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How long have been hearing rumors of Google next Nexus tablet? It’s been over a year since the company launched a retooled Nexus 7, and mounting rumors have seemingly arrived at a singular consensus: HTC will be the manufacturer responsible for producing what likely will launch as the Nexus 9. Court documents suggest it. A leaked keyboard case confirms it. But when will the slate get its official coming out party?

MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien has his sources, and if we are to believe the information he has gathered we should have some sort of answer by October 16th. O’Brien first said his source had revealed that the Nexus 9 would launch on that date, but he soon corrected that statement by saying we can expect an announcement only, instead (implying retail availability will come later).

There was some speculation that HTC would have the tablet on hand at an upcoming press event scheduled for October 8th. The general belief, though, is that we will instead see a standalone HTC camera and perhaps an Android handset with a focus on photography based on the event’s “Double Exposure” theme. Still, it might not be out of the question for HTC to reveal or at least tease their upcoming Google-powered tablet.

It is assumed that the launch of the Nexus 9 will be timed with the official release of Android L (the Nexus 9 is expected to be the first device to ship with the OS update). Rumored specs include an 8.9-inch display display with at least a 1080p resolution and an NVIDIA K1 processor, though reports conflict on some of the more specific details.


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  1. this won’t have the Tegra K1?

    1. Of course it will. The “court docs” that they refer to in their own article (and that form the basis of the confirmation that this device even exists) are from NVIDIA talking about what products will ship with K1 (and roughly when). This is just sloppy reporting where they are contradicting themselves.

      1. I was basically saying that to give the phine pholks of phandroid a chance to correct their article without pointing any fingers. However, the way you put it is much more interesting to read. I like your conviction.

      2. They’re not contradicting themselves. They’re reporting on rumours and extrapolations based on those rumours while clearly implying that some of the information may be incorrect. Don’t jump to conclusions or allow your “conviction” as Squeak calls it to cloud your interpretation of what they’re actually doing.

  2. I Think it’s pretty cool how Nexus devices wrap-up the year in tech. Throughout the year we hear and see all other phones and tablets being releases but it is the Nexus line that waits until the end to see what is going to be offered. Those who opt for a nexus start the year with the newest device….

    1. Anyone who buys the newest device has the newest device, time of year is irrelevant.

      1. I get that..but what I’m saying..out of all flag ships..the nexus is the last one to be available. Usually it is unveiled in October, preorders start in October, first devices don’t arrive well into November. By January, Nexus owners the newest flag ship yet. The HTC M9 or GS6 won’t come until spring….

        1. Yeah, but what’s the new year got to do with anything. You buy something when you buy it. It’s pretty cool that the M9 and GS6 are set to wrap up the school year in tech. Throughout the summer and into the school year we hear and see all other phones and tablets being released but it’s the M9 and GS6 lines that wait until kids are getting out of school to see what is going to be offered. Those who opt for the M9 and GS6 start the summer with the newest device…

          1. OK.

  3. And the Nexus 6? Anything?

    1. Nothing to back this up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce both the Nexus 6 and 9 on the same day. The Nexus 5 was released (or announced?) on Halloween last year so a mid-October release would line up pretty perfectly.

      1. The Nexus 5 was released on october 31st, I know because I bought it on day one. I don’t remember if it was announced that day or some days before.

  4. More interested in an updated Nexus 5 and/or Nexus 5.5 and/or Nexus 6. I rarely use the tablet anymore but I use the phone all the time.

  5. Praying to the gods: Nexus 5 2014.

    1. I got a little time fo’ dat.

  6. The Nexus 9 will pretty much be DOA if it’s screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio.

    1. Agreed. Like MOST people, i use my tablet for media consumption. Video, Games, comics, reading, etc.. ALL of which is more conducive on a regular tablet aspect ratio.

      4:3 is great for productivity…but productivity is the LEAST used thing people do on tablets.

      I think they are positioning the Nexus 9 against the ipad mini for those that do like the 4:3 aspect ratio so they dont lose those peoples business and are gonna let the OEMs cover ratios we prefer.

  7. OLED or im sticking with the Tab S

  8. I wonder if next nexus would throw in bigger space or sd card option’s. I’d completely switch from iphone to android if google would just allow physical volume buttons on non bluetooth headsets

    1. More built in storage – maybe. SD Card – will never happen

  9. Yea just release already..

  10. I’ve still got a Nexus 7 (2012), It might be time to upgrade…

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