Sprint will not be getting the new Moto X (2nd Gen)


Sprint Moto X

Bad news, Sprint customers. It appears the new Moto X will not be headed your way.

The 2nd generation Moto X is finally a true flagship device. Motorola improved every aspect of the device, and even gave it a bigger display. Like other flagships, we expected this device to be available on all four major US carriers. According to the official Motorola Mobility Twitter account this is not the case.

This is obviously very unfortunate for Sprint customers, who put up with a lot already. The Moto X is one of this year’s best devices. To no have it on every carrier is a shame. Sprint has been struggling lately. We’re surprised that they wouldn’t want to offer every high-end device to their customers. Did any of our Sprint readers plan on getting the Moto X? What are you going to do now?

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  1. How about Big Pink?

    1. Yes. that would be the Pure Edition that you can pre-order right now on Moto Maker.

  2. i wonder if this means no “pure” edition either!

    1. We knew the pure edition was GSM only before Motorola was calling it a pure edition. Please get with the program and stop trying to beat a dead horse. Really hating all this “what no Verizon pure??!?!??!?!” Get with the program folks. CDMA carriers suck because CDMA is not an open standard, unlike GSM. Problems will arise and VZW will flex its muscle and sprint will come in weak as usual. No surprises.

      1. how did you know this was GSM only? the previous version sold as a GE on the play store and was available on GSM and CDMA. first they announced verizon wouldnt be getting the “pure” edition but verizon will have the carrier branded model. so my question was is sprint passing on a carrier version of the phone to allow moto to sell it a low cost point and allow the pure edition on their network. there was no hate in my statement, it actually gave hope to sprint customers that they may still have an option. for instance, t mobile didnt carry a carrier branded model of the first version but you were still able to get a GE model and activate it on their network. it makes sense when you think about it. why would a carrier stock a phone branded to their network when a version that will likely be cheaper is available? this is probably why verizon isnt getting a Pure editon also. remember the stink over the 2013 nexus 7? verizon wouldnt activate them on their network but is now selling their branded version for $50 more on a 2 year contract. im not even with sprint it was just a thought!

      2. The pure Edition supports cdma and all 3 sprint lte bands.

          1. I seen before the Pure edition was going to be model xt1092 not xt1095. Model xt1092 supports Sprint, ATT, And TMobile.

  3. Now wait a minute, this can’t be right. I thought the sprint version of the moto x already passed through the FCC OET about a week or so ago?

    1. Sprint can still decide not to carry the device, even after the FCC listing. This Actually happens all the time, and it seems as if Sprint Ultimately didn’t want to sell the New Moto X.

  4. I was going to buy it outright too. Ugh.

  5. I…. really???? I wonder if this is due to Moto or Sprint? I’m guessing Moto, since you’d think Sprint WOULD want every possible flagship. If the new Nexus isn’t available on Sprint, I’ll….be upset.

    1. Why would Moto not sell to Sprint if Sprint wanted the phone? This decision is all Sprint.

      1. Becuase Moto isn’t making one with Sprint’s CDMA bands available even through their own site.

        It’s a similar situation to how the Nexus 5 wasn’t available on Verizon because they didn’t make one with Verizon’s CDMA bands.

        It’s also the same as how Sony won’t release any CDMA variants of the Xperia phones (even though its constantly rumored).

        1. Changing the RF front end is an easy thing to do, but usually it is up to the carrier to pay for it.

          But it’s not a terribly expensive thing to make happen.

          This is on Sprint for not wanting the device.

        2. Phone manufacturers don’t make devices on spec. They work with the carriers at the initial planning phases and only develop what the carriers want. What Moto sells on its own web site doesn’t approach the volume needed to justify design/development/manufacture/test costs.

          If two carriers use technology similar enough that it’s just a matter of frequency tuning, you can get away with making a device that covers both (unless one carrier demands exclusivity or forbids the device on its network). But they’ll never add even one extra chip if it’s there’s not a compelling financial reason.

  6. So, no Sony Z3 for Sprint and now no new Moto X. It’s time to jump ship to a GSM provider (T-mobile).

  7. << pissed. I need to find an alternative and leave Sprint when our family's contract is up. Unlimited data is great, but what good is it when it's so slow that you say f*** it or non-existent. Now this, the one phone that I was really excited about

    1. I hear Cricket is pretty good. Not sure if it’s unlimited but I’ve been seeing a lot of comments recently saying it’s great. That’s if you want to go prepaid with AT&T’s network for $45 a month.

