Blue HTC One M8 press shot leaked, looks as gorgeous as we’d imagined


Blue HTC One M8

Last year’s HTC One in blue was one of our favorite color variants of the device. For those that had even the smallest doubt that HTC would also give their latest flagship a similar paint job, the electric blue HTC One M8 has unofficially been leaked by @evleaks.

Last week we caught glimpse of the pink edition HTC One M8 and although there still isn’t word on where these colored M8s will be headed, we’re expecting these to be exclusive to specific carriers/retailers like the blue HTC One (M7) last time around.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Hideous

  2. Why is this site spamming me to use the phandroid app ever page move now?

    1. I know I hate that..every time I go to a page…I get that message…c’mon Phandroid. not cool.

      1. Something was broken on our end. It’s been turned off until we can figure out why it was broken.

    2. if we wanted the app, we’d get the app. stop the pop ups

      1. It’s been fixed.

        1. thanks Chris

    3. Yeah, that’s not supposed to happen. It’s supposed to ask like once every 3 days. We’ve actually turned it off until we can figure out why it’s not working properly. Sorry about that.

      1. It’s happening again.

  3. Looks pretty good in blue.

  4. would be nice if they had one of those ultra thin cases like Chris showcased in his article to show off this blue color while still keeping thin and protected:

  5. i wonder if this will be a best buy exclusive like last year’s m7

  6. I saw a blue one at best buy today (exclusive to best buy) but it was darker blue, like the best buy logo.

    1. Dude that was last year model

  7. Chris’s fanboyism has surpassed Jesus Diaz’s(Gizmodo) love for anything with an ‘i’…. Fanboy so called tech journalists who are into’ pretty looking things’ are ruining the tech blogs…. Hey Chris, how do u like your 4 mp camera? What? Doesn’t matter as long as the thing looks pretty?

    1. Assumptions are fun, but I’ll play along…

      The 4MP is great. Shots look fine as long as you don’t zoom in, and the low light is unsurpassed.

      But here’s the kicker — I don’t have an HTC One M8. Believe it or not, I gave it and the Galaxy S5 up for the LG G2. Yup, I could have any phone in the world right now and I actually went back to a G2. Crazy, right?

      Does that make me an LG fanboy now?

      1. You went back to G2 because it’s a better phone… But everyone still know your heart is with HTC. You just showed it way too much in the past.

        1. I like what HTC is doing with both their hardware and software design. This is true. The fact that they’re now the underdog and are trying harder by committing to Android updates helps in my overall opinion of them as well. But that doesn’t make me a fanboy. Just a fan.

          I can find something to like about all OEMs, and do. Samsung has the best display, LG has the best form factor, Sony also makes a beautiful phone. I’d like to think they’re all pretty awesome at what the do (to some extent), but my personal preference isn’t blind — I move around from one OEM to the next.

          Going back to your original comment, I guess I’m just confused by your statement that I was “ruining Phandroid” by being a what? An Android phone fan?

          1. Even last year whenever I visited here, it was always you praising HTC One and also it was always you mocking & poking jabs at their competitor aka Samsung. G2 was around last year too but you still praised this hipster premium ‘feel’ & design bs. Just like what HTC did when they tried to feed it to public lol That phone was a big brick for its screen size and heavier than the competitions. 4 mp was just pure joke and the biggest joke was all that premium hipster bs went out the window as soon as someone put a case on it. Physical button layout was crap too but you loved em all(I would love to know what you would’ve have said if Sammy’s flagship had that kibd of specs with their non premium build quality lol) . But you perceived to take jabs at Samsung for their polycarbonate build. And it’s funny now your also using non premium build phone. What? LGs’ polycarbonate is more premium than the Samsungs? LOL

          2. I’ve never once said anything bad about plastic. On the contrary, I actually prefer plastic to metal (easier to grip, more resilient, lighter).

            Just the other day I was looking for a Galaxy S4 Google Play edition to replace my Nexus 5, but couldn’t find one on Craigslist.

            Not sure where you’re getting this “Chris hates Samsung” stuff from? I’ve owned the Galaxy S3, Note 2, Galaxy S5 (even though I returned the S5).

      2. actually.. not crazy at all..if the G3 is too big, I will also resort to the LG G2 in November when contract expires…Im no longer a Specs whore…Android has evolved to the point where it is super capable..and with cyanogenmod to take care of phones no longer supported…I’m good with older tech.

        PS..I bought the GS3 when it was 7 months old because of the Nexus 4 inventory shortage…

  8. Looks like every other Android smartphone, but blue.

    Most of my friends have Android smartphones, it you took them out of the cases and put them in a pile, we probably wouldn’t know whose phone was which unless you turned it on and looked at the lock screen.

    1. And?

  9. Down vote is the new up vote for some people. They seem to say anything just to get attention. Lol

  10. I am so glad I didnt wait for this and went with Gunmetal. This blue is more of an aquamarine. I like the M7’s blue color better than this. Its just too pastel or something.

    1. I think it’s because it’s a render that something looks off. I’d imagine they’d go with the same blue as the M7.

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