Google Glass gets another hardware revision with 2GB RAM, previous owners wont be upgraded


Google Glass voice activated viewfinder photos

The Google Glass Explorer Edition is still a product very much in its infancy. It’s something we’ve been well aware since we reviewed the device almost a year ago. While some are quick to declare Google Glass as “DOA” due to pricing or privacy concerns, the fact remains that Glass in its current form will continue to evolve and change as Google gains valuable feedback from its Explorers, and as the wearable nears a general consumer release.

It wasn’t too long ago Google revised the hardware with Google Glass 2.0, offering a free upgrade to everyone who purchased the previous version of Glass to the new and improved model with support for prescription frames and stereo headphones. A worth while update for sure, it appears Google is now focusing on performance in their latest hardware upgrade, there’s only one problem — current Glass explorers wont be getting a free upgrade this time around.

The Glass team announced the news via their Google+ page letting everyone know that all Glass units shipping out (we’re assuming the UK is also included in this) will now include 2GB of RAM. This is a dramatic increase from the 1GB of RAM included in Glass 2.0 and should help with all the new software features continually rolling out to the headset.

Speaking of software features, the Glass team also announced yet another software update that addresses one of the biggest complaints Glass photogs have had since the products inception: the complete lack of a viewfinder. In a new update rolling out this week, speaking the command “Ok Glass, show the viewfinder,” will now display brackets to help frame those shots. Previously, this was an art perfected only by the most advanced Glass photographers. Google also mentioned the addition of a few new Google Now cards (seriously, why not all of them?) with the addition of package tracking an parking spot locator.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. this will still be a failure on a consumer level no matter what you do Google. Even a price reduction won’t save it.

    1. No way, man. It’s the future. For techies and those that don’t care what others think.

      1. I’m a pretty nerdy techie but i can also see why the public reacts so negatively.

        1. The public I’ve personally encountered have all reacted extremely positive towards Google Glass and are generally excited about it.

          Sure they look kinda silly, but the same could be said about a Prius. That hasn’t stopped people from valuing function over form.

          1. I agree with chris the only times I’ve ever been stopped the people were excited to just see it in person. Let one guy use it and he had a huge smile the whole time

        2. if they were Apple iGlasses those very same negative people would be lining up for a pair
          it was a similar scenario with smartphones/tablets pre iPhone/iPad

    2. I cant wait for it’s official release and cheaper price. This tech will change everything. A decade from now training will be a different beast. imagine fixing a car with a how to video on your glass. Imagine surgery – its already being worked on. http://www.theverge.com/2013/8/28/4668822/osu-knee-surgery-livestreamed-over-google-glass

    3. Well at the moment it’s not meant to be a consumer level product, so that’s kind of a moot point.

    4. Its not even a consumer product yet. “Glass Explorer” is an open beta. It’s way early. When its released, they are expecting $299 to $449 price tag.

  2. Wow, the people that spent 1500 dollars wont be upgraded? lmao.. that makes me real glad I said hell no to those when I got my invite.

    1. – double post – ignore

    2. Well, you’re jumping to conclusion a little quickly. They won’t be upgraded to this particular revision, but we don’t know if they’ll never be upgraded again. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that they will be upgraded to the consumer product whenever it comes out.

      1. That would be cool, I didn’t think of that. Way to keep it positive! We will see..

    3. Why would they upgrade? I mean it would be nice, but its not like Samsung upgrades your S4 when the S5 comes out, o Apple gives you more RAM when the next iPad comes out. it just isn’t done in hardware.

      1. They did it with the last revision… Often when developer hardware is updated before release they send out the new revisions because they want the developers to be developing on the closest to launch hardware they have… This is not quite that same situation but it is closer to that than your example.

        1. OK, point taken, but that was pretty rare. You cant expect it though.

          I really just hope it is officially released this year.

        2. I’m confused, so Google Glass 2.0 is the 3rd one to come out? I think I’m missing something.

      2. Considering that by all reports they ruined the device by deploying KitKat because it didn’t have enough RAM, it’s kind of a slap in the face to those people. Especially since they’re literally paying to beta test it~

  3. Lol a grand wasted.

    1. That’s like a penny to the rich kids who bought it.

    2. The old one ceases to work when this upgrade comes out?

      1. It ceased to be usable when they deployed KitKat to it, and this announcement is saying, “yeah we gave up and are throwing extra RAM at the problem, existing users get stuck with an unusable device”.

  4. Good way to screw people Google

    1. The correct term is “Scroogled” according to Microsoft.

  5. Burn baby burn $1500. LOL

  6. I hate to be that guy but PLEASE fix the article title. Just… put in the apostrophe. Please.

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