      1. I just switched 3 lines from sprint to cricket. 9 gb’s data, unlimited talk/text, better speeds where i’m located and I’m saving over $50 a month compared to my monthly Sprint bill.

        1. Is it 9GB of LTE and then unlimited? Or just 9GB of LTE and that’s it?

          1. 9GB LTE (3GB per line) and then unlimited after that.

  8. I feel your pain, CDMA brethren. At least you can still play with your Nexus 5s. We here in the Big Red camp have been getting shafted for years when it comes to device selection. Seriously can’t wait till everyone goes all LTE and carriers can no longer restrict the device selection on their networks.

  9. For goodness sakes, let’s stop prolonging the inevitable. Someone – ANYONE – just put Sprint out of their under-performing, lying misery already. (I’m officially leaving and never looking back now. I’ll finally be able to partake in the option of unlocked devices on GSM. Good riddance.)

  10. I’m more upset they’re not getting the Xperia Z3.

    1. Sony lost 2.3 billion in mobile phone sales so i dont think sony will be around long

  11. “To no have it on every carrier is a shame”


    Haha, sorry, couldn’t help myself ;)

    1. Phandroid

      Y u unintentionally encourage bad grammar??


  12. If you live in a Sprint spark area like I do then Sprint is fantastic for the price I get it for. $40 bucks a month unlimited is hard to walk away from. Had Verizon but got tired of that ungodly bill every month. T-Mobile is non existent in my area. Sprint not getting the Motorola is not a big deal to me. They seem to be narrowing the number of phones they offer. I think they are moving in a direction that might work out for them in the long run. I’m sure they had a good reason for this decision.

    1. They had a good reason – they’re bloody idiots and suck on manginas.

      1. I always enjoy reading some of the highly intelligent responses that appear in the comments section. Never cease to amuse me.

        1. manginas are legit though..just look at iPhone users

          1. I used to complain about iPhone people but I can’t anymore. Android fans are the same when it comes to loyalty. IPhones just work and for some that is good enough. I have had my work iPhone reset one time for an unknown reason. Android phones are great but restrictions placed on them by the phone companies is a big reason I hate getting updates. I love Android and never see myself switching but if you want something simple that works with little issues I can’t fault iPhone users.

  13. Just as I’m sure your self-righteous arrogance amazes everyone who has contact with you.

    1. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was giving you a compliment on your humor. I do apologize for implying you are less than intelligent.

      1. No hurt feelings here. Your reply gave me the (mistaken) impression that you were being overly critical/ill-mannered. My apologies for that.

  14. Have no interest in a phone with neither a removable battery nor support for internal storage.

    As for Sprint vs. other carriers, I considered switching to T-Mob, but in the suburbs of one of the most important cities in the world, Washington, DC, their coverage sucks. Seriously. I get better coverage on Sprint out in the middle of nowhere than T-Mobile provides in major suburbs. And their prices, in spite of all the un-carrier BS, are no cheaper than Sprint over a 2 year period.

    1. seriously (no sarcasm) what are the real options (carrier wise) for phones with removable battery and storage. That really limits your selection

      1. Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, LG G3. HTC One doesn’t have removable battery, but does have removable storage. Ditto for the Sony Z3, which may be coming to Sprint. That’s just off the top of my head.

        1. OK OK. My bad its funny to me because I own a HTC one M8…. Lol I just never use a SD card so I forgot

  15. What am I going to do now? Why, I’m going to suck it up and pay a little more to switch to Verizon or AT&T (I wish it could be T-Mobile, but that’s just not realistic in my area). My contract happened to end a month ago, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

  16. This is quite confusing seeing as the the XT1092 listed on the press kit contains all of the radios needed for Sprint’s network.

    1. That’s it I’m switching carriers!!!

  17. They seem to be narrowing the number of phones they offer.

  18. Both a family member of a friend who works at Motorola AND Punit Soni have either confirmed or implied that it was Sprint’s decision not to carry the new Moto X. I’ve been trying to make a ruckus with Sprint to show them that we want it.

    Answer from Punit Soni: http://imgur.com/aZRZcms


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