Dear Tim Cook: watch your Google rant get destroyed in 2 paragraphs


Apple CEO Tim Cook today published an open letter to customers, passive aggressively attacking Google’s business model without ever mentioning the company’s name. This led some sites to sensationalize Cook’s rant as a heroic piece of literature that single handedly “ripped apart Google’s business model in 2 paragraphs.

That’s funny, because it only takes 2 paragraphs to flip all of that upside down.

Dear Tim Cook,

I appreciate your company’s strong stance on protecting customer privacy. I strongly agree that Apple is an industry leader in privacy. After all, recent product launches prove this is true: Apple knows absolutely nothing about its customers. And from what I’ve seen, neither does Siri.

What pioneering bravery it took to ignore consumer demand – despite an overwhelming amount of data – and insist on launching small screened iPhones until privacy breaching company’s like Google and Samsung exploited this information. What principle it took to release the Apple Watch with a rectangular face, while Google excavated consumer’s deepest desires for optional round-faced smart watches. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight! #IgnoranceIsBliss


PS: thanks for the leaked celebrity pics!

This comes on the heels of a new Google patent that tracks and identifies everyone in a room. The privacy doomers and gloomers will have their field day, but if Google responsibly integrates these types of ideas into their products and services, they’ll continue to outpace Apple in growth and innovation. How much smarter can Siri get if it doesn’t know who the heck you are?

I truly am an Apple fan, by the way: I’m typing this on Macbook Pro. I think the world is going to massively enjoy the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I’m excited for the implications that Apple Pay may have on NFC and mobile payments as a whole and believe that Apple Watch will help bring wearables mainstream.

That being said, Apple has a Jobs-based mentality of saying “screw what the consumer wants… we’ll make what they don’t know they want yet.” I fear this sentiment echoes in Apple’s hallways, without the ability to be fulfilled in Steve Jobs wake. Move on, Apple… responsibly collecting consumer data is the key to creating the most successful products you can.

UPDATE: I found this in last week’s edition of the Washington Post



Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Replace the “PS” with “Oh and one more thing”… and you have a winner

  2. ” UPDATE: I found this in last week’s edition of the Washington Post”
    What did you find, Rob? Was there meant to be a link there?

    1. There’s a scan of a Dear Abby letter

      1. Not on my phone. It just stops at “Post”.

        1. Yeah, that’s because the picture goes behind the title of the article on the app. I’m not sure why they did that, but that’s how it’s been for a few updates. Open up the article in your Web browser and you will see it how it’s supposed to be.

          1. I don’t care that much. They should fix the app, since it is called PHANDROID and many users will be viewing it in their ANDROID app. Which by the way I paid for. The least they can do is stop referring to exclusive content you can’t get in the paid app.

  3. Destroy? Hardly. Sounds like a petulant 3rd grader wrote it.

    1. 4th grader.

      1. You sure told him!

  4. Hey, I am a huge Google fan and have had Android phones from day one. But you have to give credit where credit is due. With iOS 8, it’s encryption is setup in a way that does not allow anyone to access the data … even with a legal warrant. They are trying to bring privacy back to the individuals and should be applauded.

    If you think Google wants to collect your data to simply push technology forward and make it work better, than you are totally kidding yourself. They collect data to profile you in order to better push ads for products that you are more willing to buy. They are just constantly creating new mediums in which to collect data, sell it for profit, and push you ads.

    As I am sure you are aware of, Android phones are generally cheaper because they make the money back through ads and selling “anonymous” private data. Where as Apple makes their money on the hardware upfront, essentially where you are paying for privacy.

    I know as an Android site Phandroid needs to push the ecosystem; but I think today’s audience wants a better more educated analysis. Don’t simply create click bait articles … try to understand both ecosystems and truly analyze them, judge them. Not just bash them because they are competition.

    1. You say “data” as though everything is protected. Not even close. This is from Apple’s website:

      “Upon receipt of a valid search warrant, Apple can extract certain categories of active data from passcode locked iOS devices….Please note the only categories of user generated active files that can be provided to law enforcement, pursuant to a valid search warrant, are: SMS, photos, videos, contacts, audio recording, and call history. Apple cannot provide: email, calendar entries, or any third-party App data.”

      And don’t think for a minute Yahoo/etc. won’t immediately hand over everything when asked so you can kiss your emails goodbye, too. This is a good first attempt and nice PR campaign by Apple, but it means almost nothing.

        1. Yeah, I read it. And then I did about 5 minutes of research and found that it is basically a lie.

          See Section III.I.:

    2. You’re probably right but I wouldn’t know. I never see ads in Gmail or really anywhere. With AdBlock I forget that there are even ads out there.

