HTC said to be responsible for upcoming 8-inch Nexus tablet, could be Google’s last one


nexus 8

Google and HTC haven’t exactly been BFFs in the Nexus world, with their only device — the original Nexus One — being a long afterthought at this point. But the duo could be pairing up to bring the next Nexus tablet if the latest reports by DigiTimes are to be believed.

According to them, Taiwanese component manufacturers have been receiving orders for 8-inch HTC devices that will launch under Google’s Nexus brand. It’s nothing we haven’t already heard before, though earlier rumors suggested the device would actually be 8.9 inches. We’re told to expect a third quarter launch of this device which could mean a grand unveiling at Google I/O on June 26th.

Google’s short line of 7-inch Nexus tablets have traditionally launched right around this same time, which could suggest this is less of a supplement and more of a replacement. ASUS will apparently take this break to focus on pushing their own devices. That’s said to be the exact reason HTC declined Google’s olive branch when they were first asked to make the 7-inch line a couple of years back.

This wouldn’t be HTC’s first crack at the tablet scene, with the failed HTC Flyer and the HTC Jetstream duly noted in the company’s history. HTC is already rumored to be attempting a second go at the tablet market now that they have had time to sit back and evaluate their mistakes, and a Nexus device wouldn’t be a bad way to get their feet wet again.

More troubling in this report are murmurings that this will be Google’s final Nexus tablet. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard a rumor like that, with earlier reports stating Google will eventually look to sunset the Nexus line. The stated cause? Because the Nexus tablets were only ever made to boost market penetration for Android tablets, and now that they’re beginning to beat out the iPad in sales that task is reportedly checked off as complete.

At the same time, Google’s device strategy might not end there. The company is expected to continue offering devices with stock Android through the advent of Google Play Edition phones and tablet, many of which are already available over at Google Play.

If you aren’t already educated on GPe, they are versions of popular OEM flagship devices without typical OEM customization. We wouldn’t mind such a future, though it’ll be hard to let go of the notion of getting feature-packed smartphones such as the Nexus 5 for as little as $350, or tablets like the Nexus 7 for as little as $230. Onward to Google I/O to see how this one might unfold.

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  1. Last Nexus tablet????


      1. It’s always funny; the websites that exist.

  2. Its be awesome to be like the htc one m8 design, that would be an awesome tablet

    1. Huge top and bottom bezels. No thanks, that’s certainly not my cup of tea.

      1. OMG please stop with the bezelgate and quit bitching. Geez i dont givacrap of the bezels were twice the size they are now. HTC has always had large bezels and by all sign they will in the future as well, if you want to bitchabout bezels go get with the isheep in their iherd and become and idouche!

        1. I just stated a polite opinion. No bitchiness or personal attacks like your comment. I have flagged your comment. Have a nice day.

      2. Well with a tablet bezels on top and bottom are actually good for holding it in landscape without having your hands resting on the screen, so with the HTC One design it would be perfect, especially with Boomsound

        1. Totally agree that you actually need a reasonable size bezel on a tablet. The current Nexus 7 2013 bezels are still a little large. I suspect a M8 derived tablet would have bigger bezels again. So for my use I think it would be too big. Stereo front firing speakers would be great. Having said that I have no complaints with the current side firing stereo speakers and don’t need front firing speakers if it results in larger bezels. I don’t mind if others want boomsound so long as there is an option to turn it off. I absolutely despise EQ’ing. With a reasonable priced headset there is no need to EQ and with the onboard speakers I just accept there is no way they can possible reproduce adequate bass with or without EQ’ing involved.

  3. Non google devices might make me try Apple again. Hope they always produce their own.

  4. Hopefully May will be the month Sony finally releases the Xperia Z2 Tablet in the U.S. since Google seemingly has no intentions to release a successor to the Nexus 10.

  5. SHH!! Don’t say it’s the last one, you’re gonna jinx it!

    1. “Come on! Shoot faster
      Just a little bit of energy, yea!!
      I wanna try something fun right now,
      I guess some people call it anarchy!!
      Let’s blow this city into ashes
      And see what Pow-Pow thinks
      It’s such pathetic neatness
      But not for long cause you’ll get jinxed!!”

  6. Im really, really upset Google is cancelling the Nexus line. I only buy Nexus devices. I dont think I can get used to having bloatware and manufacturer UI again. *sigh*

    1. the nexus program, if its cancelled, will be replaced with the GPE program…. so you’ll still continue to enjoy devices without bloatware, and without manufacturer UI’s. there’s currently a non-nexus 8-inch tablet on the play store, which is stock android.

      1. Except they will no longer enjoy good pricing, which is also one of the major appeals of the Nexus line.

        1. And they will be phablets with terribly designed hardware interfaces that aren’t necessary when running stock Android.

          For example:

          1. the HTC One, is not a phablet. that one you linked to is actually a cellphone which is available in-store at the carriers, except those are non GPE, and the one in the play store is GPE.

      2. U.S.A. only! Big problem if GPe devices are to replace int’l Nexus devices!

        1. Hmm, I never thought about that….. Aren’t the other GPE phones unlocked? meaning I could put in any sim card from any carrier?

  7. I recently sold my N7 2013 just because I don’t use it, but I really hope that the Nexus line doesn’t die. I don’t know what I will do phone wise if they stop it. I’m not about to pay $600-800 off contract.

  8. I can’t imagine they’d let subsidized, low priced devices go (Nexus brand or not). If they do, Amazon will run away with the “Android” market share…first with their tablets and, if rumors are to be believed, with low cost subsidized phones. Think this through, Google.

    1. Nexus phones don’t need to be subsidized. The only difference between Nexus phones and any other Android phone is the profit margin. On Nexus phones(starting with the Nexus 4) the profit is pretty low. Other phones have a HUGE profit.

