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When Motorola took the wraps off their upcoming Moto 360, Android fans everywhere were drooling over the smartwatch’s fashionable design. Since then, we’ve seen the smartwatch appear in a variety of teasers, with a larger than life prototype appearing on the Android Developers page and the Moto 360 even making a brief appearance on Jimmy Fallon. We know Motorola is looking to launch the smartwatch soon, but one detail that’s had everyone guessing (aside from its specs) is the watch’s price.

It was yesterday we learned the full specs of LG G Watch — a fellow Android Wear competitor — as well as the price, launching at a sub $200 price point. Today, UK retailer Mobile Fun has it on good authority that the Motorola Moto 360 will launch at £199.99, which roughly translates to about $336.58. It’s tough to say if Motorola will bring that price down to an even $300 in the US, but we’d have to say that pretty much falls in line with what we were expecting from the premium smartwatch.

Both the LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 will be running Google’s newly announced Android Wear platform for wearables, an extended version of the Android notification panel we all love (and Apple is slowly assimilating). We expect Google will reveal much more about the mini-Android OS during this year’s Google I/O, where they could be handing out LG G Watches to the show’s attendees.

[Mobile Fun]

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  1. Yeah, US price is rarely a direct currency conversion. Here’s hoping that holds true. Heck! Let’s hope it’s like cameras. Then we’ll get it for close to $200 in the US. :-P

    1. Thinking ~250 … as per the sweepstakes leak last week(?)
      Which is steep IMO for what i’m guessing is less than 150$ worth of plastic and electronics …. people shouldn’t be comparing smart watches to mechanical watches when considering price … assuming it’s well cared for, a good mechanical watch will have exactly the same value and function in 20 years as it does when you buy it … electronic watches however “smart” are commodities and should be treated that way. In 5 years it’ll be obsolete junk and should be priced accordingly.

  2. As long as it’s not too big and has good battery life this may make me spring for a smartwatch over that Swiss I’ve been eyeing

  3. $300 for a watch? Nope. They can keep it.

    1. Every Rolex owner just laughed at you.

      And I just laughed at them for owning a rolex.

      1. $300 for a smarttwatch compared to 30K or more for something that only tells time but looks pretty and has a fancy name. I always laugh at Rolex owners. lol

      2. I laugh at anyone who owns a friggin watch that costs more than $50 for something that is only used to tell time, why do you need to spend more. It’s just as dumb as the fools who spends hundreds for headphones to listen to music with.

        1. Let me know how it goes for you if you ever get a girlfriend.
          Watches are not worn for telling time. Just like any other jewelry or fashion item, which the Moto369 definitely is.

          1. I have a girlfriend, actually. She doesn’t care for fancy accessories or clothes.

            If you have a woman who enjoys those things, good luck keeping her happy. High maintenance women are trouble.

        2. But I swear, I can hear a difference in my beats! They are so much better than other headphones! I mean, why else would they cost $400?

          Ill be chilling with my ATH-m50s over beats any day.

        3. You spend more mostly for the status symbol.

          There are others that are collectors. Just as we love tech and wouldn’t think twice about our new purchase, they wouldn’t blink at a fancy timepiece. The argument can be made for the ‘real’ watch that it will last for decades while our tech won’t even make it half a decade. There are quite a few watch mechanisms that are quite remarkable in craftsmanship by a watch maker.

          There are also some watches that do more than just tell time. Compass, barometer, depth, 1/1000th sec timing, etc. are just a few features. Omega and others wouldn’t exist in the sporting world if they weren’t doing something right.

        4. Man don’t bring headphones into this! Not all headphones are the same.
          But for watches, their main function is the same throughout. How it tells time and how it looks will cost you.

          1. Headphones is a good comparison. Headphones and now smartwatches are essentially accessories to smartphones.

          2. I don’t see it as that. I use my headphones (M50’s, HD650’s) for all my media. Smartphones are a part of it. I wouldn’t stretch out to say headphones are accessories to smartphones, but it depends on how you use them.

            For me, I still use watches are an accessory for what I’m wearing. I don’t think that will change for me for a few more years.

      3. While I agree Rolex prices are ridiculous, you have to keep in mind, it’s all relative. For the super wealthy, $30k is similar to $300 to someone in the middle class.

        On the other side of the spectrum, a really poor person would scoff at us for spending $300 on ANY watch, while they gladly sport their $5 Rolex *knockoff*. lol

  4. I still want to know about battery life. This thing is beautiful and I am 100% behind the design and the platform but I need to know battery life.

  5. UK prices include sales tax, so that converts to a pre-tax cost of $280. UK prices are generally more expensive than the US, not including tax, so the actual US price could well be lower.

  6. I know all the M*to fans are running away now. For them its $99 to $150 max for anything. lol

    1. lol!

    2. Nah, it’s sounds about right. I would even pay $100 more if they would give me titanium band.
      The only problem is that the watch is beginning to look too thick for my liking:(

    3. With the round screen and premium materials, I already expected around $300

  7. I want that watch… But that price hurts.

  8. While I was expecting a $300 price point, I was hoping that the early $250 rumors would end up being the starting point. Then again, if it’s $300 w/ additional bands, that might be worth it. We’ll see. Google I/O is in 2 weeks, so not too long until I think it will finally be released for sale.

    1. Maybe worth it? You know it’s the design that’s getting you. LoL!!

      1. LOL…only because I have a gear already, so it’s more-so about my need, not necessarily want. I plan on getting the 360 regardless, but price and final build will all determine whether I wait or get on launch.

  9. I was hoping for $250 similar to pebble steel.

  10. As I just wrote elsewhere, £199 includes the UK Tax, so first remove that and then convert and it comes out at around $270 which will probably be rounded down to around $250 because the UK always pays more than anywhere else in the world for the same stuff.

    1. Probably even less than that, we usually pay pounds for dollars so if it’s £199 then I would not be surprised at all if it was sold at $199 in the US.

      1. Yes, this is what I usually see happening in the camera world. It’s just baffling.

        1. We get mugged off in the UK.

      2. Correct. All you have to do is compare the prices of devices that are already out. Logic. The gear 2 neo sells in the UK for approximately £199, and sells in the US for approximately $199. Ergo, the moto 360 will sell for approximately $199 as well. Keep in mind, it’s almost certain that will be the price of the “base” model, with a really cheap looking plastic band.

  11. Great…the middle ground difference in price to LG that would make my decision difficult. I hope it goes up or down so I can decide more easily… less would be best.

  12. Anyone expecting anything lower than $299 is kidding themself.

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  14. When it comes to smartwatches form is just as important as function. There isn’t another smartwatch that looks half as good as this and with that being said I will gladly pay whatever price they are asking.

  15. Um the watch will cost $199.99 at launch. Maybe now all of the speculation can stop. They were hinting at a $225.00 Price tag earlier on but they reverted back with the help of Google backing them.

    1. I figure $199 with a plastic type watch band, $249 with a leather band and $299 with the metal band.

  16. Motorola already won my money when they first showed this thing off. Just tell me WHEN!

  17. $300 I won’t buy, though I will really want to. For $199, I think I can make it go.

  18. I would buy it and I have an iPhone.

  19. I figured if the the lg smart watch was around 200$, this would be around 300$ since it has a more premium look.

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