Jun 12th, 2014

Android 5.0 screenshots

While advertising the new World Cup card now available on Google Now, Google may have inadvertently confirmed the number of the next major Android release. The time, which shows 5:00, is typically used by Google to denote the Android version in all of their promos. It’s not uncommon for something like this to “leak” in Google’s screenshots, something we’ve seen in the past from their Google app listings in the Play Store.

Now that we could know the version number of the next Android version, still left open for discussion is the type of dessert they’ll use to name it after. Last year Google made a non-money-exchanging-hands kind of deal with Nestle to name Android 4.4 after their KitKat candy bar. It’s possible we could see Google do something similar with the L release (maybe Lemonhead?), or they could go the more generic route with something like lollipop. What do you guys think?


local_offer    Android 5.0 Lollipop