Jul 2nd, 2014


Those of you rockin’ an Android Wear smartwatch from either Samsung or LG will be happy to know that you no longer have to act like a barbarian and yell at your wrist to do simple math equations. Until now, the only way to do math  equations on Android Wear was to say ‘ok google’ followed by the equation you’re looking to solve. Google’s built in functionality works quite well as long as you have a data connection and you’re in a position to speak to your smartwatch. Wear Calc is a simple calculator for Android Wear that runs natively on your wearable, solving these minor pain points with a simple touch interface.

To get started you’ll want to hit the widget below and install Wear Calc on your Android phone that’s paired with your smartwatch. Wear Calc will then magically be installed on your smartwatch, no additional steps required. It’s worth mentioning that I was unable to launch the application by saying ‘ok google start wear calc’ as Google kept confusing wear with where. If you run into this issue, just say ‘ok google start’ and select Wear Calc from the list of applications or head into the touch menu, scroll down to start, and select Wear Calc from there.

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