Samsung wants to talk about health at May 28th event


samsung heatlhcare invite

Something’s up at Samsung, folks. When isn’t something up at Samsung? This time, they’ve scheduled a May 28th press event where they to start “a new conversation around health.” The invite doesn’t give many others hints so it’s tough to imagine what they’ll be looking to announce.

Samsung has been gung-ho about health in their latest products (just ask Kevin), with their latest firmware upgrades being stocked to the brim with new S Health features, and even physical products such as the Gear Fit or the Samsung Galaxy S5’s heart rate monitor. Could the be launching a whole product line of health-focused products? We could see that happening.

Another possibility is that this has nothing to do with mobile altogether. Samsung could be looking to innovate in the healthcare industry — they have a pretty decent healthcare division if you didn’t know. Either way, we’ll be let in on all the juicy details by the end of the month, so make a reminder to check back on the day in question.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nice, gotta be fit. no fatrolls anymore lol.

  2. Seems to me like Samsung / Apple are just putting their own twist and adding device integration for what you can pretty much already get on the App Store / google play

  3. That’s nice, but will anyone be listening?

  4. I wasnt aware koreans were so health conscious….they’re such a tiny people

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