Elite Android Hacker Bundle will help you become an awesome Android Developer for $39


elite android hacker

Here’s a quick heads-up on a deal for anyone who has urges to get into Android coding at some point. Android Area has the Elite Android Hacker Bundle for just $39 for the next six days. The bundle typically retails between $400 and $500. It features 7 courses from Udemy with over 52 hours of instruction and lecture from some very qualified individuals.

The program is accessible for pretty much anyone, even if you have no prior development experience. You’ll first be whisked through essential courses for learning Java, the base programming language for Android. You’ll also be thrust into Android action early on to make sure you get a grasp on a lot of the important concepts and fundamentals early on. From there you have a wide range of more advanced courses at your disposal in order to take this thing to the next level.

A quick $39 is a small price to pay for skills that can net you many more dollars once you get those killer apps going. Be sure to consider the offer here, and let us know if you’ll be taking advantage in the comments section below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

  2. I think I will

  3. I jumped. i’ve always wanted to become or at least learn about development. Maybe my new hobby…. and for $39 its worth the little change with a small BE ROI.

    1. What the hell does BE ROI mean?

      1. Lol breakeven of the return on investment. Next time use Google

  4. I dunno, man. The fun part about development is figuring things out on your own. I’ve never been a big fan of programming courses.

  5. I’m in!

  6. I’ve had 2 bad experiences with trying to learn android with web classes. I’m done with trying unless it’s free.

    1. Maybe it’s just you. Not everyone “gets” dev with or without free/paid instruction.

  7. I might give it a shot… for $39 that’s probably how much I spent on 3 drinks.

    1. Damn… those are some expensive drinks.

      1. Not if you drink double hard liquor drinks at most places because most beer is more bitter than an enraged female divorcee.

      2. NJ and NYC places are ridiculous… Good thing I don’t party often.

  8. Another good source for programming learning is they have tutorial videos to help you learn to code for almost any programming language. Best of all, it’s free. Also, MIT’s app inventor is good (and free) also.

  9. Go to college and you’ll learn it all plus more. Bachelor’s in Computer Science and love it, wouldn’t change nothing. Well other then the Microsoft Office class they made us take Lol!! It’s nice to go to school and know absolutely everything they talk about before they talk about it.

    1. Yup. Get tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Attend classes taught by Teaching Assistants you can barely understand (instead of professors because the professors are too busy doing ‘research’). Watch your tuition rise to ridiculous levels while your school sits on billions in endowments. Yup, 4 year degrees are so totally awesome.

      1. Not sure what community or tech college you went to but the University I go to I haven’t seen no teaching assistants. And I’m already working while in school and trust me me school loans are no issue. Maybe you need to take a commonsense money course!!

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