      1. Every time I use Chrome for Android, YouTube for Chromecast, apps on Play, etc I see adds. Google services are billboards for ads. Some are are left ad-less to keep you happy and using the other services. Its a careful balance.

        And it is not all about giving you services to display ads. It is also about selling data for what ever the buyer wants to use it for. Political organizations, other companies or researchers looking for data to model future trends, anyone can buy the data.

        And also remember, it is not simply about giving you cheap hardware and free service in trade for you watching ads. They collect your emails, your Hangout conversations, your browsing history … just about every thing you type into text fields when using their services. This is the data that is worth so much. They sell this data at a cost, as a product by itself … then they get to make money again when that data is also used successfully in ads; they get a percentage.

        1. Love you Apple users that quote an article they read somewhere , or retyping a conversation you had with your fellow sheep. I’d rather have targeted ads and location and context based personal suggestions over the debacle that was the iCloud hack. Which was something Apple swore up, down, backwards and sideways would never, ever ,ever, happen. Except on Android devices. Apple is punking the world, you’re just one of the many sheep that take them at their word and don’t look at actual proof staring you in the face. But as they say “ignorance is bliss”.

        2. You say you’re a Google user from day 1 but sound like a long ago endoctrined iSheep. Apple finally mastered security after the iCloud debacle. Only took 8 versions. Besides if you believe Apple they say their OS was secure from iOS 1. so someone is lying somewhere. What’s to say they’re not still lying. I’ll take targeted ads from information I’m willingly giving them wholesale lying. Even with Facebook people cry about privacy then post every detail of their lives online and in the information section.

          1. Security? I didn’t say anything about security. I’m talking about how Google services and Apples are built around different models. Google collects and sells your data. Apple does not. That’s why Android phones and services are much cheaper than Apple’s.

          2. I like how definitive you are about Apple collecting data. ” Apple does not” Do you honestly believe that Apple tried to replace Google Maps with the debacle that was their own maps app because they were concerned about your privacy and what Google was doing with your location data? Or is it more likely that they were just trying to push Google out and keep that data for themselves. However you may feel about Google, don’t think Apple is innocent or cares any more about you as an individual than any other major corporation in the world. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

    3. So what you are saying is that it only took apple fron iOS 1-iOS 8 to get privacy right and that should give them room to bash Google. Nice job.

    4. its no secret google makes money off user data and ads. Its not like it was some big conspiracy or something. But its not some individual going through your data in a back room saying “look what I found!” its all automated. If your uncomfortable with that don’t use their services but If you don’t think apple also collects data your fooling yourself. android L is coming encrypted out the box btw

      1. Sure, everyone knew Google was collecting their data, and really didn’t mind that much … but the whole NSA fiasco has changed the game. We are now aware that governments that decide that they want to profile any individuals can do so with no legal push back. I know it is hard to imagine now, but what happens if the political landscape changes for the worse, and individuals need to privately start organizing and fighting back against our governments policies? Can you imagine how hard it would have been to liberate women, or have the underground railroad , or even have our US revolution if this kind of profile tracking was around back then?

        Apple decided they are going to start pushing privacy as a selling point and to start pushing back against government mandates. They should be commended for this stance. Google has started steering their ship in that direction, but they still have a long way to go before users start trusting them to keep the data away from court orders and government snooping.

  5. Dude leave apple already.
    Both android beam and sbeam are much better.
    Android supports tap to pay and google now leaves Siri in the dust. Iphone is outdated but apple can brainwash half the country. Monkey see monkey do. Wow we are a country full of people with a three year old mentality. If I buy an android device I won’t fit in with the snooty computer illiterate apple trolls. I advocate moderne and better technology which is android. I don’t care what anyone thinks because android is better.

    1. This post could be used as the perfect description for a blind fanboy …

  6. I’ am hardcore android fan, but I’m not blind and for most part I do my best to give evrybody a fair shop
    After reading Cook’s open letter, I found that he did not lie about how Google operates, because this is how they work, get smarter, and profit. I dont know a
    Apple Inc that much, so I cant say he is right about his company.

    1. Just ask yourself how they do with iAd which by the way generates millions of dollars for them

  7. Am I the only one who thought this article came across as childish and pedantic?

    1. Nope.

    2. Intentionally so… a sarcastic editorial meant to poke fun and inspire a few laughs. No article with a photoshopped Dear Abby letter about a pet monkey should be taken too seriously. Although I suppose many a truth is told in jest.

    3. “Apple cares about your privacy and Google doesn’t” is an argument that can be contested. The counter argument of “we’ve had bigger phones for years,” is completely unrelated to the issue and is just weird. I’m honestly just tired of this holy war, not between Apple and Google, but between Apple and Google fanboys.

      1. Agree that it’s tangential, was meant to be funny and seems it missed the spot, but I think the underlying issue about Siri is accurate and relevant.

