Android Wear demoed on the LG G Watch, shows new features


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We’re live at Google I/O, and after a lot of talk about design we are finally seeing some hardware. Google is demoing Android Wear on the L G Watch. This is the first time we’ve gotten an in-depth look at how Wear will work on a watch. The G Watch itself looks a little bulky on the presenters wrist, but the UI is great. Let’s take a look.

The main interface is the Google Now-esque card UI. The display is always on, but it lights up brighter when you lift your arm to look at it. The clock face can be changed on a fly by long-pressing the clock and simply swiping through the choices. Notifications can be swiped away, and when you do they are also dismissed on your phone. Everything you do with the watch is synced immediately to your phone. Android Wear can do all of this right out of the box with no extra work from developers.

Android Wear is also location aware. For example, if your friend has a restaurant pinned on Pinterest your watch will notify you if you’re nearby. Today Google is making the full Android Wear SDK available. This will allow developers to make apps specifically for Android Wear devices. One app they showed allows you to order pizza right from your watch. Star Trek is becoming a real thing.


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  1. Sorry to put this here, but I can’t read the article about Android switching to ART. there’s a big blank box covering 98% of the page. I can only assume it’s an ad gone wrong.

    I didn’t particularly care for the recent re design, especially the addition or upped prominence of ads. I understand it helps you guys pay the bills, but for me it’s too much, because now I can’t even read the news I came here to get.

  2. Did Sundar actually have Moto 360 on his wrist?

    1. Sure looked like it!

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