Behind the scenes of Motorola’s stunning new commercials


When Motorola announced their new Moto X and Moto G, they debuted a series of ad spots that really caught our attention. Forgoing 3D graphics, the ads, which also include spots for the Moto 360 and Moto Hint, rely on practical sets and a bit of technical craftsman ship to pull off some impressive scenes that take place all over the course of a single, uninterrupted shot.

To see exactly what went into the making of the ads, which were filmed concurrently on a single soundstage with the same crew for each, check out this nice behind-the-scenes video Motorola has shared. It shows just how much planning, construction, and skill it really took to make these ambitious commercials a reality.

It’s always nice to see a bit of old-fashioned practical work in an advertising world that has been over run with cheap and easy CGI. The decision to go this route is a testament itself to the craftsmanship Motorola has put into their latest devices. Check out a couple of the ads below in case you missed the final result.

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  1. The Moto X commercial kinda explained itself at the end. Kinda defeated the need for a how-its-made…

  2. Moto made a ad? Im not joking, havent seen one on tv in a long time.

  3. Stunning? No. Cool? Yes. Boobies can be stunning. Phones, not so much.

  4. It’s Motorola, everything they do is perfect. cheat on battery specs in the watch…excuses. 2300 mah battery in a supposed flagship…..excuses. crummy camera….excuses. No removable battery or SD card…….excuses. 720P display …excuses. Motorola is the perfect cell phone manufacturer, but for some reason the general public doesn’t get it because they can’t seem to sell many phones. Wonder why that is???

    1. I don’t think they cheated on battery specs:

      “The typical battery capacity for Moto 360 is 320mAh and the minimum is 300mAh. In the mobile industry, sometimes both the minimum and typical capacity is listed on the battery, with the typical capacity quoted as the official battery size. Both figures are included on the batteries of our Moto X, Moto E and Moto G devices. In the case of smaller devices, we aren’t always able to list both figures. For Moto 360, we only had room for one figure and choose to list the minimal capacity of the battery. We see how this can be confusing and we will look into ways to add the typical capacity as well in the future.”


      1. I notice you didn’t refute the other 4 things he mentioned.

    2. i’ll refute the no sd card thing. its funny about removable sd cards in phones. a very vocal minority want it, but almost nobody ever uses it. they’re a pita to manage and use in the OS, and if the damn manufacturers would just get rid of ridiculous things like 16mb phones and move the minimum up to 32gb (and reach 128gb – bravo, apple), then we’d never be having this discussion about f’n sd card slots again anyway

  5. “Choose Choice”. Hmmm….. I like that.

  6. “Stunning”?! What is wrong with you people at Phandroid?!

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