Aug 1st, 2014


Welcome to August, folks, and another edition of From the Forums. This week we put on our tinfoil hats for a paranoid Nexus 5 user and attempt to crack the case of the Android phone plagued by sudden battery drain. It’s all happening at Android Forums. Here we go…

How many homescreens do you use?


It’s the age-old question of Android users far and wide: how many homescreens do you use? What is the number of panes upon which you spread your application shortcuts, widgets, and folders? There is no correct answer, but opinions vary. Upon learning that user Unforgiven only uses one homescreen, lunatic59 responded, “1? 1????? jeez pup, that’s crazy.”

Paranoid about Nexus 5 battery

Nexus 5 no hands

The Nexus 5, like quite a few Android smartphones, does not feature a removable — therefore replaceable — battery. This fact has Spotty1125 feeling quite paranoid, worrying about what he will do when the day arrives that the battery goes kaput. Do you treat the handset with kid gloves to minimize battery strain (some of these Galaxy S5-centric tips might apply)? The consensus: if you have the phone long enough to warrant replacing the battery, chances are you should replace the phone altogether. Your opinions are also welcome.

Is the Moto X a good buy at $300?

Motorola Moto X Boot animation DSC00738

The Moto X is an already affordable handset that has a tendency to go on sale quite frequently, making it a consistently tempting option for the Android user looking for a cost-effect upgrade. But is the money saved or spent worth it in the long run when it comes to Motorola’s customizable smartphone? Of course it is! You don’t have to tell us twice, so save the comments for the forums.

Mystery battery drain and data usage leaves user searching for answers


When your otherwise functional smartphone starts experiencing extreme battery drain and data usage with no seeming explanation, who ya gonna call? Android Forums, duh. The mystery is unfolding as users attempt to discover what may be at the root of the issue. Is it the aging Gingerbread OS? An unknown application running in the background? Click through for the exciting conclusion.

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