        1. Your comment about Siri seems odd, unless you know the roadmap for the implementation of the system. I assume that you are saying that Apple will not allow the building of a person centric datastore based on a 3rd party. Like the IBM implementation for business announced 2 months ago, or the MS integration for cloud services, or a closer unification and use of personal date from Facebook ??. It would not be Apple in this case getting and using your data would it, but you might get a lot of personalised date that could be used. You know better I expect ?

      2. Its just clickbait Matt. Apple stories on Android sites generate heat. You can justify any article about Apple good or not by stating that you have a MacBook, so your not anti apple, but it comes across as just a snide childish thing.
        We all know how Google makes money, how Apple makes money etc. Main difference as I see it is that Apple is more vulnerable because we have an option to buy their kit. Google makes money from services so its much more difficult to opt out, Only difference is Goggle knows lots more about you.

    4. The content is quickly going downhill on this site.

      What other android sites are worth checking out?

      1. Droid-Life, Android Central, & Android Police are all good sites to frequent besides here. I personally like a lil of all of them

    5. Not any more than your comment.

    6. Couldn’t agree more – that was my first thought.

  8. I have and use both platform. I prefer android as my platform for phone and my iPod 5th for on the go music. Apple can not bash Google when they also have iAd doing the same thing, the reason why Apple just keep pushing me away from their platforms. Looking at the tech news you’ll find more articles of vulnerability or hacks from apple than from Google. I wonder why that is. Just yesterday apple could not release the apps they so blow out during the recent iPhone 6 event because of vulnerability they found. Apple is full of BS, am sorry but that’s my take.

  9. companies

  10. “privacy breaching company’s”? Plural much?

  11. Bro, do you even English?

    1. What? Lmao.

  12. I don’t think Cook can compare themselves to Google, as they both have completely different business models and ways to make money.

    Google makes money through advertising, and yes, collecting user data (although it should be anonymous to some extent) is part of that.

    Apple makes money by overcharging their customers for products that could be made for far less than the asking price. Also, I would not call Apple the most secure company ever to store your data. With iMessaging and their iCloud network, information from these services has to be stored somewhere, and “The Fappening” showed that it is as vulnerable as any cloud based product.

    Tim Cook isn’t wrong, but he’s comparing apples (heuheu) to oranges. They are both fruits, and have similarities, but they are not the same.

  13. Cook is too busy to pay attention to Android sites like this. He’ll never know.

    1. Somehow I think browsing Android sites is how he gets most of his ideas of what to put on the next iPhone.

      1. You Win!

  14. Tim Cook, please regale me with the logic behind iAd http://advertising.apple.com/ Explain how Apple counter-instructs people to turn it off. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4228 Understandably this isn’t how Apple makes most of their money, but to say that they don’t cultivate user data for money is just irrisponsible. We know Apple doesn’t care what users think about their needs, to that end they certainly don’t care that much about privacy either. In the digital age, you would hard pressed to NOT find a company that engages in this practice. If anything, Google was smart enough to make money out of it. Also, You really can’t throw FB into this… FB was designed from the ground up to gather and use user data to create more avenues to use user data. It’s pretty bad when you click a link and you’re literally timed as to when you return from that link for more, and surprise!- You see more links and ads that seemingly have a lot in common with whatever it was you just clicked. So, in the end, it comes down to what makes more sense. If Apple were truly taking a moral high road here, they would prohibit app developers from in app advertising, and mandate 2-step verification to operate within their walled garden. Oh, wait… Then I guess that you wouldn’t truly own your experience and your $700 phone, Apple does, er, would.

  15. We will see what happens when Apple PAY service gets hacked like iCloud and see the mighty fall. Tim needs to keep his mouth shut or put what he likes in it.

  16. Dear Tim Cook, the above is EXACTLY the reason I have NEVER owned an Apple product of ANY kind and NEVER will. I guess I will have to keep helping my iFruit friends when they want to do something on their home computer or phone and have to come to my house to use my Windows PC or Android phone to do what they want to do. But they DID pay about 30% more for that privilege.

  17. Typo: company’s => companies

    1. You’re going to drive yourself nuts trying to count all the typos on Phandroid, man. Especially Chris Chavez articles; it seems he has a personal vendetta against the English language.

      1. sometimes that’s a trade off you need to accept when you want news fast and quick instead waiting 24 hours for every article to go through an editor and proof reader.

  18. So youre saying that google and samsung provided consumers with what they wanted such as larger screens and rounded watches because they went through their emails? You do realize companies listen to consumer demand through their marketing chanels, not sorting through their private messages right? What have you been puffing bruh?

