Sep 10th, 2014

samsung iphone big phone

Once upon a time, Apple didn’t want big phones. “No one wants them,” they said. “Phones are meant to be used with one hand,” they contended. “Horse raddish,” said Samsung and all the other companies who boldly ventured into phablet territory starting back in 2011.

And it worked for them! The Samsung Galaxy Note line went on to be a big seller after its first couple of iterations, with Samsung proudly inducting the third iteration in the lineup into their 10 million sales club. LG is looking to do the same with their 5.5-inch flagship LG G3. Turns out people love big phones, and they sell quite well in this day and age.

Samsung being Samsung, you know that just have to have the last laugh — they’ve taken to Twitter to acknowledge that they were right all along. The Samsung Philippines Twitter account posted the image you see above, effectively tooting their own horn and letting everyone know that they were the ones that made big phones a thing.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ launch yesterday must have been really hard for Apple knowing that they swallowed their pride and crushed one of the biggest values they’ve held onto to step into the times and offer phones that people actually want. Samsung opting to rub the salt directly into the wound certainly can’t help.