[Update] Samsung Galaxy S5 “Prime” reportedly due this June, evidence found on Samsung site



We could be closer to the launch of Samsung’s rumored “premium” Galaxy S5 sooner than we thought. According to sources of AsiaToday’s, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime should be headed our way this June, which is only about a month and some change away by our calendar’s count. It’s said Samsung will be focusing on North America and Europe for this device, though we’re not sure how wide a net they’ll cast in terms of carrier availability.

So what’s different compared to the Galaxy S5 already available? How’s a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 display and 2.1GHz Samsung Exynos 5430 Octa-Core chipset sound?

That’s about all we know of so far, but there could be other notable differences compared to the original Galaxy S5 once details are finally made official. Anyone looking to hold out in hopes of getting this over the “ordinary” version? Let us know in the comments below!

[Update]: evidence of the device’s existence has surfaced on Samsung’s website. The model umber SM-G906S has appeared in the company’s Find My Mobile page as an alternative model of the Galaxy S5, which is the same model number of an unknown device with 2560 x 1440 resolution that once appeared in a GFX Bench benchmark. That’s not solid confirmation on its own, but something clearly exists that Samsung is planning to bring into the light soon.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Not to be “That guy” but unnecessarily high resolution is unnecessary. I can understand 1080p screens, but unless this phone is 7″+ I don’t think anyone will notice the difference.

    Other than that I am excited to see what Samsung is offering.

    1. Careful. Last time I said that, someone claimed I had never even seen a 2k display before, and that I was just talking out my rear end ;)

      I agree with you, though

      1. Both of you must be blind! I can’t wait until they start putting screens on phones that I can’t see the individual rgb elements of the pixels! They also need to shrink down vacuum tubes because they produce the best sound, and the phone needs to be able to play records because they sound so much better then lossless aac.

        1. Hey, that’s going too far. I still want a miniaturized painter in my camera.

          1. 3D printer for me.

        2. Can’t tell if troll, fool or both. Jk, both.

    2. Galaxy S5 buyers just got trolled, hard.

  2. Hahaha haha hahaha!

    Samsung galaxy troll…June 2014!!

    1. I actually like that name. Make it out of aluminium to piss off the HTC owners and you just may have something there!

    2. Rickroll comes to mind.

  3. For me as a photographer the best feature of the S5 is the screen. In my opinion, its the best I’ve ever seen. As long as the Prime retains the brightness, color accuracy and battery life, I would upgrade for sure.

    1. I love my Nexus 5, but the one thing I’ve also found difficult is using the screen outdoors. Even at full brightness, it is still a little bit of struggle.

      I haven’t seen the screen on the S5 yet, but hope that it would be a lot better than the N5 outdoors. Here’s to hoping an S5 Prime is even better than that.

      1. Older phone, I know but the S3 sucks for use in bright sunlight. Full brightness still doesn’t guarantee I’ll correctly identify things on-screen.

  4. Hahaha. Oh Samsung, you clever liar you. That’s one of the reasons I don’t buy their hardware anymore.

    1. It’s like a Capcom game. You’ll get 5 versions of the same game in 2 years.

  5. this is just wrong. i won’t believe it till it’s officially released.

    1. Yea, reality hurts. It’s hard to take in.

      1. That’s what she said.

        1. got em!

        2. Oohh myy!

  6. This will not be better than my HTC Magic… nope, won’t even be close

  7. Since I will be getting my sgs5 in june, I hope to get this one, Prime.

  8. There goes Samsung’s consumer reliability…
    On GS5 Launch week- “No premium model planned”… I guess it’s just too bad for those who already bought one?

  9. I feel bad for all the people who are less than a month into owning their SG5.

    1. No confirmation yet.

  10. An ultra aggressive market, Samsung GS5 S and GS5 C, but not as diluted as Apple. Not really a problem anyways. The GS5 is still a good phone.

    1. IPhone 5C looks and functions worse than most mid-high range Android devices yet it costs more than most of them. Anyone who bought it got an inferior device and wasted $100-300.

  11. GPE edition or GTFO

    1. absolutely! the main reason why I still have my S4. not to mention there seems to be only 16gbs being sold in the United States.

      1. Korea and China can troll the US all it wants with toned-down specs compared to the versions of devices they sometimes release at home. Welcome to planet Earth – where no one likes anyone else and pride dominates every decision.

      2. *they can troll like that because there’s nothing the US can do about it*

    2. Depleted uranium build or the Samsung fanboy hostages get it.

  12. All I’m saying is expect to pay 200 more dollars than what the original S5 cost… Not even worth it

  13. I tried to buy a Galaxy S5 a couple of days ago but my card’s chip had been scratched. Thank you, car keys! I forgive you for scratching my S3’s screen.

  14. I have no sympathy for anyone who purchased an S5 already. With all the rumors suggesting there would be a prime/premium in May (now June apparently) may it actually comes, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it remains rumors. The point is that if you aren’t happy with the S5 then you really have other issues. It is better than the HTC One M8. In fact, it is the best handset out there currently. If you’re not happy with what is currently the tip top of the line, then you maybe trying to fill a void that technology cannot meet. All that aside, why would anyone buy a handset these days with only 16 GB of onboard? I need at least 32 GB PLUS the option of an SD. Seeing as how no US carrier has more than a 16 GB S5 model, that’s a huge hint that something else might be coming. I myself did not get it simply because of this issue. My S3 currently has 32 GB. Why on earth would I downgrade on the storage capacity for a supposed flagship? I wouldn’t. Which brings me to my next point. June is 2 years since the S3. Even though the wireless model is changing, still plenty of folks coming off two year contracts with their carriers looking for something new. Give them a brand new shiny option and it’s bank either way for Samsung!

    1. How exactly is the S5 better than the M8?

      The build of the M8 blows it out of the water, not to mention that Sprint just released a Harmon Kardon version of the M8.

      Plastic simply doesn’t cut as a flagship device. Sure the S5 is chock full of TouchWhiz UI gimmicks, but other than the camera, there isn’t anything that makes it head & shoulders above the M8 or Xperia Z2 for that matter.

      1. Better screen, better camera, water resistant, feels better in the hand, it’s lighter, removable battery, and is thinner.

        Otherwise, the phones are virtually identical, but these are things that matter to me.

        Aluminum is highly overrated. Aluminum is a weak, soft metal that chips and scratches like nobody’s business. Polycarbonate handles the daily beating just fine and you don’t have to worry about chips or scratches. However, Aluminum or polycarbonate, all smartphones are fragile and all of them with break from dropping them on concrete, the M8 or the S5.

        Sorry, but if “build quality” is all the M8 has, that isn’t much. Seems like people these days focus far too much on looks than actual functionality.

        …and the Z2 would be great, if Sony actually knew how to move product in the Sates.

  15. I have the S5 and I will “jump” and get the S5 “prime” when it comes out. God bless T-Mobile and their top tier upgrade program. I can’t wait to get my hands on Samsung’s 4k display…

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