  19. In a time when there are legitimate concerns about privacy and consumer fear about the theft of their personal information from companies like Google, it is incredibly obtuse that you would attempt to slam the one company that’s giving consumers control over their own information by leaving it on their iPhones, iPads and iPods. Literally leaving it in their own hands! No company is perfect, but this gesture goes a long way to reassure consumers and allay some of the fear we all feel when using our devices. Incredibly, your response puts the interest of Google before the interests of the user. That’s a surprising and irresponsible stance and it certainly makes you seem like you’re in the pocket of the company. My opinion will most likely rile some because it doesn’t follow the heard mentality, but it’s a valid point and you should revisit your article. That’s all I have to say!

    1. This has nothing to do with encryption. Encryption is there to protect the use data from phone hacks and government data requests.

      With or without encryption Google will continue to make money by using information about you such as your location, gender, demographics, search habits, sports, hobbies, etc by using data collected through their various services and possibly sharing some of this info with other companies (a cording to some articles I’ve read). I’ll leave the argument of whether this is good or bad up to others.

      Just trying to get the argument back on track.

  20. Clicky Clicky Click Bait. Nothing to do with Android, but its Apple so best get some cheap shots in.
    I will use the same ‘Im a Android Fan’, I’m writing this on a One Plus One’, because that will mitigate things I write because Im obviously un biased.

  21. Tim Cook is a petulant child. Apple has been disingenuously bashing Android and Windows for years, and I think they got what they deserved when the iCloud hack happened for running their mouths. It’s unfortunate that their users paid the price. Security is hard and Google and MS have been into cloud services a lot longer than Apple with a much better track record. Apple won’t acknowledge that or the perpetual security exploits that have allowed every idevice and ios version to be jailbroken.

  22. “Destroyed”?! Really?! Those two paragraphs were “Epic”! Every generation has its catch phrase: Cool, bad, etc. Heavens help us with this current, mind-numbing generation! Look! There goes a shiny thing!

    And the next watch-face from ANY manufacturer should be 3D star-shaped, then and only then will we be truly “Ooh-ed” and “Ah-ed”, because the square-, rectangular-, oval-, round-, kidney-shaped are definitely dated. NOBODY came up with THOSE ideas before!

    OK. That’s enough venom at one sitting.

    1. Seriously. When I hear Apple b!tching about Google or Android, I think, “Wow, they must really be insecure to focus so much on a competitor, rather than their own products and customer base.”

      And then Phandroid does the same thing. It’s a sad thing that becomes even sadder when you read Rob’s childish rant, and realize he thinks this “destroys” anything but his own credibility.

      1. Just wondering how feel about Samsungs continual focus and attack on Apple then?

  23. Oh, wait… Then I guess that you wouldn’t truly own your experience and your $700 phone, Apple does, er, would.

  24. They may respect your privacy, but they know nothing about privacy.

  25. Phandroid can be really idiotic sometimes. The issue isn’t of tracking your data, it’s selling it, which Google does with Gmail (albeit roundabout) and Apple doesn’t do with Siri. Apple doesn’t have to use your data for marketing to pay for or improve their product. It doesn’t bother me what Google does because of the way they do it, but Phandroid makes a terrible rebuttal to Apple’s bothersome attack by relating screen size choice to Google’s data scraping (they’re not related at all), saying somehow Google knowing where people are in a room is a “choice” we want, and using “company’s” instead of “companies” in the proper context. Bad spelling, misunderstanding of the content and context, and disjointed attacks does not a rant destroy.

    1. Apple does or rather did until recently sell your data on icloud and than force you to pay to use it

  26. I agree with everything he said. Except about being an Apple fan. I loathe that company. Apple may not “sell” your data(which I think they do)but they sure do catalogue it, store it and give it away in droves due to nice little back doors written into iOS. As the NSA says, “Apple is our best friend and their users are zombies”,while laughing at the fact people use “Apple”, “privacy” and “security” in the same sentence.

  27. If you do not see that apple is a cult you are blind


    I am a Network administrator and both Windows phone and android have better specs than iphone. Android and Windows tablets perform just as well as ipad. But people in the us buy ipad like there is no other choice. Even phandrdroid keeps saying ipad is more polished. There is no proof. But there is proof that apple has secret schools to brainwash people and that is scary. http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/11/apple-university-courses-internal/&sa=U&ei=OSkgVICqHti1yATBxIGYBQ&ved=0CBQQFjAA&sig2=EtP8xKzljEOcjL5lxr3YKQ&usg=AFQjCNE07HWZuIdK11mS5CHNwDYVqtIhqg Maybe you are the one who is blind

    With android there are many choices also windows surface is practical.
    Trying to ban all the other vendors is very distasteful so its a personal choice but I choose to buy nothing from apple and I suggest others to do the same. I have been appleless since the first HTC ban and am quite happy.

  28. I love it.

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