Samsung KQ prototype rumored to be the Galaxy S5 we all wanted with QHD display, Exynos 5430



Part of the reason the Samsung Galaxy S5 was met with mixed reactions is because it wasn’t totally the device everyone expected. Namely, Samsung’s decision to stay with a 1080p display over the then-rumored 2,560 x 1,440 resolution — as well as going with just 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB — didn’t sit well with many people.

Samsung could be looking to rectify that shortcoming, though, with a new device rumored to be on the way. SamMobile has caught wind of a user agent profile detailing a phone codenamed the Samsung “KQ,” which they’ve already begun to affectionately bill as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Aside from the aforementioned 5.2-inch QHD display, the KQ is expected to come with Samsung’s Exynos 5430 chipset and Intel-crafted LTE modules (as opposed to the typical Qualcomm setup seen inside most phones, or their own-built LTE chips that are used in the Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy S5).

The chipset, if you don’t know, consists a set of Cortex-A15 cores clocked at 2.1GHz, with a subset of Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.5GHz for low-powered tasks and background processing.

No other details were to be had at this point, though we can assume everything else about this “premium” experience will at least be up to code with the current Galaxy S5. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for even more whenever this upgraded experience arrives (something not expected to happen until the half-way point of this year gets here).

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  1. If it’s true and they release this, there a lot of people who will be pissêd off they got the lower end s5

    1. reminds me of the time motorola released the original droid razr phone only then to launch the maxx version a month later.

      1. That’s a d1ck move on the part of Samsung

        1. agreed…and especially when the samsung VP lied and said this device doesn’t exist

      2. well, the specs were changed…and it was a thicker and heavier phone..so some people didnt care….but this is going to be the same phone with better specs

      3. Stuff like that is what put motorola in the position they found themselves in as of late

        1. i kind of disagree, motorola – like HTC their last couple years of devices have been reviewed to be quite well received, it was the few years before with laggy motoblur and shoddy battery life HTC devices, that drove people to trying new devices.

          Tons of people of the general public (majority of people who push the pockets for these big OEMS, buy new phones a month before the next one is released. They don’t care as much about the details as we do.

          Also, millions of people wont neglect a good product just because two years ago they liked their phone but a better one was released shortly after. “I’m not going to get the gs6 because 2 years ago, they released a gs4+, instead I’ll buy a tegra phone”

      4. Don’t forget that they released the “Bionic” first, without any hints of the RAZR’s on the way shortly thereafter. The Bionic was supposed to be Motorola’s superphone and kept hush hush about the Razr line.

    2. Personally, I hate Apple. My wife hates Apple. I want to see Samsung kick Apple’s ass. If they can come up with a super premium phone right when Apple releases the iPhone 6, and it kicks the iPhone’s butt, I’ll grin so widely my face muscles will hurt.

      We paid $100 each for our GS5s on contract, which is less than a super premium price. From what I’ve gathered so far, the people who wanted the S5 Prime to be the S5, were too disappointed to buy the S5 anyway. And it’s still going to come with Touchwiz.

      1. Sounds so childish that you just wanted to see Apple got its butt kicked lol.

    3. Why? You already bought a great smart phone ,this is another great mobile phone from Samsung ,that’s all.

      1. But is it great?

  2. Your title is off, as that resolution would be 2k, whereas qhd is 960×540.

    1. There’s a big difference between qHD and QHD.

      1. Yup, quarter vs Quad. HD is considered to be 720p 1280×720.

        1. And whats funny with that is when they talk about quarter hd its a quater of 1080p and not 720p, LOL.

      2. Thank you, I misunderstood that! That is kinda silly that the difference is capitalization of the first letter…

        1. Agreed. Totally confusing.

          I prefer using actual numbers. 720, 1080, 1440, etc.

    1. Lol true story

  3. Bad move Sammy!

  4. S5 Prime GPe would get my attention.

    1. If the Prime gets GPE but not the vanilla S5, I’m gonna go apeshit.

  5. As long as Samsung doesn’t start pulling stunts like this with the Note line.

  6. This bolds well for the Note line. I would be shocked to see the Note 4 launch without a QHD screen. I’m stoked. IMO the Note is the true flagship Sammy phone.

    1. The note is definitely nice but I don’t see how it can be the flagship when its size alienates a fair share of consumers.

  7. My money is on this being the Galaxy J2 and will only be available in Asian markets. Around this time last year after the gs4 was released there were rumors of a gs4 with an s800 chip, didn’t that turn out to be the galaxy J?

  8. I would say I’m apprehensive about the Exynos processor (given it never performs as well as Samsung promises), but after experiencing the Galaxy S5 — I think it’s just TouchWiz. Like @irishrally:disqus said, here’s to hoping there’s a Google Play edition.

  9. Most likely that this will happen LOL! Just look at how fast they deliver one Galaxy device after another. Samsung screws its own loyal fans!

  10. Ehh this 2k screen stuff doesn’t wow me….I have a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 with a 2560×1600 display and my M8 looks better and more crisp when watching the same exact videos side bye side..so its irrelevant since the human eye won’t be able to tell. Plus you better have a great battery for a display like that.

    1. It depends on which equates to more ppi though.
      5″ on 1080p vs. 10.1″ on WQHD (?)

      1. And the 5″ would win that with 440 versus the 300(rounded for both).

  11. This all makes sense now. People complain about the lagging performance of the S5 (relative to its hardware specs), so the S5 Prime would probably come with Tizen OS optimized to be superior to the Android based S5. Perfect excuse for Samsung to blame Android as the inferior OS compared to Tizen.

    1. http://www.engadget.com/2014/02/27/samsung-tizen-os-prototype/

      “The company insists the platform isn’t designed to replace Android, affirming that it forms part of its “multi-OS strategy,” but given its recent wearable overhaul, we’ll never say never.”

      Multi-OS strategy? I call a bluff!

  12. At least CrApple had the decency to release both the the 5s and the 5c together giving consumers a choice….I’m not considering any GS5 variants, but I feel bad if this is true and all those people bought the lamer GS5….clearly not Sammy’s best move…IMHO…..save this for the GS6…

  13. I find it quite amusing that people are ragging on a 1080p screen, when NOBODY has (or can afford) a 2 or 4K tv or monitor to enjoy the 2 or 4K video that was shot on said device. Not to mention, shooting in 4K mode for more than a minute will eat up craploads of space on your phone. This is a non-issue.

  14. They would need to have some type of buy-back if they want this to succeed. And not a $100 credit buy-back. More than 50%. Of course, that’s seemingly impractical, so oh well.

    Ever since I saw and heard reviews of the S4 and S5, the Galaxy S line hasn’t seem to be the best. Their Note line seems lovely, but I don’t know about their Galaxy S line. Hmm…

  15. I feel we are getting to the point of diminishing returns on these smartphone specs. What could you possibly have to complain about with a 2.8ghz, 2 gb ram, roughly 430 ppi display? I think the s5 is great. Runs circles around every other Android device I’ve had (9 and counting) and the display makes my iPhone retina-having friends piss themselves.

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