Protip: Motorola will replace cracked/damaged Moto X, G, and E screens for FREE, but there’s a catch


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When HTC announced their “HTC Advantage,” perks offered to owners of the HTC One M8, we figured they were the only OEM on the block offering free replacements of damaged or broken smartphone displays but we were wrong. As it turns out, some folks on the Moto X subreddit are sharing an interesting perk, one that we’re sure not too many people know about (we sure didn’t).

Apparently Motorola offers Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E customers a free, 1-time replacement of a cracked/damaged displays (a $175 value), as long as the phone was purchased directly through Motorola’s website. An awesome perk to be sure, it’s one you wont find advertised anywhere on Motorola’s site, but we were able to receive confirmation directly from Motorola that the offer is indeed valid, although it doesn’t extend to models purchased from any other store or retailer.

What’s more is the customer service rep we spoke to said the offer would also extend to the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1, again, as long as it’s purchased directly through Motorola. Links for anyone on the fence about buying a phone through Motorola can be found below. Anyone else out there with a busted Moto X, G, or E display can submit their device for free repair/service through Motorola here.

Buy from Motorola: Moto X | Moto G | Moto E

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  1. Need moar on X+1. Especially on Developer Edition.

  2. Just announce the darn X+1 already so that I can buy it.

  3. Would love the new x-1 with qi charging and a big battery.

  4. Is the Moto X still worth buying? My Note 3 is acting up and I need to replace it.

    1. Moto X users will tell you they love it. My personal experience with the phone is it’s a great mid-range phone, but it doesn’t match the performance of higher-end devices like the Nexus 5, LG G2, or HTC One M8. Photo quality is also pretty lacking. Still a great phone if you can find a cheap one on Craigslist or what have you. Fantastic battery life.

      1. Chris – just curious, did you get much time to play with the MotoX when it came out? Not hating, but you match it against phones that came out (shortly) after the MotoX, but would argue speedwise, they at least feel similar, and do agree the camera is lacking.

        It’s about a year late to be slapping Moto on the back for what they did with the MotoX, post MotoBlur, but you still have to give it to them. In terms of OEM skins, Moto(/Google) really listened to consumers and made a great experience on the MotoX.

    2. I got rid of my MotoX to play with the M8 until the MotoX+1 (DE) comes along, just to see what else is out there. Even with the GPE ROM on the M8, what some call the gimmicks of the MotoX (twist for camera and active notifications) and excellent battery life are sorely missed. Been there done that with S3, have the N5 on T-Mobile, and the only thing I am waiting for is the MotoX+1 (DE).

      If you like the size of the Note 3, you will have a hard time going to the MotoX. If the MotoX+1 ends up being 5″ish, you need to jump all over it and leave TW behind. I still think the MotoX was Googles Silver experiment.

      1. I have the N5 and although I do love it, I can’t afford to keep two phones and when the X+1 is released then it’s bye bye Nexus.

        1. I just NEED the always listening feature.

    3. Your Note 3 should still be under warranty.

  5. Less expensive than the $$iPhone cost repair

  6. Just a BTW for those that bought the GPE MOTO G:

    Out of curiosity,I contacted MOTO support regarding this device (since it’s still technically GOOGLROLA).

    The CSR stated that it’s not covered,but,suggested trying the Repair Escalation Support Team should a screen replacement be necessary.

    GPE warranty claims are covered by GOOGLE support,but it wouldn’t hurt to try this first.

  7. You expect me to believe that
    a)a cutosmer service rep knows what the X+1 is and
    b)admitted that its exists


    1. sure but the names was leaked a month ago, why wouldn’t they know?


  8. So glad I bought my Mom’s Moto G on the Moto site instead of Amazon. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind when I hopefully buy the X+1.

  9. Yep, my daughter dropped hers in April, and Moto replaced it no questions asked. I called asking the cost because I didn’t know about their policies and didn’t have insurance on it. The rep just processed the replacement right there before I knew it. They just gave us a code to design an new phone on moto maker. This was the third thing Moto did for us as great customer service.

  10. Great, so Canadian users are shafted again, since we can’t even buy off of Motorola’s website.

  11. I have not seen any evidence that this is true for anything other than a customized “moto maker” Moto X. Chatted with Motorola support about my damaged Moto G and was not offered anything but a $125 repair program.

  12. I managed to get a free replacement (no credit card info given to moto at any time) for a phone not customized purchased from AT&T. And its not a developer phone. I just basically called Motorola and asked them “why the phone was so delicate if it had gorilla glass?” They overnighted a brand spanking new one. I was so freaking happy.

  13. I bought a Moto G direct from Motorola’s website, cracked the screen, and had to pay for the replacement… which cost $10 less than buying a new Moto G.

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