Moto 360 inventory mixup: grey bands further delayed, black bands ahead of schedule


A mistake on Motorola’s website will cause grief to some Moto 360 purchasers and joy to others, depending on which version of the Android Wear smart watch you intended to order. Motorola intended to offer these two selections:

  • Dark metal watch case with black band
  • Light metal watch case with grey band

Unfortunately, some users saw an option that never should have existed – a light metal watch case with black leather band – and this is a product combination that doesn’t exist. Motorola is currently issuing emails to consumers who made this purchase, offering three solutions: (1) Take what they got and get the goods early, (2) Call and get the grey but delayed, (3) Cancel your order altogether.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.00.26 PM

Moto 360 mixup

The bottom line is that if you tried to purchase a black Moto 360 you’re all good, if you tried to purchase a grey Moto 360 but would be happy with black you’re all good, and if you tried to purchase a grey Moto 360 and still want the grey version you’ll be disappointed as your device will be delayed. Unless, of course, you purchased your Moto 360 after they fixed this clerical error.

Still eagerly awaiting yours? Hit up the Moto 360 Forums until it arrives!

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  1. I want one in silver with a black band.

    That’s the reason I haven’t order one yet.

  2. Motorola should take this opportunity to open up moto maker for the 360, then people who want that option know it’s in stock!
    Problem solved.

  3. Glad I got the black model.

  4. Glad I got the black one but don’t need it anymore is I found one locally. Motorola won’t let me cancel order and no I have to receive it and sell it, refuse delivery or accept delivery and request RMA.

    Ian B

    1. Oh, how are you finding it? Does it meet your expectations?

      1. Happened to walk into BB and ask for it. So far, totally please, added black pebble steel band, battery life about 14-16 hours. Band works fine w original charges and no signal loss w it.

        Ian B

        1. nice. I didnt realise it was a std type of watch strap?? Interesting. 14 -16hrs not bad. Woudl be good to get it towards 20.
          The LG R watch looks good too. I’m going to wait until I see them in person (in Canada). Maybe a Christmas treat for myself.. :)

          1. Wait for the Android L release….that should improve the battery issues . Currently the Wear OS is a rushed job, so there are quite a few bugs in the system. The OS doesn’t know what to do with the CPU apparently. Many 3rd party watchfaces or apps supposedly run in the background continuously under certain conditions…

  5. Motorola is definitely still owned by Google.

  6. I ordered Silver/Grey and already have a tracking number. Should be on my doorstep when I get home from work. Glad I actually got my shipment instead of having to wait even longer!

  7. Motorola told me Monday – three times – “it definitely has shipped”. Tuesday, when no tracking had been sent, called them. CS person “assured” me it had shipped. I spoke to a supervisor who also “assured me” it would arrive “today” (Tuesday). Nothing. Wednesday when nothing had appeared in my email chatted with another person there, “it’s on the dock, tracking will populate later today”. Nothing. In the end, FIVE different Motorola people lied to me. Then the email overnight. Can’t cancel but they have my money (not just an authorization, but actually have the money). What kind of business is Motorola? Seems they’re totally incompetent or they teach their people to say whatever they need to to get you to go away. Never, ever again. I’m going to refuse my package and buy the coming LG watch. These people are crooks.

    1. …crooks? Did they refuse to make a refund or change your order?
      It would be terribly foolish of you to go for the LG G WATCH because of this…360 does look a lot nicer. It wont matter much to them ,but for you it might make you regret your decision.Think about it

  8. I got this email today but the funny thing is i didn’t order the combination they are referring to. My moto360 arrived yesterday, black on black.

  9. My silver Gray one comes today, pretty excited as I’ve wanted a watch for some time, not necessarily a smart watch.

  10. I’m seeing a code for $25 off a future accessory attached to my e-mail. Anyone else?

    1. If you call and complain they’ll make it $50. They offered that to me twice. Of course, don’t have a Moto phone and their accessory offering is thin, so it’s pretty much worthless.

      1. I don’t really have anything to call and complain about. Yeah my order was delayed slightly, but nothing obscene.

        I plan on holding onto it for when the metal bands come out. 50% off is a good deal to me!

        1. Makes sense.

        2. I have some bad news for you the metal band is going to cost $79.99 but on the bright side you are getting close to the price you thought it was.

          1. Ha! For some reason I thought it was $50. Savings is savings, I suppose.

          2. It’s only natural to assume the band was going to $50 since that will be the price difference between the to watches. Microsoft did the same thing with the xbox one when they dropped the kinect. Xbox one became $100 cheaper and the kinect now cost $150. Maybe this is becoming a new thing.

  11. hhhmmm… I ordered the silver with gray leather version on launch day and it wasn’t supposed to ship until the 19th, but I got an e-mail yesterday saying it had shipped and will be delivered tomorrow. The original order properly says the gray leather version, but I hope they aren’t sending me the wrong one.

    1. I did receive my Moto 360 today and it is the correct silver watch with gray band. It is charging up now.

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