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Exactly one week ago we posted the first part of a new feature called Phan Favs. This feature is all about asking you, the readers, about your favorite apps and games. To start things out we asked you about your favorite weather apps for Android. A lot of you came out and showed your support for your favorite apps. We received well over 250 votes spread out across dozens of apps. One app came out on top as the clear winner. Here are your top picks for best weather apps.

1. 1Weather


It’s very fitting that the app with “1” in its name is the #1 pick. 1Weather claims to be the “most loved weather app on Google Play,” and that certainly showed in your voting. This app is the perfect combination of design and data. Most weather apps sacrifice to have just one or the other, but 1Weather provides powerful information in a beautiful package. Another plus for 1Weather is tablet support, live weather forecasts and backgrounds, and so much more. 1Weather is available for free from Google Play.

2. WeatherBug


Coming in at #2 is an app that has been around for a long time, but keeps on kicking. WeatherBug has a focus on helping you “Know Before.” With this app you can access the world’s largest network of weather and lightning sensors for the most accurate forecasts, and the fastest alerts. “Spark Alerts” can even turn your phone into a lightning detector. Download WeatherBug and always know when the weather is about to turn bad. It’s available for free from Google Play.

3. Yahoo Weather


One of the newest entries you selected is Yahoo Weather. This is one of the prettiest weather apps you’ll ever find. It’s minimal in design with simple data and full screen photos. It may seem overly simple, but there is hardcore data in this app too. You get access to radar maps, wind and pressure, daily, hourly, and weekly forecasts, and much  more. If you’re looking for a stylish weather app this is an excellent choice. It’s available for free from Google Play.

4. Google Now

google now

Why download a weather app when your phone can tell you the forecast right out of the box? That’s what a lot of you said with your choice of Google Now. This feature comes in the Google Search app that is compatible with most of the newer Android devices. It will tell you the weather of your current location with a handy card and can be ever-present in your notification shade. Google Now can also recite the weather back to you if you ask. Download Google Search for free from the Play Store.

5. Weather Underground


The last app in our Top 5 is Weather Underground. This app is described as “community powered weather.” What does that mean? On top of the regular weather services and airports, this app uses 3,000+ personal weather stations report the most localized weather conditions. That data powers radar maps, forecasts, hazards reports, and so much more. If you like helping to crowd source data this is a great weather app to use. Like all the other apps on this list, it’s available for free from Google Play.


The Top 10 selections can be seen in the chart above. Thanks to everyone who helped vote to make this list. Next week we will be back with another Phan Favs. Do you like the winners of this week? Did your favorite app make the Top 5? Let us know in the comments if you agree with your fellow readers!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. WeatherBug has a history of cranking out adware and spyware. In fact, AdAway detects it as nasty Adware and warns you.

    1. Hmm… That’s probably why I didn’t like WeatherBug. I tried it back in GS2 days and didn’t like it. Hmm…

    2. I remember when Weatherbug first hit the scenes on Windows Machines in the 90s It was horrible. Computers came to a crawl when this was installed. Just the known legacy of their software deters me from installing it today.

  2. The M8 is better than the S5

    1. Wrong article for that comment.

      1. Henri, I’m going to find you a hobby if some sort. Replying to EVERYONE on Phandroid cannot leave much room for a social life.

        1. I’m going to find you a nice piece of property in your local cemetery. It’ll help you relax (and spare the universe the torture of your idiocy).

        2. You noticed that too? =.P

  3. What a joke of a list. The Weather Channel App is the best weather app. Period. With Google Now a close 2nd. An app doesnt have to be pretty, just functional. The Weather Channel App will tell you down to the minute when rain will start or stop. Weather bug is just a spam filled defect.

    1. Accuweather app isn’t even mentioned.

    2. The people did not agree with you.

    3. You must live in a very boring place if ANY app will tell you down to the minute when the rain will start and stop…

    4. I’d agree that weatherbug is narsty, but for me, the weather channel really provides almost too much information. I really don’t give a dump about stuff minute to minute. All I care about is seeing the temperature/general weather a few days out. It also needs to look decent.

