Pushbullet update lets you respond to text messages from your PC using any SMS app



Pushbullet is set to receive an insane update today for folks who hate having to reach for their phone every time they annoying friend sends a text message. You can now respond to text messages — from ANY SMS app — straight from your computer. Responding to messages from PC is nothing new, but it often requires a specific combination of two apps (one on desktop and one on Android) to work. Pushbullet bringing universal support for this is a rather huge deal.

There’s nothing else new in the update, but considering they send to push these things out of the door like candy on Halloween we’re sure it won’t be long before more killer features make their way into the app. The previous update was already big enough, with Pushbullet enabling universal copy/paste between multiple devices.

Today’s update is available in the Google Play Store ahead of Pushbullet’s formal announcement. Of course, you can always get in on the fun early by heading to their Google+ community here and opting into their Google Play beta program as a tester. You’ll want the Chrome extension right here if you haven’t already gotten it. Here’s to another great update that adds to one of the most useful apps we’ve ever used.

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  1. I love this app… Really happy to see this update. It was my only issue with it.

  2. Does this have to be enabled somewhere? I got the update on both Chrome and my phone and it doesn’t let me reply. Is this different than before where the Dev of the SMS app had to add the feature into their app? So now it is just supposed to just work with any SMS app? I still only get “Dismiss” and the “Stop showing notifications” buttons. No “Reply”

    1. We had a little issue at start. Does it still not work for you?

      1. No. I still don’t have a reply button.

        1. I also do not have the option to reply to texts.. Switched to Hello SMS, before I was using QKSMS and I wasn’t even getting notifications

  3. I received the texts on my pc but my response was not sent….

  4. i’m an idiot because i can’t get it to work…

    1. Send us a message at [email protected] maybe we can figure out what is wrong.

  5. Seeing this update this morning made my day. I was seriously sick of having to use Evolve to get Pushbullet integration – I quite genuinely hate the Klinker bros apps – and can now, happily, go back to hello sms.

  6. Kudos to Pushbullet devs for integrating this very useful feature. Now if only the WhatsApp devs can follow.

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