Rumor: Google Workshop could let users create the case they’ve always wanted


nexus gogle workshop case

An interesting new rumor has surfaced this morning suggesting Google wants to allow you to buy the case you want for your Nexus 5, and potentially other devices. Dubbed Google Workshop, this service — which we imagine would be hosted on Google Play and accessed whenever you shop for accessories — is said to be offering up at least two options for users to customize their device:

  • MapMe: put in a location, and Google will give you a map-patterned case based on that area (with options for changing the color and adding text, natch).
  • Moments: you can upload a photo to be used as the imagery on the case.

Another element to all of this are customized live wallpapers that may also be made available to you in some way. MapMe could show you a dynamic map that displays location-based Tweets and check-ins, for example, while the Moments option would cycle through additional photos you upload through the service.

nexus google workshop 3

Unfortunately it sounds like this isn’t something Google is 100% confirmed to be launching just yet. With that, there’s no word on if this is just a Nexus 5 exclusive or if they’ll be extending functionality to other Nexus or Google Play Edition devices.

Google is said to still be in the “exploration” stages, so we imagine it’d be too soon for them to consider anything but their flagship smartphone (and perhaps tablet) right now. If the Moto X taught us anything, though, it’s that people love to customize things, and we’re sure this would sell a lot more accessories than they’re selling right now. Make it happen, Google!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of MapMe, but I assume Moments lets you upload any ole image, making your case truly unique, which is awesome.

    1. wonder if they would check the photos for content if they let you upload anything. Dong case ahoy.

      1. Surely not, they get the sale either way…

  2. So they basically improved upon what MotoMaker did by adding more personal options for the phone. I like this.

  3. Really hope this is real, but wonder how they’re doing this. The ability to produce cases at a fully customized level already requires some kind of “3D print” technology. Adding in the live wallpaper either means they have a bad ass algorithm to animate the wallpaper or someone is actually creating it for you but spending a limited amount of time. If not the first then it doesn’t sound cheap.

  4. Call me when they come up with custom Spigen Neo-Hybrid’s. I would buy the hell out those.

  5. I already have a custom case for my Nexus 4. I bought a transparent case and printed an inlay. It means I can instantly change the design whenever I want for very little money.

  6. Some kind of poor mans Moto Maker, hmmm…

  7. Enough of the GPE. $700 for a Galaxy 5 GPE is pathetic. Nexus all the way.

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