Google Chrome update brings undo tab close feature, better support for multi-window


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Google Chrome for Android has received a pretty decent upgrade. The latest version brings an undo close tab feature, so now you can quickly and easily restore a tab that you may or may not have meant to close (something that happens to yours truly quite often).

Other changes include better support for devices that use multi-window user interfaces, such as Samsung’s phones and tablets. Finally, the update brings us support for subtitles and HTML 5-based controls when viewing videos in full screen. Sounds like a decent enough list of changes to get excited over, so get over to Google Play for the download as soon as you can!

[via Google Chrome]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Maybe a sign that multi-window is coming to stock Android?

    1. Its already here

      1. Not on my Nexus 7, did I miss something?

          1. That’s multi-user. I’m talking about multi-window (ie, being able to run two apps side by side).

          2. Heh heh heh…he had one of those forehead slapping “doh!” moments.

  2. I hope Cyanogenmod 11 will include it for at least some devices at some point in the future.

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