Sep 8th, 2014

GoldeEye watchface Moto 360

There are some watch faces that have simply been begging to be put on a round smartwatch face. And although Google hasn’t officially released an Android Wear watchface API, you can still find a wide range of watchfaces for the wearable OS in the Google Play Store.

One we didn’t waste any time throwing on our Moto 360 was the recently released “Secret Agent Watchface,” a watchface that is sure to spark nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember gaming’s glory years. Taken from the smartwatch 007 used in GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64, the watchface faithfully recreates that same UI, complete with health and armor bars (now used to show battery life). While the watchface originally launched before a round Android Wear device existed, it now finds itself perfectly at home on the Moto 360.


Original N64 model for reference. Looks a bit like the LG G Watch R, no?

Although a fitting form factor, you can further complete the “007 look” by picking up Motorola’s upcoming stainless steel watch bands launching later this year. It’s still not a 100% faithful reproduction (you probably wont be able to obtain this until the LG G Watch R is finally released), but it gets the job done. Special note, the developer of Secret Agent Watchface mentions that a future update will utilize Google’s official watchface APIs, so you might want to bookmark this app for later.

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