Samsung phone with 2560 x 1440 appears at GFXBench


samsung sm-g906s benchmark

Many people were thinking the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be announced with a 2560 x 1440 display, but to the dismay of many they stuck with the same 1080p display from yesteryear. It appears Samsung could be looking to satiate those who had a problem with the device, though, as a new Samsung phone has appeared over at GFXBench with a 2560 x 1440 display.

The phone has a model number of SM-G906S, which is somewhat close to the Galaxy S5’s SM-G900 being used. That doesn’t guarantee that this is a direct derivative of Samsung’s 2014 flagship, but it’s possible.

Unfortunately there’s nothing to know about the device just yet, though you should know the device outperformed the Exynos-based Galaxy S5 in a couple of different areas. We’re not quite sure what that means just yet, but the fact that it did the deed with a much higher resolution must mean good things.

It might be a while before we hear from this guy again — heck, we might not hear anything about it at all — so it probably wouldn’t be worth shelving those plans to grab the Galaxy S5 if you’ve been highly anticipating it.

[GFXBench via PhoneArena]

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  1. Oh boy samsung at it again, watch this be like the galaxy s5 “prime” or something like that, with 4k resolution and premium build, in other words what the current s5 should have been.

    1. Maybe I’m just trying to justify my (soon to be ) purchase, but I rather look forward to the S5 having played with on yesterday. II would have liked the 805 chip but that would only be for more future proofing till my next upgrade.
      I don’t know how else they could have bettered the S5 a part from build / design.
      But if people have ideas on how to better it I would like to know! (for reals!)

      1. I definitely feel that the S5 gets treated unfairly in the specs department. I continually hear that the S5 is a disappointment specs wise, despite it having almost the same internals as the highly touted HTC One. Most of this seems to be a preference choice for the aluminum build. I think it’s a very nice upgrade. Water resistance, Camera Upgrade, USB 3.0, Fingerprint Scanner, a much improved TW experience and despite the article referring to it as the “1080P screen of yesteryear”, an improved display. In fact, this very site just recently ran an article on the improvements in this screen. Don’t feel bad about your purchase.

    2. Well, that’s what some people wanted, right? The GS5 is priced too high then. $700 for a high end lower build quality model? More like charge $500.

    3. Not everyone wants to pay “premium” prices for phones, nor does everyone care about metal phones or super high end specs. Lots of consumers, prefer to trade on those things for a more consumer friendly cost, and for that reason, I think Samsung’s multiple offerings is fantastic.

      1. No one said anything about “metal” premium build doesn’t automatically mean metal, for instance the polycarbonate on the nexus 5 feels a lot more “premium” than the cheap plastic feel on the s3 s4 and probably even the s5 same goes for the htc one of a couple of years ago. And btw you’re already paying for a premium device.

        1. I know that. I just listed metal as 1 mere example. I didn’t think I needed to list every single substance to get my point across. And most consumers actually buy their phones on contract, so no, they are not paying premium prices for their GS5. I guarantee there will be some great deals stateside among the carriers. The “premium” edition could have another $50-$100 slapped on top of that.

          1. Like you said “could” but what if it costs exactly the same as the current s5 wouldn’t you be a bit bummed out that you got on a 2 year contract with the current s5 when they release this ?? I know I would

          2. Absolutely. And you make a very valid point. My opinion is that they should offer them at different price points. If they don’t, I agree, if I bought the 1st one, I’d be annoyed.

          3. Absolutely, that would make more sense both to samsung and to their customers, in a nutshell, if you have deep pockets and you wanna go all out because you want the premium screen and feel then they can opt to go with the one which premium or if you want a good value then there’s that too, after all, choices is what android is all about.

      2. The only metal I want in regards to my phone is maybe the music that’s on it.

    4. It is quite disappointing when manufacturers choose somewhat inferior versions of devices to be released for North America and/or anywhere else outside of the where the company is located. Oppo’s Find 7 comes to mind.

