Jul 9th, 2013

HTC One M7 thin case DSC01076

In my quest to continue protecting my device from bumps, scrapes, scratches and bruises — all without breaking the bank — my journey led me to eBay’s Chinese market place. It’s there I found one of the world’s thinnest smartphone cases around. Measuring at only .5mm thick, this generic case adds minimal bulk to your device (read: practically none at all), at the cost of providing a bare minimum amount of protection as well.

HTC One thin case top bottom

Definitely not for the Otterbox crowd, this case probably wont save your display from shattering should you drop your phone down a flight of stairs, but rest assured the covered portions will look as good as they day you bought it. The case covers 3 quarters of your device’s edges, while leaving the bottom exposed and it’s matte finish blends in perfectly with the HTC One’s design.

The best part about the case? At $1 shipped (looks like I may have been overcharged at $3), there’s absolutely no reason not to buy this case. You can find a link to the case in 6 different colors — white (pictured), yellow, blue, black, grey, and pink — via the eBay link just after the video. And yes, there’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 version too. Cheers.

[eBay: HTC One Case | Samsung Galaxy S4 Case]

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