Samsung makes fun of Apple in 6 hilarious new ads [VIDEO]


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We thought Samsung’s initial quip about Apple’s Tuesday announcements (of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch) was kind of light, but it seems they were just using BB guns until the nukes were finished. Samsung’s YouTube account has exploded with 6 new advertisements to slam Apple and all the products they announced earlier in the week.

The theme for all of them is “it doesn’t take a genius,” and it basically splits between highlights about how Samsung was the first to do many of the things Apple is touting, and how Apple still hasn’t been able to match Samsung (or many other OEMs) in a couple of other areas.

The cherry on top of all that is a nice jab about the failure of a live stream Apple put on that had everyone following along at home going absolutely crazy. Take a look:







There’s no word if these ads are going to maintain their home on the internet or make their way over to television, but it’s a pretty big swath of awesomeness either way. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

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  1. Ok the last one made me laugh. Thats about it.

    1. Barely, they are dry as the sahara, Samsung still trying to make fun of the people they want to buy their products.

      1. Which is what worked with Apple and the whole “Mac vs PC” commercial campaign.

        1. And worked with the next big thing ad campaign for the s3
          These aren’t doing it for me, these attacks feel very personal.. Like really Samsung this is how you think people into tech are?

          1. I agree. A better approach would be something like people who work on Apple products but use Android devices for themselves.

          2. Go look at any apple fansite reporting these commercials. It’s not trying to get them to buy their products. 9 out of 10 not only find them not funny but vow to not even buy a samsung product. I don’t think samsung is making these to lure apple fans over to their side at all. I liken it more to political mudslinging ads or as ammo for samsung fanboys to use in comments section…

          3. That seems like a huge waste of time and effort, I’ll admit that I probably will never buy a Samsung phone…at full price these commercials aren’t helping me. Makes me see them as immature, then the bright colors of touchwiz.

            It also feels like they are dangling keys in my face going “look, shiny” apple is as well.

          4. you may seee it as immature, but i see it as advertising warfare. Which i love. I love when companies go at each other. Apple does this as well, so does HTC, so does BMW and Audi, and playstation, pepsi, beer, and so on. Some people are extra sensitive to it, others find it funny.

            I honestly think their initial attack ads on apple really helped them grow their popularity.

          5. But that is just it they are hardly funny, not in funny cuz its true, or funny cuz I know someone like that. Is it supposed to be funny because people who buy. Apple products are inept? Because a lot of people who do buy them tend to not be that .

          6. Again, some people are sensitive to it, and others are not. You just fall into the bucket of not liking that type of ad. But plenty of people do. And a bunch of people even iphone users don’t take offense to any of them, they know its just a silly ad.

          7. I am the type of guy who would defend a rape joke, when it’s funny. This was like..ehhhhhhh not funny trying to hard. I know its not serious. I just don’t find it funny.

          8. Yeah but you can’t say the style is a bad style just because the joke wasnt funny. If the joke isnt funny then the joke isnt funny.

          9. If there’s a beer ad that says “Real men drink coor’s light, only men who wear skirts drink bud light” I don’t feel offended or insulted, they are obviously just making an ad trying to be funny or cool or whatever.

          10. I see that commercial and think to myself so glad I drink what ever I feel like because my masculinity isn’t defined by the beer I drink,(who is light beer for anyway) but I loved the bud light “here we gogo” ad campaigncampaign miller fortune campaign dude walks out the bar guy with accent tells him his night isn’t done yet hands the dude a fortune beer and walks back into the bar… Hilarious, for all wrong reasons, even thought it wasn’t supposed to be funny. I never seen a beer commercial use use a guy being responsible as a bad thing before. Is the accented dude the personification of his alcohisim didn’t have drive safe or don’t drink and drive message. Have a fortunate night.

          11. Yeah, i’m saying i think a lot of people just don’t think that deeply about the commercials they watch. They either find it entertaining or they don’t. So a lot of people will either find these funny or they won’t and they will leave it there. “eh that commercial wasnt funny” “that one was pretty funny.”

          12. I agree. And hey, who doesn’t like to razz the iSheep who’ve overdosed on the Kool-Aid? Personally I don’t feel the ads hit hard ENOUGH!

        2. Those ads were kinda douchey and these are too. Apple apparently realized this ( or that they weren’t that effective ) and no longer uses them. Now they show ads of ya know.. People using their products in various ways.

          And before you guys start making sheep noises at me, I saw a LG commercial the other day that did this for one of their phones and just briefly compared their screen to the iPhone 5s. That is far more effective advertising than just outright being an a**hole IMO.

          Sometimes I see samsung as that bully in school who knocks the books out of a girls hands because he has secretly likes her. Just in this case samsung doesn’t want apples products, they want apples loyal fan base and status symbol in the world.

          Just my .02 flame on.

    2. Agree. I bet a regular user won’t even know what the hell they are trying to say in these ads. Only the last one is worth it.

      1. yeah but samsung sometimes makes ads for us tech nerds. Remember the sheep ad?

        1. They’re better off making ads for regular consumers. Tech nerds can already make fun of Apple without Samsung’s help

          1. They have the money to make ads for both and they do so. I don’t have a problem with them occasionally doing stuff for the people who visit sites like these.

    3. That and the one with the Fast Charging made me laugh. iPhones are funny nevertheless.

  2. not funny at all!

  3. Awesome! Hope they make more.

  4. These are awful.

  5. Piss poor. These aren’t even on the level of youtube comedy.

    1. That is a very odd, and hard level to reach. I mean have you seen what makes it to the top? My gosh, I can’t even fathom what about something makes it so worth watching and funny.

