Latest Google Search update will allow you to use “OK Google” command on any screen


Google Now Voice Search

A hot new upgrade for Google Search is starting to roll out to the masses that will bring some very nice functionality. The “OK Google” hotword that you use to initiate a voice search within Google Now or on the home-screen of a Google Experience Launcher can now be used anywhere on the phone — even if you’re in a different app or on the lock screen.

There are a couple of caveats to note, unfortunately. For starters, not everyone is going to see the new options right away even if they are on the latest Google Search update (which should be 5.14). It’s said Google is enabling this option in waves and that you won’t be able to force the update — simply be patient and it should be delivered to you in due time.

We’re also hearing reports that the functionality requires the latest Google Play Services update, so even if you could sideload the latest Google Search APK you’d need not only the latest Google Play Services update alongside Google flipping the switch to push the new options to your phone. That’s a lot that has to happen, but patience can go a long way so hang tight and wait for all the goods to be delivered to you proper.

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  1. I have had this active since 8:00 last night. The feature works well with the exception of “when your screen is off and charging”. When you say something like “Ok Google what time is it?”, you will hear the chirp but you wont hear the answer until the screen is powered on.

  2. Funny thing is I was just thinking about why haven’t they done this yet.

  3. I have a LG g2 and it does work even when the screen is off… just like the Moto X. Good Job Google!

    1. While charging or all the time?

      1. i think only while charging

  4. Sounds awesome. How bad is it on the battery?

  5. Whats the new version # for Google Play Services?

  6. No update for the Galaxy Note 3. Only see latest was 25th of June. Do I need the Google Experience Launcher though?

  7. So many times have I tried this wishing it worked. Nice feature.

  8. What OS does it require?

  9. Is this “patience” you talk of something I can download?..

  10. Already installed the new Search & Play Services APKs. It’s all on you, Google!

  11. I’ve had this functionality for a while now because Nova Launcher has it built in.

    1. Still didn’t work for me on my Nexus 5. Using paid version of Nova.

      1. You have to enable it under options.

  12. Installed but still not working yet

  13. Works like a Champ on My Nexus 5 ………Even with Nova Launcher

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