Photos of HTC’s RECamera leaked directly from their site, looks oddly like a PVC pipe elbow


HTC RECamera accessories-hero

Moments ago we saw a teaser video for HTC’s soon-to-be-announced  RECamera, a GoPro-like competitor that’s scheduled to be unveiled during their October 8th press event. Looks like we wont even have to wait that long to get a glimpse of the new camcorder as a crafty Android slueth on Reddit has discovered what appears to be a few images of device buried directly on HTC’s new RECamera site.

HTC RECamera about-bg

The leaked images were taken from an accessories and about page for RECamera, and show a design that frankly, looks like a PVC elbow with a lens crammed inside. We’re guessing one of the accessories is some kind of strap attachment for securing the camera on a backpack strap, while the other image shows a young woman taking a selfie with a bare device.

There was also mention of a “REMoments” on the site, so expect some sort of Android companion app to launch along side the new accessory.

HTC has long been known for their wonderful product designs but this… this is interesting. What do you guys think?

[RECamera 1, 2]

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  1. Looks odd. Plus there are quite a few competitors out there already. Just another spor t camera

    1. What you call just another….like phones, people looking for the best of whatever at the best price

  2. It’s shaped like that because it’s supposed to clip onto backpacks and shirts and things to face outward to record everything. REcamera=Record Everything Camera. It isn’t a GoPro competitor, is a video blogging / lifelogging tool like the Memoto and Narrative clipon cameras, never miss a moment…

    1. OMG!!! If this was to some way or somehow transfer what is being recorded to the HTC M8 via Bluetooth…. I will skip paying rent, buy the M8+RECamera and sleep in my car until I save up 1st months and deposit.

      1. Most likely connect through WiFi direct like the Sony’s camera QX10 and QX100

      2. I’m mad you said “skip paying rent”. LoL!!

    2. How about if this wirelessly transmits to HTC’s new Nexus 9 tablet that is rumored to be introduced around the same time. Perhaps the Nexus 9 will have custom software and they’ll come in a specially priced bundle.

  3. Its a dual camera, one facing out and the other for selfies, zoom in on the woman holding the camera.

  4. And the source photos are gone.

  5. HTC sucks at innovating things people might actually want. Why not rather innovate a pair of minimal wireless Bluetooth headphones following the fact that their smart phones are all about sound quality. How big of a market is their for a device such as this.

    1. One word: GoPro. Big marked.

  6. At first glance I thought this was a asthma inhaler.

  7. Maybe it’ll even have more megapixels than the HTC one? 5? Not too optimistic from a company that gets bad marks for their cameras on their phones…

    1. I thought there bad marks have been just low MP’s and not the overall picture itself?

  8. Sorry HTC… After the poor camera in the M8 I went to LG for a G3

    1. I wonder if this thing has “megapixels” :-)

  9. Just what i always wanted. A camera from HTC! Oh the excitement…

  10. ITT: Kids who are too young to have seen a bend flashlight.

    1. Ah, you know what. I saw that on Uncharted for the PS3. O_o

      1. hahaha, that’s the first thing I thought!

    2. Back in my day…

  11. It’s a submarine’s periscope – ships ahoy!

  12. Is she about to squirt herself with an asthma inhaler?

  13. I think I’ll still be waiting as that is not a design I’d use. Never understood the facination with mounting a regular size camera on top of your helmet as that is all a Gopro is. I see no place to mount this that wouldn’t get in the way. I just want the smallest mounted camera you can get for the lower side of motorcycle helmet yet still beat my HTC M7 camera since the lense can be larger.

  14. that kind of shape is easier to strap on anything with basically anything, like a duct tape. bag strap is a pretty good idea, for runners, bikers, etc.. i can even easily mount it (or tape it) to bottom part of my bmx bike frame, or my seat post. they can win on technology, but they might not win against gopro’s marketing/hype

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