In wake of iPhone 6 launch, Samsung takes to Twitter with the last laugh about big phones


samsung iphone big phone

Once upon a time, Apple didn’t want big phones. “No one wants them,” they said. “Phones are meant to be used with one hand,” they contended. “Horse raddish,” said Samsung and all the other companies who boldly ventured into phablet territory starting back in 2011.

And it worked for them! The Samsung Galaxy Note line went on to be a big seller after its first couple of iterations, with Samsung proudly inducting the third iteration in the lineup into their 10 million sales club. LG is looking to do the same with their 5.5-inch flagship LG G3. Turns out people love big phones, and they sell quite well in this day and age.

Samsung being Samsung, you know that just have to have the last laugh — they’ve taken to Twitter to acknowledge that they were right all along. The Samsung Philippines Twitter account posted the image you see above, effectively tooting their own horn and letting everyone know that they were the ones that made big phones a thing.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ launch yesterday must have been really hard for Apple knowing that they swallowed their pride and crushed one of the biggest values they’ve held onto to step into the times and offer phones that people actually want. Samsung opting to rub the salt directly into the wound certainly can’t help.

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  1. I like Samsung but wasn’t it Dell that made the 1st big phone? It was freaking huge (in size NOT sales)

    1. Yes. I loved my Dell Streak.

      1. Me too… First tablet phone. Was awesome coming from a HTC Magic with its itty bitty screen. Sold if for more than I paid, to upgrade to a Galaxy s3. Next up will be a note 4 or a nexus x.

        1. I moved onto the Note after 2+ years with the Streak and kept the Note for 2 more. Custom ROMs kept me relatively current and in retrospect I didn’t really miss out on anything except screen resolution.
          I use a M8 (feels small) and/or S5 (OK but not exciting) now. I should have gone for the Note 3 or waited for the G3.
          The Streak was the most exciting of the bunch as noone I knew used anything like it; several friends bought Notes when they dropped after using my Streak.
          Big screens are addictive and I think Dell simply blew their chance to define the large screen or phablet device. Samsung had more courage and the Note will always be remembered as the 1st popular big Android.

    2. Yea but Samsung never said they wouldn’t sell big phones

      1. Lol.. I’m not bashing Samsung I just remembered that Dell released something huge way before the Note came out

    3. I had one of those from someone at work and it was god awful. I think they called it the Streak?

      1. Yes! That’s what it was called!

      2. I remember the Dell Streak. It was huge thanks to massive bezels. I passed on it and went with the original Samsung Galaxy S at the time. Never regretted it. I believe the resolution was the same between those two as well.

        1. The Streak was almost identical in physical size to the Note 4 with the exception of thickness. seems like they have made some advances as to what you can pack into a phone in the past 4 years.

          Dell Streak (6.02 x 3.11 x 0.39 in) 5.0″ 480×800 screen, 1530 mAh battery

          Note 4 (6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 in) 5.7″ 1440×2560 screen, 3220 mAh battery

          Edit: Fixed the resolution mix up, thanks to technohead95!

          1. The screen inches and resolution are the wrong way around.

          2. Fixed, thanks for pointing that out!

          3. Got those resolutions slightly backwards plus the Note 4 is 5.7″ screen. So actually, you pretty much got the whole thing backwards. lol

      3. I loved my dell streak.

  2. Mwahahah

  3. Lol good good. Exxxxcellent

    1. Man I’ve got an overwhelming sense of trying to be more like Samsung with Apple’s Watch (looks just like Samsung Gear) and with an iPhone that 5.5 inches. For them to openly hate on big screen devices, and to create one soon after, shows how desperate they are to get close to Samsung’s market share by addressing one of the iPhone’s complaints: it’s small screen.

    2. trying to make a strength out of a weakness

  4. Good thing is Apple listened to customers and produced what some of them wanted, large screen iphones. Good for customers and good for Apple.

