Thinnest smartphone case you can buy, and it’s only $1 [VIDEO]


HTC One M7 thin case DSC01076

In my quest to continue protecting my device from bumps, scrapes, scratches and bruises — all without breaking the bank — my journey led me to eBay’s Chinese market place. It’s there I found one of the world’s thinnest smartphone cases around. Measuring at only .5mm thick, this generic case adds minimal bulk to your device (read: practically none at all), at the cost of providing a bare minimum amount of protection as well.

HTC One thin case top bottom

Definitely not for the Otterbox crowd, this case probably wont save your display from shattering should you drop your phone down a flight of stairs, but rest assured the covered portions will look as good as they day you bought it. The case covers 3 quarters of your device’s edges, while leaving the bottom exposed and it’s matte finish blends in perfectly with the HTC One’s design.

The best part about the case? At $1 shipped (looks like I may have been overcharged at $3), there’s absolutely no reason not to buy this case. You can find a link to the case in 6 different colors — white (pictured), yellow, blue, black, grey, and pink — via the eBay link just after the video. And yes, there’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 version too. Cheers.

[eBay: HTC One Case | Samsung Galaxy S4 Case]

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  1. Interesting. I might buy a couple in different colors so I can color coordinate with what I’m wearing.

    1. rainbow edition so when your feeling extra hip..

  2. Why can’t major case sellers make something like this. I’ve been wanting a super thin(read: scratch protection only) case on my phones for a long time. I’ve never seen anything that is super thin and conforms to the phone as well as this. Thanks for the tip Chris!

    1. It’s funny cuz Sony Ericsson used to ship all their devices pre-screen protected from the factory. I thought it was the best idea ever.

      1. I left the shipping protector on my G1 for almost a year before it had peeled up enough around the corners.

        1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

          But will it still fit the car
          dock? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. I need something to give me
          a little extra grip. That’s my one gripe about the phone… it’s too
          slick. If this doesn’t work, I might just add a strip of double-sided
          tape. (And thanks in advance for your suggestions to easily slip the
          case on and off when putting it in the car dock, but who wants to do
          that 5 times a day?)

      2. Sony still does that I think.

      3. Sony do still do that, Mines is currently doing a great job on my Xperia S keeping the screen together, protecting my fingers from little shards of glass after I dropped it about a foot…. I believe they market it as a “shatter proof sheet”.. so i suppose it does what is says on the tin.. :/

    2. Why not just buy a skin for your phone if all you want is scratch protection. I have been using bestskinever for my phones and they always work great on screen and body of phone.

      1. Skins always feel weird. The edges are rough and they end up peeling and getting all weird. For me, a thin hard case is the way to go.

        1. This. Not only does a thin case feel better in hand but it also provides a modicum of dent protection versus a skin.

    3. Because they wouldn’t be able to sell it at the premium prices they sell at. They would get ripped apart for selling this for $20 each.

  3. But will it still fit the car dock? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. I need something to give me a little extra grip. That’s my one gripe about the phone… it’s too slick. If this doesn’t work, I might just add a strip of double-sided tape. (And thanks in advance for your suggestions to easily slip the case on and off when putting it in the car dock, but who wants to do that 5 times a day?)

    1. Seriously? Tape? Lol

      1. Got any better suggestions to give some grip to the phone and allow it to still fit in the official car dock?

        1. I agree it’s a VERY slippery phone. This case only adds to that unfortunately.

          You need a glossy skin if your’e looking for grip while allowing it to fit inside the official car dock. Even then, it’d be a very snug fit and you risk damaging the skin :/

          1. seriously? Damn, I already bought it. Oh well. $1 down the drain. Guess I’ll end up going with the double-sided tape.

          2. Get the Poetic case from Amazon!! I now hold my phone with less anxiety. When its got no case on it, I feel less secure with the One. :)

  4. Wish they had one for the note 2.

  5. Where’s the drop test????
    Kidding. The case is hard-silicone, correct?

    1. Not sillicone. Just a matte plastic.

  6. I found one that claims to be .2mm for the note 2. Its item number 140899031999 if anyone is interested. They have several colors to choose from.