  9. We’ll have to depend on certain manufacturers in order to maintain low hardware costs, e.g. Moto and One Plus. Project Ara can be our future Nexus.

  10. I imagine an HTC tablet to have no more that 5 hours screen on time.

  11. well i will be 10000% buying this tablet…being that my og n7 is on its last licks and i love my lil guy…but i truly hope they dont stop the nexus line keep the 1nexus phone and 1 nexus tablet going…even if you switch it to an every 2 years release…i dont like the gpe devices because they still cost an arm and a leg and your actually getting less for your money then you would buying the reg device and rooting and roming…i dunno not a fan

    1. I agree. Not a whole lotta people want to buy off contract phones so I don’t see gpe succeeding.

      1. More people would buy off-contract phones if they weren’t so math-challenged.

        1. Still comes down to having the outright funds. Just as many people are financially challenged as they are mathematically challenged.

  12. Yes, lets give a company that has had zero success with tablets the responsibility of making the Nexus 8.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. It’s time for a change…
      It’s time to break the meta…
      Deal with it.
      *puts sunglasses on*

      1. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope it turns out all right.

        Remember if it’s anything like the Nexus 7 2013 it will be Google’s design.

        HTC will just be manufacturing it to their specifications.

      2. If you want a change then give the contract to Sony. They actually have a track record (albeit limited) of making good tablets.

    2. Um, it would be HTCs hardware with Google’s direction on design and software. HTC has good hardware, its just their software and marketing that are terrible.

      1. No S%^!

        If by HTC’s hardware, you mean parts made by other companies and assembled, then your right.

        1. Not sure the purpose of this moronic post. You made the “point” that HTC had no success in tablets, I made the point they make good hardware but ruin it with marketing and software, so Google’s marketing and software with HTCs great hardware could end up great (yeah they buy the chips, but they design the phone, everyone buys the damned chips so by your logic every single phone is the same).

          But I am guessing this went over your head for the second time since your only response to a counterpoint was that stupidity.

          1. That’s not entirely true, some manufacturers do provide some key components which are a result of their own R&D, not just something they’ve bought.

            What HTC is really known for is their aluminium unibody shell, you won’t get that on the Nexus 8 as it will follow whatever design Google have in mind for this generation on Nexus devices.

            Similar to what Asus and LG had to do with the Nexus 5 and 7.

  13. God I hope the idea of the Nexus line going away is bull. Even beyond the prices, which were great, the idea of a pure Android phone was the other huge thing for me. Even the GPE devices aren’t sufficient because they are basically slapping Google’s android onto a device that isn’t built for it. So you have pointless buttons and interfaces and wasted space and hardware.

    So Samsung has to keep up the arms race to run its horrible skin while you could make do with a phone with excellent battery life, a smaller body and lower price point because of the efficiency of stock Android.

    My Nexus 4 is dated by all accounts but its still on par with the HTC and faster than the S5 in real day to day use because of those launchers and apps.

  14. I like the idea of HTC making another Nexus device

    The one thing that does suck is the rumor that Google might end the Nexus line. If that happens the only choices will be devices with crappy customized versions of Android (Sense, TouchWiz, etc) or Google Play edition phones. Both of which are extremely overpriced.

  15. Boom sound them bitches and it’ll b great!

  16. Great, now HTC can make a Nexus 8″ tablet almost as large as a Nexus 10 with a really slippery metal exterior. At least they can’t ruin a tablet camera.

  17. I hope they keep the Nexus brand going! They don’t need an 8″ tablet though. They need a replacement for the Nexus 10. Five inches for a phone is great. Seven and a half inches for a mid sized tablet would be good for those who want one. And the 10″ tablet is great for those who want a large tablet, like myself.

  18. Source is DigiTimes, so likely neither thing will happen. Gotta be the most inaccurate publication ever, with the most incorrect sources.

  19. Got the original Nexus 7 and it always felt a bit to small. Had an Asus transformer 10.1 inch and it felt to big. You know where I am going with this: can’t wait for the Nexus 8!

    With the new flagship phones in the 5-6 inch category, 7 inches on the Nexus 7 is just not enough a differentiation to justify another gadget. Hope they make it in metal so we’ll look better in the company of iPads.

    1. True. And owning a Note 3 makes a 7″ tablet feel even smaller. Sold off both of our 7″ tabs in the last 6 months, and am eagerly awaiting a 8.X’er that’s at LEAST “nexus quality” and better than LG GPad-quality (crappy screen).

  20. I think
    Google is taking risk by assigning the task to manufacture their next series Nexus
    8 tablets to HTC. It is clearly mention here that HTC is failed to build their market
    in tablets section. Instead of assigning it to HTC, I suggest them to go for LG
    that manufactures Nexus 5 which is the best phone I have ever had till date
    with features like qi enabled that means could be charged by simply putting on wireless charging pad . So LG is the best as compare to HTC with history of
    producing best Smartphones and tablets.

  21. GPe devices are useless for the vast majority because at the moment they are U.S.A. exclusives. If the Nexus line is abolished Google should first roll out GPe devices to all current Nexus markets.

    The Note 10.1 is STILL laggy, the Note Pro is BIZZARELY priced. The Nexus 10 was THE best Android tab. If Google abandons the Nexus line, i may have to switch to Win 8.1 tablets. Google, dont make me do this. PLEASE

  23. Ahh good old Digitimes have got their rumour dartboard out again I see. This time their 3 darts hit the words Nexus HTC and the number 8!!

  24. HTC pays Apple considerable royalties on devices — I wonder if this includes tablets and I bet it is the primary reason HTC has been a no-show in the Nexus program lately.

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