    1. Apple didn’t listen to it’s customers!! Apple listened to investors/Wall Street. They were forced to make a bigger phone or they were on the verge of becoming irrelevant. Has nothing to do with customers.

      1. Did you just really say they were on the verge on being irrelevant ? Apple could literally release the same exact phone they did last year, change the color, and tell consumers that the specs are better and everyone would buy. At this point it’s not about the device it’s about the reputation and following that apple has developed over the years.

        1. NO everyone would NOT! That my friend, you are VERY WRONG ABOUT. I’m not a follower, I’m a LEADER!

        2. So your saying if Apple had not released a 4.7/5.5″ iphone but released the same 4″ iphone, they would have still been relevant? They were becoming irrelevant.. people were jumping ship and investors were not happy.

          1. That is exactly what I’m saying. Yea there would be people that would jump ship but the majority would be inline to buy the next iPhone regardless of the size. At this point most consumers do not care about screen size especially if you have been with a certain ecosystem for an extended amount of time. The iphones are beautiful in my opinion, all of em are. But I love my google experience and all my google products to think about jumping ship because a screen is too small or too big. Same with apple fans. They are in love with imessage and face time and all the goods that come with their ecosystem. They are not going anywhere so no they were not going to be irrelevant. Sorry to break that to you

          2. Well obviously your viewpoint is wrong because they did make a bigger screen and screen size does matter now. Thats coming from Apple’s own SVP. They were losing ground and like I said earlier Investors were displeased. Of course there are those Apple puppets/fanatics that will buy anything Apple pushes out, but who is the “majority”? Apple doesn’t have a really huge market following. Outside of US and Japan, they already lost the battle. They are trying to gain more market and they released these phones to accomplish that goal.

  5. Hopefully Apple will again set the trend and make Android manufacturers make reasonably sized devices again. I’m so sick of these >5.0″ devices coming out. I would like to see some more 4.7-4.95″ devices in the wake of the iPhone 6.

    1. What you don’t want to have to buy new skinny jeans. ☺

    2. Galaxy alpha anyone?

    3. Not going to happen.

    4. I couldn’t agree more. The S5 is at the very edge of what’s tolerable for me to carry around.

    5. Nexus 5 anyone?

    6. Xperia Compact (;

    7. yawn

  6. You have the understand the Apple fanboy mantra: “It’s OK when Apple does it”

    1. Soooo True!

    2. I remember my ifriends bashing the bigger screen and NFC, now they think its revolutionary -____-

      1. your friends are morons

    3. From September 9th 2014 on, Samsung has copied Apple when it comes to big phones. According law suits to follow.

  7. I think you’re stretching by stating that Apple is finally manufacturing phones that people “actually want”. Given the fact that the lowest iPhone sales Apple has had in the last two and a half years was something like 26 million phones in a single quarter, I’d say they’ve been doing it all along. They just haven’t been selling phones that Android fans and users might actually want. That is, if they weren’t manufactured by Apple, of course.

    1. but they aren’t selling new small phones anymore. That shows most people actually want bigger

      1. Not true, they are still selling a new 4.7″ they just added in a 5.5″

        1. And they are actually still selling the 5c and 5s to cater to the small phone crowd. So they are doing what android OEMs have done all along, offering choices now, as there is no one size fits all. Not backing them, I am and androider thru and thru, just stating the facts.

          1. Don’t forget the iPhone 5s were marketed as bigger phones (even though it was just length wise) because apple already knew their customers(majority not all of course) didn’t want small phones anymore.

  8. “The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ launch yesterday must have been really hard for Apple knowing that they swallowed their pride and crushed one of the biggest values they’ve held onto…”

    Seriously, after all these years, don’t you guys know how Apple operates? “Swallowed their pride”? In a matter of days, millions of people will say Apple has shown true innovation and “now the others will copy.” Facts don’t matter, most of those millions will believe Apple created the phablet and smartwatch. Because as they see it, those technologies did not exist, or apple “just did it right.”

  9. they’re not wrong though.

