LG G Watch now available for pre-order from online retailer, launches July 7th for $255


LG G Watch listing US

While the world is gearing up for a full reveal of the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360, 2 new smartwatches introducing the world to Google’s all new Android Wear platform, we still don’t know is exactly when we’ll be able to pick up the new wearables, and for how much.

It was only 2 weeks ago Paul O’brien of MoDaCo fame had it on good authority that the LG G Watch would launch at around $200, citing a price below that of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Pebble Steel. Shortly after that, online retailer Mobile Fun (UK) claimed to have pricing for the Moto 360, pricing it around $335. Today, Mobile Fun — who leaked the Moto 360’s pricing at around $335 — is piquing our interest yet again, after AusDroid discovered the online retailer throwing up the LG G Watch for pre-order at $255. You can find the smartwatch launching in 12 countries with launch dates ranging from July 7th to 9th, lining up with MoDaCo’s previous info.

Last week full specs for the LG G Watch leaked out online but didn’t really tell us much as we’ve never actually handled an Android Wear device, so we’re not entirely sure how demanding Google’s wearable OS will be on a smartwatch like this. If you’re looking to pre-order, you can grab both the black and white versions via the links below.

LG G Watch (black) | LG G Watch (white)

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  1. I like MobileFun,but,they’re always overpriced.
    Wait a week or two & it’ll be available everywhere for a bit less & you’ll get it at the same time as if you ordered from MobileFun.

  2. Dang I was hoping between 150-200. I don’t think I could see myself buying one over 200 even if I made bank.

    1. If you made bank, you’d think otherwise.

      1. If I made bank I might, but personally I still think $250 is alot. Maybe other people can pay for both a phone and smart watch but unfortunately I cant :/

    2. You can’t even buy a decent regular watch for $100. How on Earth can you expect to get a smartwatch for $150? It’s comments like these that make Android users look like cheap whiners.

      1. Well considering I paid $350 for my Nexus 5. I can’t see myself paying the same for the moto 360 thats supposedly $350, $250 is a huge difference but not everyone can afford to pay several hundred dollars for a phone and a smart watch.

      2. That’s retarded. I find good watches for 10 to 50 bucks all the time. Anyone who pays more than $100 for a watch to wear a name is an idiot.

        1. So I’m an idiot because I can easily afford a watch that costs more than $100? Oh well… Guess I’ll be an idiot then.

          1. Pretty much. Watches are low tech and they charge ridiculous amounts for them. I mean, it’s just a bunch of gears. I bet you bought a pressy too….

        2. You can’t find a good watch for 10 to – $50 lol ..junk

      3. Most android owners are cheap whiners. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about spending 99 cents for an app

  3. It’s got be under $200 for me to bite on either G or Moto or they can keep it

    1. Good luck on that pricing for the Moto 360. Guess you won’t be getting it.

      1. Oh ok. And you know this how? Do you work for LG or Motorola?

        1. Well with some simple observations and deductions, you could tell from the beginning that the 360 would be a more high end watch than the LG which also means a more high end price, and even just looking at the rumored UK pricing can show that it’s definitely not gonna come to the US under $200.

          1. Key word rumor. Until it’s officially launched, it’s just rumor and speculation. I know Samsung wanted $300 for theirs and look what happened. Just like phones you want this in as many peoples hands as possible across globe

          2. Let’s see when the Moto 360 launches, whether you or NexusMan is correct. I am guessing you’ll still be checking your smartphone for the time in a few weeks.

          3. You also want to make a PROFIT.

          4. Now that pricing was announced for the LG G Watch, I can officially say I KNOW you won’t be getting that one either.

          5. It’s not $255 or $300 either. I will probably get the LG instead of Moto if I was to buy one.

          6. Oh, I know. It’s $229. I don’t think anyone in their right mind was expecting the G Watch to come in at $300…that’s the Moto 360. But, you were the one who said “It’s got be under $200 for me to bite on either G or Moto or they can keep it,” and $229 is definitely not under $200. But if you do end up getting it, I’m glad to see you change your mind. ;)

        2. “Luck,” and “guess,” don’t in any way indicate or equate “know.” But as others have stated, for reasons they have stated, I’m guessing, as I previously stated, that you won’t be getting a Moto 360, as it’s a slim to none chance it will come in under $200.

  4. ….

  5. I don’t think it’s bad at all. It’s the freaking James Bond watch!

  6. Why this design. This design is ugly as hell. Why cant they follow Moto 360 design. Just because its a phone on a watch doesnt mean it has to look like one. Why would I get this ugly POS over the 360 that actually looks like a watch.

    1. clean, simple, minimalist, and sleek. i like it. just like the Nexus 5.

    2. Because LG was following Samsung’s design. Like always. I don’t have as much hate as you do for this watch, but I won’t be getting it either- no matter how good Android Wear is. Watches are primarily jewelry. The only people who seem to get this is Motorola. These tech companies are not going to change the the culture of watches in Year One.

      1. Have u seen the samsung watch. Can’t say the same for this lg watch, but the galaxy gear watches are clean

  7. i’m still holding out hope that because these aren’t “official” that US pricing will be 199 and 249 for the lg g watch and moto 360 respectively. I can hope for a couple more hours anyway, lol

  8. Someone help me out. What is the purpose of this device and why should it replace my current Timex?

  9. If this and the Samsung watch will be available for purchase through the play store later today, I wonder when if the July 7 date will apply for all 3rd party retailers.

  10. As expected, just an example of a retailer trying to grab a headline with untrue info, and Phandroid falling for it. Actual retail of G-Watch is $229. Retail of Samsung Gear Live is $199. Still nothing official on Moto 360.

  11. Duplicate post. Ignore.

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