Jun 26th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jul 11th, 2014, 11:05 pm

gear g watch Yesterday Google officially gave us a close look at Android Wear and two new smartwatches. One was expected, but the other was a complete surprise. As expected the LG G Watch was on stage for demos and went on sale later in the day. Samsung also unveiled a new smartwatch, as to not be outdone by their rival, LG. The Gear Live is also available for purchase right now. Which one is better? In terms of specs these devices are very similar. Both have rectangular displays; the G Watch is ever so slightly bigger, but the Gear Live has better resolution. Powering these devices are 1.2GHz processors and 512MB of RAM. Battery is a big concern with these devices since the display is on at all times. The G Watch edges out the Gear Live’s 300mAh battery with a 400mAh juice pack. Size is another concern for these devices. A smartwatch is on your wrist at all times; you don’t want it to be too bulky or heavy. The Gear Live is a full millimeter thinner and 4 grams lighter. However, it’s also slightly taller which could make it seem bigger on your wrist. The other things to consider when comparing these devices is the overall design. The G Watch is completely black and plastic. If someone was tasked with designing the most generic smartwatch on the planet they would come up with the LG G Watch. The Gear Live is nothing special either. Samsung clearly re-used their design for the latest Gear smartwatches It has more character than the G Watch, but it also has that cheap Samsung feel to it. The choice depends on your personal taste. G Watch vs Gear Live The last thing we have to compare is price. The LG G Watch is available for $230 while the Samsung Gear Live is $200. What it really comes down to is which one you think looks nicer. The specs are very similar, and $30 difference in price is not major. Which smartwatch will you choose? Are you waiting for the Moto 360? Tell us why you’re choosing the G Watch or Gear Live! be sure to visit the forums to discuss either your G Watch or Gear Live with other users!

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