Sep 24th, 2014

HTC RECamera accessories-hero

Moments ago we saw a teaser video for HTC’s soon-to-be-announced  RECamera, a GoPro-like competitor that’s scheduled to be unveiled during their October 8th press event. Looks like we wont even have to wait that long to get a glimpse of the new camcorder as a crafty Android slueth on Reddit has discovered what appears to be a few images of device buried directly on HTC’s new RECamera site.

HTC RECamera about-bg

The leaked images were taken from an accessories and about page for RECamera, and show a design that frankly, looks like a PVC elbow with a lens crammed inside. We’re guessing one of the accessories is some kind of strap attachment for securing the camera on a backpack strap, while the other image shows a young woman taking a selfie with a bare device.

There was also mention of a “REMoments” on the site, so expect some sort of Android companion app to launch along side the new accessory.

HTC has long been known for their wonderful product designs but this… this is interesting. What do you guys think?

[RECamera 1, 2]

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