  7. I am currently using the “Poetic” case found on amazon. $5 plus free prime shipping. Its pretty dang thin too. Its got that matte rubbery coating on it that helps with fingerprints etc. Definitely not a case for drop protection, but it’ll keep my One nice and scratch free. Chris Chavez, how long does shipping take from China?

    1. I was expecting the usual 4 weeks, but this come in only 1.

  8. Why would anyone want to put a condom on their phone?

    1. Same reason you put it on your junk: protection.

      1. And just like a condom, it doesn’t feel as good as it does when you go bare.

        1. LOL! True…. but also dangerous xD

    2. Maybe they want to make sure it’s safe to use this app.

  9. is this thing available for galaxy s4?!

  10. No. Is it hard case? I’m at work and can’t watch the video right now. But I see that it leaves the bottom edge exposed. Not gonna work for me. I leave my phone on my lap while driving to change the music.

    Sometimes I forget it’s on my lap and get out the car. Yea, thank you simple Poetic Case. The case already has scratches. LoL!! I don’t think this case would be good for me. =.P

    1. Dude I thought I was only one that forgot my phone was on my lap always goes flying down the driveway.

    2. Dude get a dash or vent mount or something. better for what your doing, keeps your head up, better for navigation, and you won’t drop your phone

      1. I have a window mount. I use it for navigation. I leave my phone on my lap when I’m just listening to music. Easy access. I guess I can try using my mount to see if I like it.

        1. Try to like it, safety first. If you have the right player installed it should be fine, I favor poweramp myself.

  11. Why don’t they ship to Canada, that is absurd :S
    Chris, if I paypal you would you buy me one and ship to me :D ?

  12. This isn’t new. I have been using these cases since my Galaxy S2. They are marketed as “0.3mm” on ebay. I have this on my S3 right now. They are in some peoples’ opinions, better than silicone skins because they are plastic and not grippy silicone. Silicone collects dust and makes your phone feel disgusting. Skins on the other hand tend to peel, attract dust, and then can damage the corners of your phone. There’s also no worry about scratching these cases as they are so cheap. Buy 10 off ebay and change them once a month. Feel free sliding your phone across the table. These 0.3mm cases like all other cases do trap a bit of dust under so it’s necessary to clean it once in a while. These also work well with docks because they fit without any modification. Here’s an image of my S3 case. 99 cents shipped free from China

  13. Any idea how this compares to the Nillkin thin case? I love my Nillkin and thought it was about as thin as they could get while still providing protection.

  14. Is this available for the S3?

    1. Scroll down to my post…

  15. Not sure about the exact measurements but my Spigen Ultra Thin Case in matte black has been the best case I have owned. Keeps my back from getting scuffed and I barely notice the added weight.

  16. wonders if they make one for the note 2. i LOVE my phone, but being that big and that slippery means I have to have a tpu case on it just for grip. Even tpu cases add more bulk than I want.

  17. The Cimo Grip case is another really good case. It adds just a little bit more bulk than this one but not much more. It also lets you see the beauty of the phone and gives a bit more protection than the case you mentioned.

  18. I bought this case. It is extremely slippery and does not protect the bottom of the phone. Quite disappointed, I can not really recommend it.

  19. Been getting TPU cases. Just swtiched from the cheap Ebay ones to the Cruzerlite because of the design. Those work pretty well. I thought the HTC One couldn’t get scratched.

  20. I just ordered one in white and one in green. I have an Incipio Feather (not shine) in black and have a MEIFENG in grey and a Nillkin Thin case in black on the way.

    I always look for scratch protection only for the back of my phones. These cheap cases can provide that and viewing the photos and video it looks great. I just hope the feeling is good too.

  21. This the exact case Belkin sells for 24.00 bucks. Just bought one for my new S4. Bummer that theres only red or purple left.

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