  2. If you are are OK with the performance regression (Adreno 320 level) and lower battery life , and all you care about is higher numbers (because higher=better, right?) then enjoy your new toy.

    1. You don’t know the battery size, so you’re just assuming stuff.

    2. Well considering, The benchmark listing now offers additional info on the hardware lurking inside this beastly phone with the SoC listed as a quad-core Qualcomm CPU at 2.5GHz with an Adreno 420 GPU — so it’s almost certainly Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 805. In addition there’s a little under 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 15.8-megapixel camera and a 2560×1400-resolution 5.2-inch display, I suggest you wait until it is actually released, before commenting on it’s performance.

      1. “with an Adreno 420 GPU”
        Which makes it even more sad. If i were to buy a new flagship device with Adreno 420 gpu i sure would expect more performance out of it than previous phones, as opposed to a 2014 device with performance comparable to 2012 phones .

        “In addition there’s a little under 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a
        15.8-megapixel camera……”
        So your point is…? You do realize aside the resolution, none of that has any impact on GPU performance, right? Everything on the 1st post was solely for GPU performance.
        UP: As if it wasnt clear enough:


        Samsung SM-G906S (Adreno 420)
        494 Frames (8.0 Fps)
        Samsung Galaxy S4 (Adreno 320)
        321 Frames (5.2 Fps)
        Samsung SM-G906S (Adreno 420)
        998 Frames (17.8 Fps)
        Samsung Galaxy S4 (Adreno 320)
        903 Frames (16.1 Fps)

        1. My point was, and still is, the phone has not been released, and unofficial specs are slowly trickling out, so it is absolutely ridiculous for you to be commenting on performance on an unreleased device. You know nothing about how this mystery device will perform, so stop pretending that you do. You commented on a GPU that is not even allegedly present, and you commented on battery life which you know nothing of. I welcome your comments on performance, once you actually see it perform.

  3. WHY?! You can’t even see this damn resolution at that screen size. 1080p is almost indiscernable from 720p at 5″ and less.

    1. Lol no @ your second sentence and you’ve probably never even seen/compared a 1440p phone so you should stop speculating.

      1. Huh. I’ve got a 1440p 10″ tablet and honestly? I don’t find it that much of an improvement over 1080p tablets. At 10″, I CAN tell the difference, but having compared 720p and 1080p phones side-by-side with <5" screens (I have an HTC One, which is 1080p) and owned everything going as far back as a HTC G1 and iPhone 3G, I feel that I'm pretty qualified to make comparisons.

        1. This will help when viewing certain media. You won’t have to scale the media and it won’t look choppy and stuff.

          Like if you view a large image, you don’t have to scroll to view all the image in it’s full quality. In other words it helps you be more lazy. =.P

          1. I guess so. I mean, there’s a HUGE difference in image quality between my Acer a500 and my Nexus 10, and my Galaxy Victory and HTC One, yeah, but I’ve only seen 1440p media 2-3 times on the Nexus 10, and even my photography only gets so much clarity (shot at 10-16MP).

    2. well thats at 5″… this thing is 5.2″ so of course you need 1440. :-p

      1. Of course!

    3. Tell that to all the Moto X haters out there, because for the past year, they certainly would have liked you to believe otherwise.

  4. Whatever this phone is supposed to be, it definitely isn’t ready for prime time.

    According to the specs, it doesn’t even have auto-focus on the main camera.

  5. note 4?

    1. This only has a 5.2″ screen so that rules out the Note 4. It does all but guarantee the Note 4 will have a 2k screen tho. Can’t wait to get the GN4.

    2. That’s what I was thinking about!

    3. Doubtful. The model name doesn’t match up with the Note series.

  6. These specs and build quailty aren’t going to matter.. Because regardless..
    *camera zooms in*
    This phone will have TouchWiz!!! *Fail horn*

    1. It must be the cool thing to hate TouchWiz. It’s not perfect, but I actually like it 100x better than Sense, and even more than vanilla Android. Just my opinion.