      Now them Cyanide and Happiness videos. LoL!!

  6. These aren’t funny

    Again, Samsung drops the ball with their ads.

  7. So not funny I couldn’t even get thru them all…

  8. The first one was great…the rest where canned and months in advance….the streaming one however….

  9. These are really lame. Only the first and the last seem to have anything to do with Apple in particular. The rest could apply to any smartphone. I didn’t get the first one, until I read the comments, because I didn’t watch the Apple event.
    You should be offended by the smartwatch segment, because it’s showing how ridiculous an obsession with smartwatches really is.

  10. I enjoyed the background music at least. :

    1. It was pretty catchy.

  11. So they’re making fun of smartwatches, when they themselves were desperately throwing anything and everything at the wall to see if it’d stick before the Apple Watch came out just so they could claim firsties? Seriously, Samsung has released 5 or 6 different watches in the last year.

    Typical of Samsung ads, they aren’t funny. Just like all their products have been going downhill since peaking with the (admittedly amazing) Note 2. :p

    1. The irony the Apple watch looks like last years Galaxy Gear

      1. Que Apple lawsuit v. samsung for making a rounded square of a device.

    2. the only Samsung series worth buying are the Notes, other then that Touchwiz just kills all their other phones from being an option for me to buy.

      1. This is what I’ve been saying. There Galaxy S line? No. Please. Just overall bad. Batteries die in like a year; not degrade straight up die. That lag? My lord. And this is from my friends I hang out with saying all this. I’m witnessing this from multiple people.

        I know two people with the M8 and they love it. My friend loved her M7 and wanted to get the M8, but she isn’t financially able to. =.[

        But now I feel like I’m sounding like a fanboy.

  12. Phandroid thinks these are hilarious? Wow. Must have the maturity level of a second grader.

    1. Right? After reading their text I assumed I was in for a laugh-fest.



    1. See now I can 90% agree with you. Ppl are scared to leave cause they are so used to using iOS. But the swag part ? I can’t agree with. Teens want the iPhone so in that crowd its still number one. And I believe (guessing obviously) that the adult public is split 50/50 on iPhonularity. They still believe its the best device popularity wise

      1. I love getting asked about my M8 when I’m riding the metro to school. I start talking my phone jargon, so people know that I know my stuff about phones. Then I say, “The iPhone isn’t all that great anymore, and I never really liked Galaxy devices. People don’t know about this phone. It’s not advertised, but neither are Lamborghinis.”

        Muhahahahaaa!! Yes, I know. Evil.

        I think it’s a bit too late in the night (morning?) I should just go to sleep now. LoL!!

        1. Yea that’s fair but when their upgrade comes around they are more likely to get the latest iPhone. Why ? Because its familiar and easier to transition to. I love my HTC one m8 as well and no matter what apple ever does I wouldn’t switch from android unless they made an android powered iPhone. And its simply because of OS and ecosystem not screen size or build quality

  15. Apple could easily respond with a single graph showing previous and current Samsung phone customer satisfaction.

    1. Or just show a video clip of their UI stuttering on the GS5. Shame that a phone with nearly best hardware still can’t handle their bloated software.

  16. They could have done a better job by highlighting what their devices do over the new iPhone.

    I want to see a commercial pointing out that the new iPhone has features from 2 yrs old Samsung devices.

    1. I don’t care which features iPhone had first and which features Android had first. I care about who executes those features better, who has the best overall user experience. Samsung, Apple or whoever needs to focus on THAT in their ads – push what they think their system does /better/ than the other guys.

      1. As true as that may be, what do you think the ad should say? With that kind of technically jargon, only the select few who are into mobile tech like us would understand.

        I mean, I was at a friend’s bday and practically EVERYONE had a Galaxy Note 2 or 3. One person thought my HTC One M8 was a Windows Phone. (Prior to the Verizon version being announced)

        I mean, people don’t know much about phones to have ads like that.

        I know nothing about cars. I see ads with a car saying it has more horsepower and I just assume it’s better. LoL!! I know that thinking is wrong, but I have nothing to go on. All cars seem the same to me, so whatever car has more horsepower and can save on gas must be good. (I’ve since learned much more; that was a past way of thinking)

  17. The Spen one was great lol, i love the spen.

    1. A part of me believes the hyphen is needed. I read that like “What tha HECK is a spen (read as spin)!?” LoL!!

  18. Amusing, yes.. Funny, possibly, but a complete misuse of the word “hilarious”

  19. Samsung should just stick to building better products rather than knocking on the competition. It took them many years to develop anything that was considered to be on the same level as Apple. If they think they are on top now, they shouldn’t be acting like they’ve been there for years.

    1. Apple has been ripping on Microsoft and they were never on top. It’s just advertising. But I agree they need to stop acting like they own the market, their devices this year were just ok, nothing special at all. They continue on this path, they’re basicly doomed. Lg has the extremely compact phones, HTC has dual front speakers, Sony has the camera, Motorola has voice, personalization and reliability . I would like to say Samsung has display tech but they haven’t really done much with it unless you look at the edge but that’s still a novelty nobody’s going to go out of their way to get one over the original Note 4.

  20. Video doesn’t work for me.

  21. It Doesn’t Take a Genius — The Live Stream #NoteT…: http://youtu.be/vA8xPyBAs_o

  22. LoL!! This reminds me of me and my friends at work We’re an IT Department of like 10 student workers (4 at a time) and 3 managers. We always getting into shenanigans like this. Haha!!

    Our work bench gets messy like that and we always seem to be not actually working, but work somehow gets done. LoL!!

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