PSA: Some Glass Explorers upgrading recently may already have 2GB hardware revision


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Yesterday the Google Glass team announced upgraded hardware featuring a bump from 1GB of RAM to 2GB. Unfortunately, unlike the move to Glass 2.0, early adopters are not being treated to a free upgrade this time around. That’s the bad news. The good news, however, is that some who went through with the free upgrade offer only recently may already have the 2GB hardware in hand (or on the way).

This is the word we received from one Glass Explorer who initiated the upgrade process toward the end of May. After receiving his revision 2.0 hardware the Explorer contacted Glass Support to inquire about the possibility of exchanging for the latest version of Google’s smart glasses with 2GB of RAM. The support representative informed him that the version of Glass the Explorer received already featured the 2GB upgrade.

If true, the news is bittersweet. Those who jumped at the chance to exchange their first generation hardware for Glass’ initial hardware update appear to be stuck with 1GB of RAM (unless they want to shell out an additional $1500). Those who have yet to go through with the free upgrade process will likely luck out and receive the 2GB version. Some already have it in hand, apparently.

Along with the 2GB RAM upgrade, the Glass team also announced a couple of software updates for the experimental hardware. The biggest new feature is the ability to launch a viewfinder for photos, but Glass users also got a few new Google Now cards. Google will continue to refine the software and hardware experience of Glass with the help of those enrolled in the Glass Explorer program as a consumer-centric release inches ever so slowly toward release.

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