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Moto 360 Cafe

When Motorola took the wraps off their upcoming Moto 360, Android fans everywhere were drooling over the smartwatch’s fashionable design. Since then, we’ve seen the smartwatch appear in a variety of teasers, with a larger than life prototype appearing on the Android Developers page and the Moto 360 even making a brief appearance on Jimmy Fallon. We know Motorola is looking to launch the smartwatch soon, but one detail that’s had everyone guessing (aside from its specs) is the watch’s price.

It was yesterday we learned the full specs of LG G Watch — a fellow Android Wear competitor — as well as the price, launching at a sub $200 price point. Today, UK retailer Mobile Fun has it on good authority that the Motorola Moto 360 will launch at £199.99, which roughly translates to about $336.58. It’s tough to say if Motorola will bring that price down to an even $300 in the US, but we’d have to say that pretty much falls in line with what we were expecting from the premium smartwatch.

Both the LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 will be running Google’s newly announced Android Wear platform for wearables, an extended version of the Android notification panel we all love (and Apple is slowly assimilating). We expect Google will reveal much more about the mini-Android OS during this year’s Google I/O, where they could be handing out LG G Watches to the show’s attendees.

[Mobile Fun]

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