Jul 25th, 2014


Ready for one last big sale before Motorola announces the follow-up to the Moto X? The device has gone on sale — as it has many times before — in a back to school promotion that gives considerable savings on off-contract prices for the phone over at Moto Maker. You’ll be able to get Motorola’s 2013 flagship for the following prices depending on which model you opt for:

  • 16GB — $299.99
  • 32GB — $324.99
  • 64GB — $375.99

Not too bad, I’d say. Note that the 32GB pricing also applies to the 32GB Developer Edition that can be had here for all of you tinkerers out there. The Moto X, while not boasting the most amazing technology, brought us a phone that introduced interesting, innovative features, a phone that you can customize however you want, and a user experience that was a breath of fresh air from the usual OEM skins we’ve seen in years past. You can check out our review if you want to know whether the phone was worth its skin in its heyday.

We’re not sure how smart of an investment the Moto X would be at this point with its successor said to be on the horizon, but if you don’t care about a potentially dated experience (the price tag is good enough to dismiss that) then you can get started customizing your own right here.

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