  4. I personally LOVE Notification Weather Premium. I’ll have to check out a couple of these other ones though.

  5. I switched from 1Weather to BeWeather a while ago. Haven’t looked back since, FWIW.

  6. For me, i need to be able to purchase on ad free version. That and the notification needs to show not only the current temp, but also the high/low forecast for the day so i don’t need to open the app up each morning.

  7. Weatherwise is what I use. 1Weather was not for me. Weatherwise is probably too simple to make the list.

  8. Yahoo weather really stepped up.

    1. Not really, Yahoo weather was always great.

  9. I actually like these. These articles. Helping me find apps. I didn’t know what a good weather app was.

    Ima give 1Weather a try. Dunno why I didn’t like Weather Bug, I forgot the reason. LoL!!

  10. 1weather is my pick. I have tried many and it is the best.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty good, today is the first time I’ve tried it though. So right now I’m deciding between 1weather and chronus, for my lockscreen and weather.

  11. Accuweather, plain and simple, weatherbug went to hell

    1. weatherbug is such a POS. for a long time they didn’t even have metric system there, which made it a no go for the world outside of the States.
      Google Now and 1weather are just full of it when it comes to predicting the weather in my area. And that’s what I’m most interested in, not how warm or cold it is at the very moment I’m looking at my phone.
      Accuweather forever!

  12. I love Weather Underground. Fast & Accurate, very detailed it can also use very local weather stations.

  13. All I really need from a weather app is this: Will I need an umbrella today or not? I had one that, at a predefined time in the morning, would alert me if so and it was dead accurate. Developer abandoned it. I got a smartphone to help me, I need smart apps. Instead we have all these weather apps here with freakin radars and charts in their effort to appear complete I guess. I currently use “weather” which is simple and not ugly. Shows you the upcoming days and hourly for the day. And replaced my umbrella alert with a function is the app “mindme” although It’s not as accurate as my old app. Seems they now made that feature a standalone app as well called ‘remember the umbrella’. I guess from that list though I’d choose 1weather as well, have used it in the past.

    1. Check out the AIX weather widget. It shows you exactly that information
      at a glance, along with whether or not you’ll need a hat and gloves for
      the day.

      1. i give a +1 to your comment on AIX weather. It was accurate when i used it about raining probability in the next 24 hours. The only (?!) drawback is its design.

  14. AccuWeather for me. Accuracy and hourly forecasts are what I care about. I have found Yahoo weather to be inaccurate for my part of the US.

  15. I’m still rocking the beautiful widgets weather!

    1. I’ve had Beautiful widgets for years on all of my phones, and I have no complaints. I was surprised to see it so far down on the list. Perhaps I am missing out.

  16. Weather & Clock Widget (Air Weather Service data) for me. The widget is awesome and is the first one that updates (including clock) without issues. Contains a lot of information beautifully arranged on a 4×2 (or 3) widget. Current, 5-day, wind, humidity, pressure. Tap the current section of the widget and the app opens. The map is very good and includes animation of radar. Caused me to abandon Beautiful Widgets! Tried 1Weather, blah,blah, blah.

    1. The best one!

  17. Free Intellicast Paid RadarScope best radar sights by far

  18. WeatherBomb ( ) is decent for a general weather app, but it excels when viewing fronts and storms moving through an area. When the typhoons were coming into Japan this past fall, I could slide my finger back and fourth over WeatherBomb’s interface and get a very good, intuitive idea of when the weather change would pass over me. Predicting exactly what would happen was more difficult, hence the problems the other apps had. I did have a very good idea of when the changes would happen, though, and when they’d be over.

  19. Not gonna lie, I am super surprised Eye In The Sky didn’t even get mentioned!

  20. My-Cast weather is a good one as well

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