iOS gets two-week exclusive on Angry Birds Transformers


We’re not surprised by now, but Rovio has announced that the Android version of Angry Birds Transformers won’t be hitting Google Play until October 30th. Why’s that bad news? Because the iOS version will be made available October 15th, a full 2 weeks in advance.

Rovio would have you believe that this is due to them needing to optimize the game for tons of different Android devices compared to a few iOS devices, and while it may be true that Android games need more tender love and care due to the vast array of hardware, no other company of Rovio’s size seems to have any issues with simultaneous launches.

angry birds transformers

I find it odd that Android has stormed in to become the most dominant mobile operating system over the last few years, yet it continues to be treated like a second-rate afterthought. Of course, if money (read: exclusivity deals) was the motive behind it then Rovio’s just being Rovio and Apple’s just being Apple: two big companies with the desire to make money and the willingness to do anything to make said money.

If that’s not the case, well, Rovio needs to step into the current times and start treating Android like the leading OS it is. You can find the newly launched gameplay trailer up above as we await the game’s arrival.

[via Rovio]

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  1. This….must….STOP.

  2. When Optimus Prime hops out of Astrotrain (and Michael Bay continues to direct the movies) you might as well throw Hasbro in with the Jafar and Iago that is Apple and Rovio.

  3. Don’t worry with all the problems with the IOS 8 update not many IPHONE users will even be able to enjoy it, lol. Between that and charging their phones in the microwave. However, this exclusivity has to go. Even if it is just two weeks.

  4. Oh no!!!! What will we do? What WILL we DO? We have to wait.

  5. I stopped caring about angry birds in 2010. NBD.

  6. What!? Two week exclusive on iPhone!?!? Looks like it’s time to throw my Android phone in a fire and go buy the iPhone Flex!

    1. Hey you mocking the iPhone Flex? It is a hell of a lot more flexible than the Android Flex the one by LG!

  7. This looks like a terrible game. You can keep it, iOS.

  8. Wasn’t gonna play it anyway, maybe they can spin bendgate into some sort of angry birds thing.

  9. Awesome. I’m happy to hear it’s finally launching. My 5 year old son has been anxiously awaiting this game.

    1. My soon-to-be-5-yr-old still loves Angry Birds (starwars), and will probably love the transformers theme too.

  10. they can have permanent exclusivity for all i care

  11. It’s saddening to see how much greed exist. Transformers has been milked to no end. That’s why they say there’s a difference between Intelligence and wisdom. Yes, I’m pretty sure it took some ingenuity to create and mesh the concept together but the wisdom to actually do it … AHA

  12. After watching the Trailer, It’s a different combination of a Runner and Shooter games. Nothing like any other Rovio game. I love (used to love) Transformers I’ll probably check it out.

  13. Bet it looks bitchin on the new iPhone 6 Plus customizable curved screen…..

  14. Flashhh!….. Flash Gorrrrdon!…

    (that’s what the video sounded like to me anyway)

  15. Rovio is the Justin Beiber of the game world. A sub par franchise based on one successful product line willing to generate any kind of publicity, good or bad just to get itself in the spotlight.

    Android needs to stage a worldwide yawn holiday to celebrate this company.

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