  10. Now that we’ve got that whole “size thing” sorted, can we move towards bezel-less phones with better batteries, nicer finish, cameras that do well in low-light, waterproof and durable enough not to need a case?

    1. No that would be iPhone 21s c plus rugged edition

    2. Yeah, I’m eyeing the Sony Z3 Compact. 4.6″ screen, 2-day battery life, translucent frame, 20MP camera w/ low light sensitivity, waterproof, front facing speakers.

      1. Thanks, that wasn’t even in my radar. This, HTC One M9 or new Moto X is gonna be my new phone.

  11. Oh you silly FANDROIDS…the phone that came AFTER the iPhone, the Phone that Copied iPhone…the phone that’s OUT sold by iPhone..I mean i’d go immediately to twitter and show how angry I am on the night sadsung just got it’s ass handed too when the Apple Keynote started WINK KISS love :)

  12. 4.7′ screen and NFC payments. Is it groundhog day or the GS3 announcement all over again?

    1. “I got you, babe…”

    2. No, the S3 had 2gb of ram.

      1. Holy crap, that thing only has 1GB of RAM? Well it’s not like anyone uses those things to multitask anyway.

  13. I was always under the impression that alot of people that bought iPhones bought them BECAUSE they were small, one of the only small premium phones.

    1. My brother is an iphone user and one of the sole reasons he’s used them since the 3G is because they’re small. He doesn’t know what he’s going to use now as he still classes 4.7 as too big….

    2. Only a slim few. Of those who had iphones in my group all but about 3 of them switched because they wanted bigger screens. The ones that didnt switch were because they were too invested in itunes.

      At this point lines are drawn. Its pretty impossible to switch FROM iPhone if you ever bought anything (although you can switch from Android to IOS since Google makes most apps cross platform).

  14. Apple is always trying to make predictions. Still waiting for this post pc thing to happen.

  15. OOOOHH, OUCH lol

  16. A little proof that it doesn’t really matter what Apple offers. It will sell and people will repeat the talking points of the company.

    1. idiots

  17. looks like Apple’s announcement struck a nerve with good ol’ sammy.

    1. Struck a nerve? Hardly. And I’ll level with you, just about the only thing I like about Samsung is their AMOLED screens because of the potential that technology holds. They dominate the “phablet” market. This is more Samsung poking fun at Apple for back tracking on what they said they wouldn’t do. Apple tends to make comments and bash things they don’t have the balls to take a risk with. For instance… the Note series has been a huge hit. The stylus is actually pretty cool, I loved drawing with it back when I had a note.

      Here’s what Steve Jobs had to say about the Stylus:

      Oh, and for the love of God, Apple did not invent multi-touch. Not even close. They just marketed it. On that note…


      Apple is doing what they do best. They are copycatting someone else. Only problem is that they aren’t copying someone who is little known and doesn’t have the resources to mass produce and dominate the market, so now they are exposed for what they are. They’re damn good at marketing, I’ll give them that. I don’t like Apple, but competition is good for the market and in the end good for the consumer.

      I’m basically just going to do what I always do when the Apple/Samsung “measuring contest” starts. Sit back with some popcorn and watch the show.

      1. eh all i’m saying is that if they weren’t affected by the iPhone 6 they wouldn’t have said anything. I have a Note 3 myself and I love it. And yes, the iHoles will buy anything that says NEW and a silver silhouette of a half eaten Apple

  18. Dogs bark and of course get human’s attention. Samsung is freaking desperate to show it’s true ugly colors. Shame on. Why not Sumsung comes out their own OS and smart phone. Than I will respect them instead of riding on google’s free OS, living like Dog under google’s shadow.

  19. LAWD!!!! Samsung is so petty……AND I LIKE IT!!!!! :)

  20. Lmao, common marketing strategy. Samsung knows it’s inferior, so it feels the need to attack its superior.

  21. Samsung spun a larger phone as a feature because they needed a larger body to hold a larger battery in order to match the battery life of an iPhone.

    The fact that no one is buying their tablets is another reason.

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