HP getting ready to announce attractive 14-inch Android-powered notebook


HP is continuing their line of Android-powered notebooks apparently, with Notebook Italia discovering a hidden video on the manufacturer’s site for the HP SlateBook 14. The promo video gives us a very clean and clear look at the device, which HP made sure was stunning and eye-popping in its design.

The leaked model shows a bumblebee-esque yellow and black color scheme. We’re not sure if other colors will be available, but we imagine they are aware that not everyone will be a fan of this particular combination.

What we are sure of is the fact that it’ll be running an NVIDIA Tegra processor, though whether that’s Tegra 4 or Tegra K1 remains to be seen. That should be flanked by 2GB of RAM, 1080p HD 14-inch display, HDMI-out, a built-in webcam, 3x USB ports, and Beats Audio speakers.

Any other details will have to come from new leaks or HP themselves, but with such a smooth promo video ready to go it sounds like it won’t be long before they out all the details we’re craving. Be sure to watch the embed up above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HP!? Alright, move along, nothing to see here.

    1. Discount a product because you don’t like the company? Silly.

      1. Theres good reason behind it, HP Quality and Design isn’t really good. Either they overheat often, have low battery life,obtain viruses easily , or just awfully slow at many tasks. Maybe an Android tab can solve that.

        1. Are you talking about a PC you’ve had? I’ve had two HP desktops for 6 years, and they’ve been wonderful. In any case, judge this product on it’s own merit. HP is a huge, complex company with layers of legacy companies folded into the HP brand. Issues or advantages are not going to be ubiquitous across all their product lines.

          1. You are comparing hp when it used to be good to current products. The older products were built better. Now it’s all about cutting corners to maximize profits, their tech support is the worst. I too loved their products once but now it’s all garbage to me.

        2. What does obtaining a virus have anything to do with the manufacturer? Wouldn’t that be an OS thing and security features that are built-in?

  2. Why onscreen navigation buttons?

    1. Those aren’t navigation, they’re media player controls. Anything coming from the Play Store will utilize those.

  3. That looks hot. But Android powered isn’t the way to go, Chromebook keeps up with updates much better.

  4. Can someone give me some use case scenarios of when I would want one? Seriously I’m racking my brain to think of something. I already have an Android Tablet, Nexus 5 and Chromebook. So maybe I’m not the target market here, but I was wondering who is?

    1. I can’t watch the videos, but if I’m assuming correctly, the screen is probably detachable. This could replace your Android tablet, and possibly your Chromebook.

      Google doesn’t want Android tablets, though. They want people to use Chromebook. I have Bluestacks installed on my laptop, and I only use it to play some games that I would normally play on my tablet, like Plague, INC and Scribblenauts.

      It’s really just for entertaining purposes. I don’t see much use outside of that.

      1. Ah thanks, yes, that would make more sense if the screens are removable.

        1. The screen doesn’t look detachable in the pictures at all, especially since all the connections are on the base. I could see using android on a laptop a few years in the future, once it continues to evolve. Hopefully laptops would use a slightly different fork of android that was better formatted for keyboard/mouse always on use, and had multiple apps and tabs per screen support.

          My perfect computer is chrome os w/ a quad core i7 processor, 8-32gb of ram, no touch screen, 1080p 15 inch screen, and the ability to also run torrents, better local media support then chrome os currently has, (and possibly office, although in the next 1-5 years google drive should’ve fully replaced 100% of office functionality) and maybe android functionality for a few games/apps (but really mostly unnecessary, especially if android got to the point the laptop could just chrome remote desktop to my android phone!)

          #open all of the chrome tabs at once!

  5. Sounds a lot more useful than a Chromebook.

  6. At least Wiz Khalifa will get one.

  7. Darn they took the video down before I watched. I would’ve watched earlier, but it wouldn’t work on the phandroid app on my phone because it was flash, can you guys add flash api support to the new phandroid app? (some of us still have flash working on our phones). Or at least add back the button the view in browser button? It’s good to have when you post something that doesn’t format correctly in the app, like non youtube video embeds.

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