Amazon Fire Phone permanently discounted to $.99 on a new two-year contract


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In case you didn’t already believe the Amazon Fire Phone wasn’t selling well, perhaps this news might convince you. Amazon has taken the phone down to $.99 when signing a new two-year contract. It’s only been a few weeks since its launch and it’s already down to less than a buck — doesn’t sound like it’s exactly lighting up the sales charts.

Of course, phones often do get discounted to less than $1 on Amazon. Heck, many of them go for as little as a penny. But that typically only happens after a few months of availability, and those offers are typically designed to get you to buy phones through their store rather than a competitor’s or through a carrier.

The Amazon Fire Phone can only be had at two places right now — their own store and the exclusive carrier partner AT&T — so it’s not like Amazon needed to put on a ridiculous deal to steal attention away from the competition. We will likely never hear Amazon or AT&T admit that the phone isn’t selling well, but there’s nothing to suggest it’s been a hot commodity to this point.

Amazon had the potential to change the game with the Fire Phone. We expected them to launch an affordable device that was still powerful enough to be a serious daily driver for any smartphone user’s needs. Instead, Amazon offered a phone with a good deal of gimmicks and not much substance at what most believe to be an inflated price point of $200. Our review went into detail about many of the device’s pitfalls. It certainly wasn’t that attractive of a buy over options like the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, or even offerings of yesteryear.

It feels like the HTC First and HTC Status all over again, and you have to wonder whether AT&T is starting to get fed up with these underperforming one-off gimmick phones. Perhaps there’s a good reason no other carrier is willing to pay for exclusivity on these things. Head to Amazon right here to buy one if you happen to be interested in its new price tag.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’d rather use the HTC First than this POS.

    1. LoL this made me literally laugh out loud

  2. examples like this are why the following word became so popular in so many cases.. FAIL

  3. C’mon… the Nokia N-Gage tacophone? The Firefly? The Motorola Rokr? Flipout?

    AT&T has a long established love affair with “one-off gimmick phones”.

    1. The ngage was awesome! Wish I still had it.

      1. My friend back in highschool had it..he had tony hawk proskater and rayman jungle.

        1. Tony Hawk’s Proskater was a must. Forget what other game I had.

    2. Ok,ok… Hold on. In defence of the ROKR…. Ahhhh, I’ve got nothing… Truly one of the worst phone’s I’ve ever owned. You did leave one out though. How could you forget the Cliq? While I cannot doubt or hate on the success of the Sidekick, the Cliq was an exercise in greed and ignorance.

  4. Smh. This phone had disaster stapled on its back

  5. The problem with these phones are they are tied to a business that not everyone wants. They want to be able to buy a phone and take it to a service where all inclusive and no contract appeal, so they aren’t paying more than they feel they should be.
    I know with my services, I can only afford $40 a month for phone, text, and data. I use Wi-fi a lot so I keep my data down. I usually go with what phones are on sale, and if I can afford to upgrade, then I do that, which is how I got my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, and I have no complaints about it, really, other than the fact that I really wish apps would save to my memory card so I could free up space for more of the system stuff.

    I like the Fire phone because I do have an Amazon account already that has about 16 gigs of music stored in a cloud because I purchased it from Amazon. I was able to get the albums cheaper than I would on the Play Store, plus everyone was giving me Amazon Gift Cards.

  6. maybe now someone will want to discover root on it. I want that Firefly on my Note 3

  7. Still don’t want it.

    I’ve been a Prime member forever and I just don’t see the need for this phone. It baffles me. You would need to pay my phone bill too.

    1. Even if they pay my phone bill I’m still not interested

  8. ROFLMAO!!!!

  9. For the same reasons the Nook couldn’t beat the Kindle, even though IMHO the Nook being a superior device, this phone was doomed. It was little more an an expensive marketing toy that couldn’t reinvent Android enough to make it relevant. As I said awhile back, they would have been better off buying RIM, an established platform, and adding Amazon elements to it. Did the FB phone teach them anything?

  10. Even if Amazon sent me this phone for free…I’d throw it away or put it somewhere with a sign “free phone”… it would be totally useless. 100000% unwilling to ever even entertain the thought of going back to AT&T, also, the only time I use Kindle is when Amazon has ebooks for free. Period. All of my other digital content (thousands of dollars) is through Google exclusively, and I understand it’s very difficult (maybe impossible?) to easily access that through Amazon’s ecosystem, also, their mobile OS is a fugly eyesore.

  11. I bet those three loyal hard core Amazon Customers who actually bought it at full price are going to be really pissed now!!

    1. I would have been, if I hadn’t returned mine.

  12. I love amazon.com but this phone is GARBAGE.

  13. I am a Prime member but this phone is the biggest JOKE! Literally Amazon’s copycat ecosystem of the Play Store is the bigger joke. Amazon needs to concentrate on making all their products available on as many platforms as possible and stop with this toy phone BS.

  14. Those annoying and insulting bratty kid commercials can’t help either. They really blew this one every way possible.

    1. Shoot!

  15. .99 cent is too expensive on contract for this caca.

  16. lol this phone is going to fail before it becomes a FREE ON CONTRACT. under rated specs for 700$? It should be more 399$ with those low end specs

    1. I don’t like it either but a snapdragon 800, 2 gigs of ram, and a HD screen are far from low end.

  17. Just having this phone on AT&T is too expensive! It’s 2014, so for Amazon, this is a LOSE-LOSE all together!

  18. You couldn’t give me this phone for free cheap enough!

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