is a big pricey at $18, but if you’re looking for a great RPG on Android this is the one.

Topia World Builder

topia On the 8th day the lord said “let there be touchscreens,” and it was good. Topia World Builder is a sandbox game that lets you play god. You can create worlds with all the animals and plants you choose. There is really no other objective than to have fun creating a world. Get creative and start building the perfect place.


vvvvvv-screenshot-1 VVVVVV is a 2D puzzle platformer. You control Captain Viridian, who is lost in an alternate dimension in search of missing members of his crew. Instead of jumping you are able to control the direction of gravity. This allows you to flip between floors and ceilings to get around the levels. The level of difficulty in this game is very high.

Walking Dead: Season 2

walking dead The uber popular Walking Dead games from Telltale are starting to trickle into the Play Store. This month we got Season 2 of the successful series. This game follows the same idea as the first season. Your choices determine the outcome of the game. It’s fun, scary, heart wrenching, and gory. Fans of the comic and TV show will love it.

Wave Wave

wave Wave Wave is a puzzle game that seems to have been made to give people seizures. It has crazy music, brightly colored geometric shapes, rotating levels, and is just generally pure insanity. Which is exactly why it’s so fun. The goal is to simply keep your line on the path without hitting obstacles. As you can see in the GIF, it’s anything but easy.


wordbase Wordbase is a unique take on word games. The goal is to make it to your opponents base by creating words. Think of it like a word search, except every word has to be connected somehow. The first person to connect enough words to reach the other side wins. You can use words to block your opponent, and get power-ups to give yourself an even bigger advantage. It’s a lot of fun. Previous months: MarchAprilMay Did we miss any other great games from June? Which game is your favorite from this list? Let us know below!

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  1. Wow.. a ton of `em.. thanks for the heads ↑

  2. Qvadriga is a rip-off from a minigame part of a (really) old pc game: Centurion: Defender of Rome
    (picture source: http://www.uvlist.net/game-9637-Centurion+Defender+of+Rome)

  3. I strongly recommend Walking Dead: Season 2. The 1st episode is free so you can try it first!

  4. Woot just downloaded The Walking Dead: season two. Yes!!!!

  5. Hitman Go is great!

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