      I’ve never had any lag issues with TW on my S2. And the S5’s version has been slimmed down — from my experience with it at the store, it is very responsive and smooth.

      1. I’ve owned Samsung captivate, S2 & S3 played with the S4. I hate touchwiz and not just cause it’s the “cool thing to do” I just despise its existence. To me, nothing out there right now beats stock android. That is my opinion and I respect yours.

        1. I love the home button.

        2. So you’re comparing old versions of TouchWhiz to the latest/current version of Stock. How could you possibly have an accurate opinion on what’s “out there?”

          1. Because I go out there and try other devices. I’ll buy HTC one use it for awhile, sell it, then buy something else. I’ll borrow a friend’s SGS4 and I’ll loan him my nexus. I’ll go to stores and play with demo devices. My dad has a HTC one and I can say I hate sense. It’s better than touch wiz though. My friend at school has a LG G2 and it’s not half bad imo, still prefer stock though! I have a very good idea what’s out there and I can say in my opinion– stock is by far the best out of them all.

          2. And again, your talking about old versions of Touchwhiz on a post about device that will be running a new version you have yet to try.

          3. Doesn’t matter. It’s going to suck..

    2. what are you like 3 versions ago?with quad core processing and tons of storage the phones that Samsung has now are very Fast. don’t like the looks? Throw on a custom launcher and get yourself some custom icons many of which are completely free. Not fast enough? Turn on your developers settings and then turn off or turn down the animation settings. This touch with hatred is getting really old. I don’t use it either personally but I’m not on here whining about it when there are so many other things that can be done to change it. That’s what Android is , choice & customization.

      1. Calm down.. You’re acting like I kicked your puppy or something?.. I simply stated my opinion and told the other guy I respected his! I know what Android is and what it can do. I’ve owned Samsung devices and I can say I didn’t like it. I did use custom launchers, I did root and put CM and other ROMs on it. I just don’t like Samsung Galaxy devices along with that atrocious home button. I am a Nexus man and have been since the nexus one. There’s a reason so many people hate touchwiz.. Lol people don’t hate it because it’s cool they hate it because it sucks lol. Again, that’s our opinion.

        1. It’s worth noting that the S5 comes with a new version of TW that is actually quite an improvement over the TW we’ve known. It’s even nice to look at, which is a first for TW.

          1. Exactly.

        2. I hope you realize that Touchwhiz has changed since you’ve “owned Samsung devices.” That’s kinda like me saying, “Nexus devices suck. I don’t like Nexus devices. I’ve owned the Nexus One and didn’t like it.” Just saying.

          1. I think you skipped the part where I said I used a S4 and still didn’t like it.

          2. No, I saw that part. Didn’t miss it at all. But I think you missed the part about Touchwhiz on the S5 being revamped since its incarnation on the S4.

          3. No I got that part. Touchwiz sucks big ol’ donkey nuts you butt hurt Samsung fanboy

      2. Exactly, and also, most people whining about TouchWhiz, have no idea what the latest incarnation of it is like.

        1. The S5 isn’t even out yet? How would I even know what the latest version of touchwiz is like? lol you need to calm down.

          1. I know that it is not out yet, in he US, so that is exactly my point. You have NOT used it yet, so you can’t possibly say that you hate it or that it sucks. Precisely, my point is YOU need to calm down until you know what you’re talking about.

  7. Note 4 Note 4 Note 4 Note 4

    1. And 64 bit? The note products would be great for introducing that.

  8. It’s the premium version that Samsung said they wouldn’t have made.

  9. it better appear with some frickin optical image stabilization and front facing speakers for my next phone will be an HTC.

    1. Why not the One plus One? Seems like the best of all worlds (despite not even having seen it yet).

      1. you mean the Oppo Find 7? lol

  10. Oh boy this could be the Samsung Galaxy F! i hope its still water resistant!

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